Scrolling my Instagram feed, I stumbled on some absolutely ¨visually-delitious¨ aesthetic breakfast pictures that made me crave a healthy, simple, and aesthetically pleasing snack right away.

The appeal of the pictures made a plate of scrambled eggs look more tasteful to me than a burger photo. And I love burgers!

So, I decided to create this post and inspire you to eat healthier too, and add an extra touch of beauty to your morning routine.

Why Aesthetic Breakfast?

Sometimes I feel out of ideas when deciding what to eat for breakfast, but these images made my mind pop with refined textures and colors created only with patience, love, and simple ingredients.

As a designer and founder of a website focused on aesthetics, I believe that the visual presentation of the food, combined with the smell and the texture, and not only the flavor, is what makes the 5 sense experience of eating complete.

I truly believe 5 stars Michelin chefs agree with me! Otherwise, they wouldn’t put so much effort into serving only beautiful food.

Aesthetic food makes us eat first with the eyes, brings comfort to the brain, and makes the textures almost palpable.

Creating aesthetic breakfasts

I think breakfast is the meal most connected with the slow living lifestyle. It is the first food you put in your body after some hours with mind and body off, and most of the time it is one of the first things we do in the day.

That means that preparing your breakfast is supposed to be the activity that will dictate the rest of the day and that for this reason should be done with focus and love.

It is about waking up earlier than the rest of the house to have that me-time and make breakfast preparation a therapeutic, slow, and fun moment.

It’s about boiling eggs listening to the birds’ song, the comforting sound of soft rain or the morning powerful whisper of the wind, watching if the blue of the sky is different from yesterday, and wondering what else will surprise you in the day. It is about starting the day valuing the present moment and enjoying the simple pleasures.

Aesthetic Breakfasts with Toasts

Decorate your ordinary toasts with fruits, jam, and flowers, creating lovely shapes is an easy way to start the perfect slow morning. Also, a great idea if you have kids!

Toasts with Fruits

Strawberry toast is the ultimate cottagecore aesthetic breakfast you can have, especially when decorated with tiny petals or flowers and with a cup of warm tea.

aesthetic breakfast bread
aesthetic strawberries cottagecore breakfast

But not only strawberries can make a beautiful toast. Any fruit, when harmonically arranged on the toast or bread, will look and taste wonderful.

aesthetic blueberry banana toast
aesthetic food
fruit toast aesthetic

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Toasts with Eggs

The classic, could not be out of this list. Easy, delicious, and can be prepared in so many ways.

Below is the Tarragon Egg Salad Toast, created by @anoushov. The ingredients: Hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, Dijon Mustard, capers, red wine vinegar, celery, Tarragon, salt & pepper, and lemon zest.

aesthetic toast with eggs recipe
aesthetic avocado toast

Vegan Toast

Like the looks of scrambled eggs, but are a vegan? No worries, this scrambled tofu toast made with tofu, oil, turmeric, salt & black pepper and soy milk for the creamy texture created by @healthy.alessia is what you need.

aesthetic vegan breakfast
aesthetic toats

French Toast

If you like extra challenge in the kitchen and the cooking process gives you pleasure, you may like these crusted raspberry cheesecake french toasts created by @nourish.and.nutbutter

aesthetic french toast

Avocado toast

The pioneer of the aesthetic toasts back in 2015.

avocado simple esthetic breakfast
toats and tea aesthetic

Aesthetic Pancakes

aesthetic pancake recipe
aesthetic pancakes

The ultimate simplicity: Basic vegan pancakes by @welnesswithhoney_

minimalist aesthetic pancakes recipe
aesthetic morning breakfast pancakes
pancakes aesthetics

French Inspired

aesthetic french breakfast

Complete Aesthetic Breakfast

complete healthy aesthetic breakfast
complete healthy aesthetic breakfast with eggs

Plain Fruits

minimal fruit aesthetic breakfast
aesthetic fruit

Aesthetic Bagels

avocado aesthetic toast
bagel aesthetic breakfast

Aesthetic Croissant

croissant aesthetic breakfast

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aesthetic breakfast croissant strawberry
aesthetic comfy breakfast
aesthetic croissant breakfast
french croisssant aesthetic

Aesthetic Breakfast Bowls

aesthetic breakfast healthy
bowl breakfast bluberry
aesthetic breakfast bowl ideas

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