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Playlist to get in the rainy mood

There’s something very poetic and cathartic about the rain. If we think about it, the rain is a powerful mood enhancer. Have you ever seen adults dancing in the rain like kids? Jumping on puddles joyfully as if that rain could wash away their sorrows, at least for a moment? On the other hand, who never hid in a corner crying your soul away watching the rainfall through the window and listening to the saddest playlist possible? Also, how comforting is it to cuddle under your favorite blanket, with your favorite book, and a warm cup of tea in hand, listening to the soothing sound of the drops falling on the grass or on the roof? What about movies with a rainy aesthetic, like Twilight? So, this post is full of inspiring rainy pictures and images, whether you’re in for a sunny or gloomy dark academia rain aesthetic. You can create your wallpaper backgrounds, and collages to feed your mood board.

Also, I added some scientific explanations and fun facts about the rain, in case you’re in an intellectual academic mood, plus some rain music, from white noise to pop music to inspire your rainy mood.

Rainy Day Aesthetic

? How does rain form?

“Rain is a part of Earth’s endless water cycle. At the beginning of the cycle, sunlight heats up water on Earth’s surface. The heat causes the water to evaporate, or to turn into water vapor. This water vapor rises into the air. As the water vapor cools, it turns back into water, in the form of droplets. The droplets form around dust and other particles through a process called condensation. Sometimes drops of water freeze into ice crystals in the clouds. Sometimes the ice crystals melt as they fall toward the ground. This is another way that rain forms.” Source: Britannica Kids

aesthetic rainy pictures

Dancing in the rain aesthetic

Sad Rain Aesthetic

We need the rain to have the flowers


Dark Rain Aesthetic

? How do clouds form?

“Clouds form from large numbers of these droplets. In a cloud, droplets come together with other droplets to form larger drops of water. Eventually, the drops become too heavy to stay in the cloud. They fall to Earth as rain. Then the water cycle begins again. ” Source: Britannica Kids

Raining Window Aesthetic

Rainy Night Aesthetic

? Fun Fact: wet floor effect in movies

The wet floor is a known effect used by photography directors in movie sets to create that romantic/magical aesthetic to the scene. It gives the audience a pleasant and welcoming feeling of after rain.

Aesthetic Rain Scenes in Epic Movies

Rainy Forest Aesthetic

Fairycore Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Embrace the Fairy Aesthetic

Rainy City Aesthetic

aesthetic rainy day outfits

Rainy Day Outfits Essentials: Waterproof shoes, boots, hats, trench coats, rain jackets.

No matter your style, from girly to dark academia, trench coats are always an aesthetic piece for rainy days. You can go from the pink trench to the modern oversized black version that you’ll be well dressed and protected.

What’s your favorite rain aesthetic of the day? Are you in a gloomy dark rain aesthetic or feel like dancing in the rain?


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