It is gift season in the most beautiful time of the year, and I am such a Potterhed that I am thrilled to make a selection of magical and unique Christmas or birthday gifts for Ravenclaw House lovers. The gift ideas below will evoke the wit and cleverness of the dark blue aesthetic of Ravenclaw house in the style, home decor, or overall mood of anyone who loves Ravenclaw.

Below you will see not only themed merchandise, but also gifts with the Ravenclaw aesthetic that will help any friend feel empowered to remember that they are a a real Ravenclaw at heart

Most Ravenclaw gifts in this post are gifts for her because this blog is mostly written for women. You will find many gender-neutral gifts here as well though.

If you are a lover of Ravenclaw, check our guide to Ravenclaw Aesthetics & Outfits to help you embrace your Wit, Creative and Smart Self, and if you love everything Harry Potter related, just adventure yourself in all our gift and aesthetic guides in the Harry Potter category.

Ravenclaw Jewelry & Accessories Gifts

ravenclaw aesthetic gifts for her backpack
Photo: BoxLunch

Hogwarts Map Mini Backpack

Although we don’t have any Ravenclaw symbols in this one, its dark blue colors and little stars make this chic and magical backpack a gorgeous Harry Potter-themed gift with celestial and elegant Ravenclaw aesthetics.

$74.90 – BoxLunch Exclusive

Photo: Macy’s

Women Ravenclaw Mini Backpack

This backpack will make anyone show off their love for the house of the wit and the clever with a cool, adult look.

$54.99 – Bioworld

Photo: Enterteinment Earth

Mini-Trunk Crossbody Purse

While the backpack above comes with a modern mood to the Ravenclaw aesthetic, this stylish purse is perfect for the person with a vintage soul.

$79.99 – Bioworld

Photo: Etsy

Pocket Watch Necklace

When it comes to Ravenclaw-inspired jewelry, almost everything we find is inspired by the Diadem (which is listed below). I love this one because it beautifully evokes de vintage erudic vibe of this house and is an alternative to the diadem.

$32.00 – WoodviewVine

Ravenclaw aesthetic gift pandora charm
Photo: Etsy

Pandora Charm Bead

A very special gift for the elegant Ravenclaw in your life

$28.73 – Prime Bargains Shop

Photo: Etsy

Enamel Pin

A stunning handmade item that will make any collector happy.

$22.00 – Pins by Arisamon

Photo: Etsy

Rowena Raven Lost Diadem Bracelet

The lost diadem is a gorgeous symbol of the Ravenclaw house and certainly something every woman who loves this house would love to have.


ravenclaw gift bracelet
Photo: Etsy
raavenclaw gift ring
Photo: Etsy
ravenclaw aesthetic jewel diadem rowena
Photo: Etsy

Rowena Raven Lost Diadem Ring

A more discrete alternative to the diadem bracelet is this delicate diadem-inspired ring.

$56.02 – Gadget Entertainment

aesthetic diadem gift ravenclaw
Photo: Etsy

Diadem necklace by Rowena Ravenclaw

After the ring and the bracelet, it is time for the diadem necklace as an alternative to Ravenclaw-inspired jewelry.

$10.42 – Magikey shop

harry potter ravenclaw engagement ring
Photo: Etsy

Winged Halo Engagement Ring with Blue Sapphire and Canadian Diamonds

In case the Ravenclaw person you want to please with a nice gift is the love of your life, this is just the sign you need to get her that dream engagement ring.

$2,414.00+ – Grace Alchemy

Ravenclaw Clothing Gifts

ravenclaw sweater gifts for her
Photo: Walmart

Ravenclaw House Open Front Cardigan

This beautiful open-front blue cardigan is super versatile and can be used for a nice Ravenclaw student costume or just as a basic everyday outfit.

$44.95 – Bioworld

@taylissforge with Ravenclaw cardigan
Photo: Truffle Shuffle

Crest Navy T-Shirt

You can’t go wrong with a basic T-shirt with the theme and logo.

$22.26+ – Truffle Shuffle

Photo: Etsy

Wit Beyond Measure Unisex T-Shirt

A minimalist statement for wise Claws in this basic, cute, and pretty T-shirt.

$20.00+ – Daffodil Magic Shop

Photo: Etsy

Minimalistic Sweatshirt

This beautiful open-front blue cardigan is super versatile and can be used for a nice Ravenclaw student costume or just as a basic everyday outfit.

$36.00 – Ceres Paperie

ravenclaw minimal sweatshirt aesthetic
Photo: Etsy

Raven House Sweatshirt

This beautiful open-front blue cardigan is super versatile and can be used for a nice Ravenclaw student costume or just as a basic everyday outfit.

$47.00+ – Rooted Alchemy Co.

ravenclaw quidditch gift
Photo: Etsy

Ravenclaw Quidditch Sweater Jumper

For the sporty ones, this quidditch-inspired sweater jump is a good pick.

$35.00+ – Designs that convert.

Ravenclaw Kitchen & Decor gifts

Photo: Tervis Tumbler

Harry Potter™ – Ravenclaw Collection

This set is a cool gift that will add a touch of magic to the kitchen of a Ravenclaw fan and is also super nice and useful in a Harry Potter themed party.

$49.99 – Tervis Tumbler

Photo: Saks

Stainless Steel Stemless Tumbler

Science and magic come together in this Ravenclaw-themed tumbler that will keep any liquid cold for 9 hours and hot for 3 hours.

$34.95 – Corkcicle

@corkcicle tumbler
Photo: Walmart
Photo: Walmart

Playing Cards

If I could choose one gift from this list, it would be these wonderful Ravenclaw-themed playing cards.

$12.92 – Theory11

ravenclaw decorative goblet gift
Photo: Entertainment Earth

Ravenclaw Decorative Goblet

A must-have for any Harry Potter collector, this beautiful decorative goblet adds a nice medieval mystical vibe to any room.

$43.99 – Harry Potter Enesco Barware

funny ravenclaw gift
Photo: Etsy

Not Today Mugglefucker Mug

A fun mix of Ravenclaw, baby Yoda, and the famous Arya Stark motte in Game of Thrones, this is a funny gift for the super geek Ravenclaw.

$18.00 –Silly Owl gifts

Photo: Etsy

Ravenclaw Leather Cover Diary Notebook

Ravenclaws are creative souls, from writing poetry to sketching new ideas, a true member of this house will love this beautiful notebook to start bringing thoughts and creations to life.

$39.88 – PopCos

Photo: Etsy

Scented candle in soy wax

In my opinion, candles are always a heartwarming and cozy gift. I love how this one comes in the shape of a little potion glass.

$16.81 – Frost Fire web

Photo: Etsy

Ravenclaw house soap

If you are looking for a very affordable yet aesthetic gift, this beautifully crafted with the Ravenclaw logo soap is super nice.

$8.00 – Ninja pixie designs

Ravenclaw Modern Dice Set

A magical dice is a gift set dedicated to the friend who is obsessed with Ravenclaw and D&D

$23.99+ – Dodragao gaming

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