I made such a heartfelt post about the Gryffindor aesthetics that I admit that will be a challenge to write such a complete and appealing article about the Gryffindor traits. After all, this is the house that represents the courageous and heroic spirit of our central trio of protagonists, Harry, Ron and Hermione.

What I love about Gryffindor is that, even though they are considered the bravest, their members are flawed people, who make wrong decisions, have moments of crisis and doubts and go through a lot of insecurities, as we can clearly see in Harry, Ron and Neville, and even Hermione.

Gryffindor house members’ traits and personalities are inspiring because, despite being so human and flawed, they have the wisdom and intuition to awaken their bravery and willingness to stand up for what is right, even in the face of danger, or when they truly need to make a hard decision.

Gryffindor mottos:

“Do what is right”

“Daring nerve and Chilvary set Gryffindors apart”

Courage, bravery, determination

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All Gryffindors will share these Traits and characteristics

  • Lionhearted ( Even though sometimes they are not aware of it)
  • Don’t feel like having to prove anything to anyone
  • Heroic essence
  • Heart of Thunder
  • Heart of gold: resistant, valuable, and precious.
  • Curious
  • Have a kind heart, a fierce mind, and a brave spirit
  • The most fearless member among the 4 houses (You might think it is Slytherin, but they wear a shield to protect their hidden fear. See how Draco was always scared and insecure”
  • Believes that anything is possible if you’ve got the right nerve
  • Dont run from a fair fight for a cause or person they love
  • Daring people
  • Their heart always remembers
  • The first to find a way out of an uncomfortable comfort zone
  • Got a fire inside
  • Are much stronger than people think ( and then what they think, like Ron and Neville)
  • Often get surprised by how their courage just comes out and their lion spirit emerges when they truly need it, without even realizing they have this ability inside.
  • Are the first to say yes to new adventures
  • That friend who will throw a loved one a beer
  • The ones who make the leap and take the risk
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Random quotes that you would see someone with Gryffindor essence & values saying

People with strong Gryffindor personalities would reproduce or identify with some of the quotes below:

“Don’t let the bastards get you down”

“You can’t always be strong, but you can always be brave”

“Before you start a war, you better know what you are fighting for”

“Hear me roar”

“Who dares, win”

“Please do not feed the fears”

“Inhale courage, exhale fear”

“My heart is not home for cowards”

Gryffindor’s main characters’ personalities and traits

Harry Potter Traits:

Of course, I would start with the series’ leading character and hero of this 7 book journey. Harry was almost sorted into Slytherin, but ended up in Gryffindor, like his father and mother.

I love Harry because he was the first failed hero that I got in touch with in fiction. He goes through so many ups and downs in his journey, makes wrong choices, feels the delusion of realizing that this father is not the perfect man that he thought he was, and has to fight his fights for himself, not for the weight of living up to the standards of what he thought his father was.

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Harry Potter is such an inspiring character because his brave Gryffindor spirits taught us that strong and courageous people also have moments of weakness, doubt, and depression in life.

  • Have both light and dark inside and struggle with it
  • Find strength when close to your best friends
  • Had a very hard childhood which makes hard to open up, trust and be very sociable with new people
  • Carries a lot of weight
  • Special and born to do great things
  • Have a good heart
  • Misfit and troublemaker

Random quotes that would represent Harry

  • “I am the hero of this journey. I don’t need to be saved.”
  • “A scar means I survived”
  • “I will survive. Somehow I always do.

Hermione Granger Traits:

The only girl of the golden trio, way too smart and had everything to be on Ravenclaw, but her outstanding bravery and sense of justice set her apart to the point of being a Gryffindor girl.

How many times did Hermione teach us that girls are capable of being the main characters of a heroic quest? How many times did we feel empowered and motivated by her self-confidence, and resilience among the Slytherin haters attempting to diminish her by calling her mud blood?

Her willingness to go through the end with all her guts and determination to win a challenge is a strong Gryffindor trait that makes her a character that will always be appealing to the readers, generation after generation. Hermione taught me so much when I was 13, and still does at 36!

✧ the brightest witch of her age ✧

Hermione aesthetic - Gryffindor traits and personality.
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  • Finds joy in living the dark academia and light academia lifestyle
  • Cat person
  • Believes in herself and her capacity for big achievements
  • Can’t handle well when is not the favorite when it comes to being smart.
  • Revolutionary spirits
  • Bossy, Brave, Brilliant & Bold
  • Finds a solution for everything
  • Silently corrects people’s grammar
  • Obsessed with old and rare books
  • Organized and feminist
  • Have a fear of imperfection

Random quotes that would represent Hermione

“I think you have the most beautiful mind”

“I have a spell for that”

“I prefer books over people”

Ron Weasley Traits

I have grown up with this saga. I started book one when I was 13 and finished everything when I was 21. Harry Potter was part of my education and character formation. Reading all again in my 30s, I realized that Ron Weasley is one of my favorites.

It is so challenging for him to believe in his inner strength, because he always lived in the shadows of his brothers, being constantly bullied and not taken seriously, even by his mom. Below, are some traits that define this boy that grew to be a great hero and awakened his courage during this journey.

✧ Weasley is our King, Weasley is our King. He didnt let the Quaffle in, Weasley is our King.✧

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  • The quiet brother
  • Not the most responsible person
  • High issue to believe in himself
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low emotional range
  • Run away from his problems with a nap
  • Disobey the rules for a noble cause ( like stealing his dad’s car to save Harry in book 2)

Random quotes that would represent Ron Weasley

“Sorry, mom”

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