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Honeycore or honey aesthetic is one of those aesthetics to identify with if you love honey, bees, and nature with an extra dose of cuteness. The honey aesthetic is also considered one of the aesthetics within the cottageore niche. It is not every animal or food that is so loved and symbolic to the point of getting a whole aesthetic invented by the Internet to represent an entire mood and lifestyle; but there s something so symbolic and significant about bees and honey, that they got their own aesthetic.

If we think about it, bees indeed highlight among other insets. they are so unique and aesthetic, with their distinctive black and yellow stripes. Bees are also hard workers and extremely necessary to the planet Earth’s life circle.

Honey, also known as the gold liquid, on the other hand, is a gorgeous product fabricated on the – also extremely geometrically aesthetically pleasing – bee hives.

Check out our list of aesthetics here.

 🐝 🍯 Little curiosity: in Celtic mythology, honeybees were regarded as messengers between our world and the spirit world

Honeycore Aesthetic

Since this is an aesthetic that honor and gets inspiration from honey and bees, its symbolism is about showing everyone the way you look that life can be sweet, and golden.

 🍯 colors: yellow, black, gold white

🐝 Moods: introversion, outdoors, calm, sweet vintage.

 🍯 Value: believing that life is gold and sweet, just like honey, and that you’re cute, important, and determined like a bee, even if you are tiny and discrete, you are perfectly able to defend yourself when someone threatens you, and they will certainly regret it!


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Vintage Honey and Bee Aesthetic

This aesthetic is also also very related to the vintage cottagecore, but in a brighter form of soft, natural & simple romanticism.

Milk and honey aesthetic

A springy, summer version of a super cozy comfy aesthetic.

Honeycore Room

Below are my favorite ideas for a very springy and cozy honey core room inspired. This type of room will make you feel like in a warm, artsy, and cozy field, yet in the safety of your home. Let the golden sunshine light in and decorate with green and yellow flowers, also with thematic details, like baking sweet treats with bee shapes.

bee aesthetic bedroom decor

Honeycore Decor

Here are some finds from the best retailers and talented artists to make a gorgeous honey and bee aesthetic-inspired room. I love how this wave mirror evokes an organic natural and feminine beehive vibe.

bee aesthetic bedroom decor room beecore

Shop Wavy Mirror, at Urban Outfitters

Honeycomb soap, at Etsy

Sparkle Bee Ornament, at One Kings Lane

Beecore dinnerware or kitchen utensils, especially when it comes in a rustic or vintage aesthetic, will add that cute and cozy farmhouse vibe to your dining room or kitchen.

Bee China, on Etsy

Shop Bee Brass Picks, at Terrain

Honey aesthetic in the details

Bee-inspired details around the house, like sweet honey-scented or shaped candles, will evoke a sweet, cheerful, natural vibe to the surroundings.

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Unique Bee Gifts for the Farmcore Obsessed

Bring the honey aesthetic to your kitchen and senses.

So, as a graphic designer, I’m all for the aesthetics of packaging. I think so much can be said through a well-made label. So, here I select some gorgeous honey but also the most popular, unique, and well-rated to have a complete honeycore experience when it comes to aesthetics and sensations.

The honey below look good, taste good, smells good, and feels good in your mouth. I am a very sensorial person myself, and I really think that when something is made to please our senses, then this is something worth my money.

Flamingo State Honeyy

¨Flamingo state is a living laboratory for rare ingredients, making nutrient rik rituals from over 100 farms¨. This description was taken from the Flamingo State website, and it really got my attention. They produce super rare honey, such as royal nectar, a highly active Honey with powerful medicinal properties. In the hive, Royal jelly from the royal nectar honey is fed exclusively to the queen (and the reason why she lives 40 times longer than the other bees).

Photo: Flamingo State
Photo: Flamingo State
Photo: Flamingo State

Honeycore beauty stuff

From bee-inspired nail design to beauty products, you can hanel the golden sweetness of honey o your beauty routine.

honey aesthetic
Photo: Gisou
honey aesthetic honeycore wallpaper
Photo: Gisou

Honey Aesthetic Outfits

When it comes to honeycore outfits, there are 2 different styles.

Vintage honey and bee aesthetic outfits are for the more romantic nostalgic souls, who like to embrace the outdoorsy country cottagecore aspect of the bee aesthetics.

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Cute beecore outfits are for super sweet and innocent bright modern girls. I would say that this is the Hufflepuff style. If you like Harry Potter, you know exactly what I mean.

Honeycore jewelry

A very simple and popular way to embrace the mood evoked by the honey and bee aesthetics is y wearing simply bee-inspired jewels. and accessories.

In conclusion, if you love the bee colors and everything about it, or you are just in a more natural ye super swwet mood, this is the aesthetic to go for. Check out here for some Bee Wallpapers for iPhone (Beehive, Honey & More)

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