Ravenclaw is one of the 4 houses of Hogwarts, Harry Potter’s School of Magic and Wizardry, and if you are reading this post, you most likely already know this and are here to delve deeper into the characteristics and traits of Ravenclaw House members.

You probably identify with Ravenclaw and will see in this post a guide to go deeper in your self-knowledge, and also have a compass to follow in the way of a more authentic Ravenclaw lifestyle, by understanding better how the characters fit in a group of relatable characteristics that is filled with psychology and symbology about being human and helping us to accept and love our true selves using the power of stories..

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“Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.”

Rowena Ravenclaw
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  • Are Creative
  • Are intelligent
  • Enjoy stargazing
  • Deep conversations over small talks
  • Quirky and sensible
  • Intuitive and wise
  • Adapts to change easily
  • Overthinkers
  • Individualists
  • Imaginative daydreamer
  • They are up to any new experiences, even when they are bad ones because they understand that the learning that comes from it is a reward
  • A rainy day with books is a perfect day
  • Always learning
  • Their mind is always active with creativity, which makes them often multitask (with questionable results)
  • Space and map lovers

Only now writing this post did I realize that there aren’t many notable male characters in Ravenclaw among the students. Among the teachers, we have Flitwick and Lockhart (who isn’t that smart, so I wonder what made him be in this house. If anyone knows the answer, let me know in the comments)

So, let’s look at Ranvenclaw’s two most striking students, who have very distinct and identifiable characteristics and archetypes.

Luna is a character who gives us the impression of not being very relevant in the story until we realize that her intuitive personality and creative mind are essential to the success of our trio of heroes’ journey.

I love how Luna demystifies the misconception that being distracted is a defect that makes you an outsider. Luna Lovegood shows that what society calls distraction is just a characteristic of people with a very active imagination and a rarer and undervalued type of intelligence, but which differentiates those in the world who embrace this inner power and magic.

Luna Lovegood ravenclaw aesthetic
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She is pure creative authenticity. Everyone thinks she is weird and she doesn’t care. Below are some characteristics of our Ravenclaw protagonist, Luna Lovegood.

  • Absolutely sensitive, they fall in love with every ray of sunshine warming up their skin and can almost feel the starlight reflecting on their own eyes.
  • Loves everything different from the mainstream
  • Treasures every weird creature in nature, from plants to animals to outsiders.
  • Have a very innocent energy, making people around her awake an instinct of protection towards her.
  • The purest heart
  • Very authentic and creative
  • Mystical fairycore aura
  • Ethereal aura
  • Daydreamer
  • See good in all things
  • Optimist
  • Love dreamy soft pastel aesthetics
  • Prefer to open up about their life with the trees, the moon, and the river than with people.

Random quotes that would represent Luna:

“WHOA look at the moon“

“What are you grateful for today?“

“ No one sees what you see even if they see it too“

Harry Potter’s first girlfriend, for whom he is not ready yet, because, due to his own insecurities and internal shadows that he needs to deal with, he doesn’t know how to deal with her sensitivity.

Cho Chang Ravenclaw aesthetic
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  • Cute quite girl
  • Very emotional and sensitive
  • The only girl on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. Like Harry, she is the seeker, which says a lot about her focus ability and inner strength.
  • Gentle badass
  • Unapologetically cries when having a broken heart
  • Avid readers
  • Introvert
  • Relatively stable
  • A bit of a crybaby

Random quotes that would represent Cho:

“But who says soft cant be strong“

“tenderness is a virtue“

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