Still in the Spring mood, after a successful guide about embracing Rose aesthetics, now is time for some inspiring, gorgeous blooming roses wallpapers for iPhone.

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Although roses are mainly associated with romance and softness, a slight change in the color and scenario might evoke a new meaning

Pink Aesthetic Roses Wallpapers for iPhone

Simple, beautiful, and minimalist, this romantic and vintage rose style is one of the most popular types of rose wallpapers for iPhone. Whether you want plain pink roses or ultra-feminine and romantic bouquets, the pretty pink rose wallpapers will create a very lovely mood on your phone screen.

Photo by Camille Brodard l Source
coquette aesthetic rose wallpaper
Photo by Thoa Ngo l Source
Photo by Valerie Blanchett l Source
Photo by Olga Solodilova l Source
pink aesthetic rose
Photo by Michael Walter l Source

For vintage souls, these dark pink burn roses and roses on a china cup are the perfect backgrounds.

aesthetic burn rose wallpaper
Photo by Thoa Ngo l Source
pink aesthetic vintage rose wallpaper iphone
light pink soft aesthetic roses wallpaper high definition
pink aesthetic rose for wallpaper background
Photo by Tirza van Dijk l Source

Red Roses wallpapers

Red is a much more sensual and vibrant color, so the aesthetic of roses in this color evokes a feeling of passion and seduction. This is the wallpaper for the romantic femme fatale or also perfect to put your phone in a Valentine’s Day mood.

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♥️ Red Aesthetic Wallpaper Ideas for your iPhone

Photo by Jamie Street l Source
Photo by Milly Sime l Source
Photo by Annie Spratt l Source
Photo by Vanessa Serpas l Source
Photo by Rikonavt l Source
dark red rose wallpaper
Photo by Zoltan Tasi l Source
Photo by Jenni Kowal l Source

And to finish with the passionate mood of delicate red rose petals to cover your phone backgrounbd with this velvety aesthetic.

red roses petals wallpaper for iphone aesthetic valentines day
Photo by René Porter l Source

White Roses Wallpapers

White roses wallpapers are for the chic and minimal ladies. Such a neutral color makes this a simple and elegant rose background for your phone.

Photo by Dr.Sourabh Panari l Source
Photo by Emi l Source

Yellow roses

Sunflowers with roses or yellow roses are for the bohemian souls who are looking for a delicate floral background for their phones. If you love sunflowers, check this 40+ Joyful Sunflower Wallpapers for iPhone


More Pretty Aesthetic Roses Wallpapers

Here are a few out-of-the-ordinary rose wallpaper ideas for your phone!

A gorgeous orange pastel rose.


These extraordinary white and blue, also known as ice blue rose backgrounds.

light blue aesthetic rose wallpaper for iphone on a silky fabric

A gorgeous light purple aesthetic rose wallpaper.

lavender lilac aesthetic rose

These colorful orange and pink roses background in HD.

pink and orange colorful aesthetic roses wallpaper background for phone
Photo Georg Eiermann l Source

Botanical vintage roses illustration.

Photo by British Library l Source

These luxurious gold rose wallpaper.

aesthetic gold rose wallpaper for iphone in hd

A Cool Neon rose!

Photo by Dương Trần Quốc l Source

If you like aesthetic wallpapers check out all our options, and if you also believe that aesthetics is a super nice tool to help us discover – through colors and shapes – what are the things that make our soul smile, you may like to take a look at our aesthetic guides!

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