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If you want to know where to buy the best cottagecore clothes and find the best aesthetic cottagecore brands, this post is for you. Cottagecore aesthetic started out as just an imaginary collection of delightful pretty images of women living a simple, romanticized life on a farm or in the fields and, due to its huge appeal, became actually a lifestyle & fashion trend.

These pretty, bucolic collections of images on Tumblr, Pinterest, and Tiktok turned on an internal alarm on a big mass of Millennial and Gen Z women, awakening their souls to how they needed to break the overwhelming noise and technology excesses from urban life with a vintage, simple, perfect and pretty country life. Whether you choose to make a summer picnic wearing a pretty flowy dress, or just dressing up like a girl from the countryside to go to the bakery, with the right cottage-inspired outfit, you can embrace and express a but of this lifestyle.

Many big magazines wrote fashion articles about cottagecore, and the #cottagecorefashion has hit more than 126.000 publications on Instagram. Here at The Mood Guide, we also created a bunch of guides about this lovely lifestyle.

In this post, we want to help you find the best cottagecore clothing brands to create the perfect, dreamy cottagecore outfit.

? Cottagecore clothing aesthetic: embroidered mushrooms, falling leaves, corsets, cardigans, handmade, cotton, delicate, lace, cuteness, simple timeless beauty, florals, playful & romantic, straw.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Clothing Brands

The list of stores below will help you find stunning aesthetic cottagecore dresses to incorporate into Cottage core and capture the feelings of a princess in the forest or a peasant in the countryside. The perfect list to find ethereal romantic outfits.

Simple Retro

For vintage-inspired cardigans, knitwear, breathtaking vintage dresses, luxurious lace, and knitted dresses to feel like a stylish countryside girl from an epic book.

Christy Dawn

Everything from this brand is a reference to the simple countryside lifestyle: Photography, accessories, sustainability, and, of course, clothing aesthetics. They also have stunning plus-size cottagecore clothing, high-quality shoes, and the dreamiest cottagecore collection for kids. Their Farm to Closet concept is perfect for those who value ethical clothing and sunstainability.

Pamela Munson

For a touch of vintage cuteness and extra pretty romance, Pamela Munson straw handbags and hats are all handwoven and perfect for the soft cottagecore style lover.

Hillhouse Home

If you love cottagecore dresses, then you will be very happy with the Nap Dress Collection of this shop. Their hair accessories and home stuff also follow vintage and romantic aesthetics. If you are a mom, The Kids & Baby section is just delightful.

Breath of Youth

The most feminine and romantic brand on this list.

The Great

From stunning cottagecore dresses to super cute daisy beanies, and even cottagecore sleepwear! The Great is one of my favorite brands for cottagecore fashion.

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