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A couple of decades ago, back in 1999, when I was just a 16 yo teenager with an old soul, my mom hand-sewed me a wool skirt. I remember the thril of wearing a pure wool skirt because it was very expensive. Fast forward to today I still wear that same wool skirt because it is impeccable. It has always been one of my key winter pieces and now with the rise of the Dark Academia aesthetic and the revival of the 90s and Y2K fashion, my vintage plaid wool skirt is trendy again. So, I decided to go after wool skirts, not to replace mine, of course, but because it’s a timeless piece and useful content! There is something for everyone, mini, midi, and maxi skirts, in pure and blended to reach all budgets.

How To Wear Wool Skirts

I placed these 2 pictures together for several reasons. First, to make clear that my vintage wool skirt is just as trendy as Lafayette 148’s skirt. Second, I’m a short woman with some curves, while the model is tall and skinny. Third, I’m wearing an outfit according to my style and possibilities, very basic and nothing trendy, while the model is pulling the latest trends: oversized, gender fluid tailoring from the 90s, and Dark Academia. And last, but not least, I’m at least 15 years older than @jamilymeurer. So, no matter your style, age, body type, or budget: a good wool skirt will walk tons of miles with you.

Mini Wool Skirts

Tartan Plaid Kilt Virgin wool skirt, Lafayette 148

Lafayette 148
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It’s not easy to add color to the Fall/Winter wardrobe, so this is the first of many perks of this skirt. The virgin wool is warm enough to be worn by itself during transitional weather and over tights for winter.

Lafayette 148 has my favorite wool skirts of the season, from heritage Tartans to plus-size black pencil skirts and grey menswear.

Plaid Wool Blend Mini Skirt

Plaid Wool Blend Mini Skirt
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Wool blend is an affordable way to stay warm and update the winter wardrobe according to your current favorite aesthetic. Uniqlo clothes have reliable quality, so you’re off to a treat because they have a few options of wool blend skirts.

The plaid version is available in dark brown and dark green.

Uniqlo also has wool blend mini skirts in Windowpane check and plain black.

Mini Grey Wool Blend Skirt 90s Style

Mini Grey Wool Blend Skirt 90s Style
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Take it from the dinosaur here: no skirt says the 90s more than this type of mini skirt. I had tons of them, one in each color and for every occasion.

See how flattering the high-waist and the slight a-shape are?

High Waist A-Line Mini Wool Blend Skirt

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This high-waisted A-line mini skirt is made out of  63% wool, 31% polyamide, 5% cashmere, and 1% elastane and are available in 3 different colors. Perfect to pull any style, from the 70s to dark academia.

Midi, Knee Lenght Wool Skirts

leather-trimmed fringed pleated checked Midi wool skirt, Lafayette 148

leather-trimmed fringed pleated checked wool skirt, Lafayette 148
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This beautiful checked wool skirt is taking inspiration from the timeless Scottish Tartan in a clear reference to the Dark Academia aesthetic. Made of 100% wool, it’s trending now, but it has always been a classic.

The mini version of the Tartan wool skirt is available in grey.

Wool Blend Pencil Skirt

Banana Republic
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Winter workwear at its best. This wool blend pencil skirt is available in black and blue and is the easiest way to look polished and warm on those dark cold mornings.

100% Wool Designer Midi Skirt, Stella McCartney

100% Wool Designer Midi Skirt, Stella McCartney
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It’s always good to add some color to the moody fall and winter pallet. Stella McCartney took inspiration from the work of the genius American painter and sculptor Frank Stella to design this pure wool pencil skirt.

I can’t make promises, of course, but if I had to put my money on a wool skirt to last over 2 decades, I’d go with this one for the quality and because it’s a timeless design without being boring black.

Revamped Wool Stadium Blanket

Revamped Wool Stadium Blanket
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If you’re on the sustainability trail or have a preference for unique and authentic pieces of clothes, this revamped wool stadium blanket doubles as a skirt and a wrap.

Maxi, Long Wool Skirts

Tartan Plaid Tassel handkerchief Virgin wool skirt, Lafayette 148

Lafayette 148
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This mesmerizing handkerchief wool skirt celebrates artisanal craft with hand-knotted fringes and asymmetrical calf-length. The soft Italian virgin wool is warm, cozy, durable, and very sophisticated.

Virgin Wool Flannel Menswear Style Maxi Skirt, The Row

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Taking a ride on the gender-fluid tailoring from the 90s, this statement maxi skirt elevates any outfit with no effort.

Cable-Knit Wool Blend Column Skirt

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This stylish cable-knit maxi skirt has a completely different aesthetic from the 90s or Dark Academia, but it’s just as trendy. It falls into the “pretty things” category, which brings delicate colors, and girly and romantic hues to this year’s Fall and Winter.

What’s your favorite style of wool skirts?

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