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If you’re living your best aesthetic life (and we are all in for it) you know that every accessory matters to create the perfect vision. And if you’re in the mood for dark academia or rain aesthetics, the right umbrella is fundamental to complete your outfits. So, in this post, you’ll find the best rain umbrellas, to take you on a travel back in time to old England. They are a unique gift for your stylish time traveler partner, boss, brother, friend…

? How does rain form?

“Rain is a part of Earth’s endless water cycle. At the beginning of the cycle, sunlight heats up water on Earth’s surface. The heat causes the water to evaporate, or to turn into water vapor. This water vapor rises into the air. As the water vapor cools, it turns back into water, in the form of droplets. The droplets form around dust and other particles through a process called condensation. Sometimes drops of water freeze into ice crystals in the clouds. Sometimes the ice crystals melt as they fall toward the ground. This is another way that rain forms.” Source: Britannica Kids

The Best & Most Aesthetic Rain Umbrellas

Best Rain Umbrella For Wind, Repel

Auto-Open | Wind Resistent | Teflon Coating

Shop at

The Wirecutter selected the windproof travel umbrella as the best umbrella they tried. And it’s hard to disagree. It may not be the most aesthetic umbrella, but it’s available in 7 different colors and is of great quality.

The Repel is compact enough to fit in a handbag or be easily carried around. The windproof design doesn’t need further explanations. Plus the Teflon coating will give it extra life.

Large Vintage Walking Check Umbrella Burberry

Leather Handle

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This Vintage Check Burberry umbrella is the ultimate dark academia aesthetic umbrella It carries all the British tradition from the Burberry house and the recognizable checkered pattern sends a clear message of old school style. It’s a mood.

Kingsman Umbrella Scene

Kingsman + London Undercover Checked Chestnut Wood-Handle Umbrella

Made in the United Kingdon | Leather Handle | Available in 5 different colors (including black)

Shop at

If you’re all about protecting the Queen of England vibe, this is the umbrella fit for the duty! The iconic London Undercover handcrafted an exclusive line of umbrellas dedicated to the Kingsman. They are available in 5 colors, but the twill version is made of the same fabric used in the movie. It’s a special aesthetic gift for a movie fan.

Auto-Open Stick Clear Dome Umbrella ShedRain


Auto-Open Stick Clear Dome Umbrella ShedRain
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The clear umbrella is a mood as well. Some people love it because you can cover your face and still see something ahead. But the modern transparent look is not everyone’s cup of tea.

What’s your favorite rain umbrella aesthetic?

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