Putting some color on your nails is the easiest way to express your moods. Modern blacks, soft whites, chic nudes, girly pinks, sexy reds, and so on. When it comes to funny nail designs, it’s even easier because the sky is the limit. So, in this post, I picked very popular fun nails designs that you can try on your next visit to the nail technician.

Fun & Funny Nails Designs

01. Trippy

03. Mystic Hello Kitty Fun

04. Rubber duck bath fun

05. Tortoise and flowers

06. Disco party

07. Back to the 90s

08. Funny pizza lover

09. New Year’s Eve Fun

10. Pastels can be fun

11. Sunny side up

12. Gold & Neon Coral

13. Pink and purple zebra

14. Fun in neon

15. Glitter party

16. Funny Faces

17. Funny birds in neon

18. Pineapple madness

19. Roller skating fun

20. Cute Halloween fun

21. Festival nails

22. Highlight

23. Funny Valentine

24. Black and Pink fun

25. Fun 70s swirls

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