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The dark academia aesthetic is synesthetic. The classic music, the smell of coffee combined with old book pages, and the quiet moody corner of the library. It transports us to an idyllic past before the digital era. As the last generation born before the internet, I understand why dreaming of living in Hogwarts is so appealing to Gen Z and Millenials. If you incorporated the vintage bookworm outfits into your life or you’re building it make sure you have some good loafers, chunky mary janes, and Converse. So, in this post, I made a thorough selection of stores and brands where you can find the best dark academia shoes to create your own aesthetic.

Dark Academia Shoes

Charles & Keith: chunky Mary Janes and Loafers

Charles & Keith have so many options for Mary Jane and loafers shoes that is almost impossible not to find one that you love. They are modern, cute, and there is one for every occasion, from flats to platforms and heels. And if you want Mary Jane for kids, you’re in for a treat!

This is the store if you want high-quality, dressed-up, comfortable, leather cottagecore shoes for every occasion. From bridal and wedding guests to work, they have the sweetest and most romantic flats, oxfords, heels, mules, sneakers, and boots. It’s a wonderful way to keep the cottagecore lifestyle after summer is over.

Quiero June is a female-owned small business from Argentina. She designs timeless cute shoes that are handcrafted by experienced artisans. People will stop you to ask where you got your shoes.

Dr. Martens is a classic and a major go-to brand for Dark Academia enthusiasts. They have top-notch quality boots, oxfords, and loafers perfect for the bookworm look.

Mosshe: women’s leather shoes and Mary Janes on Etsy

Besides lovely Mary Jane, Mosshe has sandals, boots, pumps, oxfords, and cute flats in leather, all with a simple and vintage aesthetic. In addition to their beautiful options of listed shoes, you can talk to them about customizations. The shoes are made in China.


There are many models of Converse and they are all cool. However, to define a solid Dark Academia aesthetic, go for the vintage Chuck Taylors in neutral colors. Can’t go wrong.

Christintina Boutique: vintage-inspired shoes and Mary Janes on Etsy

This Etsy store has a lovely collection of Mary Janes and retro-inspired shoes for every occasion, from flats to wedding shoes.

Julia Bo Shoes, at Etsy

Julia Bo Shoes consists of a second-generation family business, run by bold women. They took over their grandfather’s small workshop, specialized in high-quality handcrafted oxford shoes, and updated it. Today they design timeless oxfords, brogues, and Derbys for women, honoring 60 years of shoe crafting tradition. Everything can be customized, because, well, they are masters.

I get a 10/10 fall mood from the Dark Academia aesthetic, particularly the dark shoes with socks. What about you? Do you feel less drawn into the Dark Academia during summer or no matter what comes your way, you’ll find your way into a cozy dark library corner?



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