Mysterious, gothic, dangerously sensual, and otherworldly. These are the overall moods evoked by the vampire aesthetic and the theme of today’s aesthetic guide.

Since this is a magazine aimed at women, this post will be mainly about the aesthetic of female vampires. It doesn’t mean that anyone cannot use this guide for inspiration.

Vampire Description & Origins

There are many complex origins in folklore, mythology, and history about the origin of vampire legends. In almost all of them though, these traits and characteristics are common: vampires are killers, predators, immortal, intimidating, and drink blood.

Vampires also see humans as too small, and fragile. At the same time, they are fascinated by the power of blood and life.

The vampire’s senses are also heightened. In Interview With the Vampire, these sensorial feelings are beautifully described, from the texture of a coat to the sound of cards touching each other.

Perhaps you can see from this that my return to Pointe du Lac was a feast of new experiences, the mere swaying of a tree branch in the wind a delight.

Louis in Interview with the Vampire

Vampires are either extremely poetical, finding beauty in all things of the world due to their amplified senses, like Louis in Interview with the Vampire, or extremely cold and a bit psychopath, due to their sense of infinite power, strength, and immortality, like Lestat.

I like to use these aesthetic guides to help you find things, stories, characters, and symbols that make us discover and express our true selves or feelings. It is nice to look at images and feel drawn to them. But it is much more enriching to understand what those images mean.

Most people associate vampires only with mysterious, dangerous, and sexy, but to me, the most interesting aspect is sensorial awareness, which is finding beauty and miracles in everything, even in the small ordinary things of life. It is the power of perception of the little things through the senses, even in the noise of the keyboard while I write this text.

To me, the biggest poetry and power of a vampire is not living forever, flying, or having a super speed, it is about seeing your own past mortal life after death, from outside, like watching a movie about what you were, and truly valuing the miracle of being alive, and in the vampire cases, specifically, feeling the pulsing of life in the most intense way through their victims.

The Mood Guide aesthetic guides are an opportunity to feature absolutely talented influencers and people that can truly capture the lifestyle and meanings of an aesthetic through images. I encourage you to click on the link and follow these talented vampiric ladies. If you own any of these pictures and don’t want to be featured, please get in touch.

The vampire aesthetic

The vampire aesthetic comes directly from the influence of the modern representation of vampires in fiction. The most iconic and popular are probably Bran Stocker’s Dracula and Anne Rice’s vampires, especially Vampire Lestat, both mostly inspired by Victorian and Gothic vampire aesthetics.

Embracing these aesthetics is about feeling like living in a mysterious Victorian gothic romance and seeing poetry in your own power of perception of life. The gothic and vintage influence of this aesthetic is also very strong in the dark academia aesthetic. The difference though is that the vampire vibe is much darker and gloomy (and, sometimes, sensual), meanwhile, dark academia keeps the gothic mystery but with an erudite and preppy vibe.

🥀🖤 The aesthetic: bats, fangs, black and red roses, dark deep shades of red, black and purple, coffin, candlelight, gothic cathedral windows, velvet, lace, moody, dark romanticism, victorian, sophistication, luxury, elegance, mystery, sweet voice, calm pose. 🕯️ 🍷


Modern Vampire Aesthetic

If all the mystery and poetry of the vampire lores and literature are attractive to you, but you prefer a more modern interpretation of it, remove the frills and antique elements and replace them with sober, elegant straight lines.

The vampire legends and aesthetic to me are a reminder that we should experience life in all its complexity. To see the beauty of aging, the privilege of feeling the sun kiss, and the poetry of sensing things.

My vampire nature has been for me the greatest adventure of my life; all that went before it was confused, clouded, I went through mortal life like a blind man groping from solid object to solid object. It was only when I became a vampire that I respected for the first time all of life. I never saw a living, pulsing human being until I was a vampire; I never knew what life was until it ran out in a red gush over my lips, my hands!

Exerpt from Interview with the Vampire

Vampire Aesthetic Room

Usually, lonely castles and towers, or isolated houses, Inspired by the gothic architecture from Dracula Castle are the main reference to create your own modern vampire goth crypt.

These gorgeous Victorian-inspired mansions evoke the overall dark vampire mood, with heavy doors and windows, candlelit environments, and black furniture.

Modern Vampire Decor

You might be looking for a vampire-inspired mood for your personal space that does look like an old castle but still evokes some chills. Details like candles, skulls, and dark roses or themed objects in silver or black.

These nice shelves are perfect for a vamp home or Halloween decor. Decorate them with rocks and gems or goblets like the talented @thejohnsonlair

Vampire aesthetic clothes outfits

Dark and elegant clothing, usually inspired by Victorian and Gothic eras, is characterized by long black dresses, corsets, black shoes, heavy coats, long, white, phantasmagoric Victorian gowns, and dark lace chokers.

Although the description above is one of a male vampire, it is beautifully written and describes well the overall aesthetics of the vampire outfit.

Its frockcoat was dark velvet, embroidered with golden curlicues. A mantle of ravens feathers was draped over its shoulders, the collar upturned like a roll of glossy black blades. Dark britches, a silken cravat and stockings, and polished shoes completed the portrait. A monster, wearing an aristocrats skin

Exerpt from the book Empire of the Vampire

Gothic vampire style

Victorian Romantic vampire outfits

Dark academia vampire-style

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Modern vampire style

Vampire aesthetic nails, makeup, and hairstyle

Triangular-shaped nails will evoke that aspect of ¨dangerous claws¨. Combined with beautiful accessories in black and silver, like bats, snakes, Catedral rings, and big dark stones and

Easy Vampire Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Vampire-inspired photography and costumes

So, there are so very super talented people on Instagram, models, artists, and photographs, creating this beautiful work with the vampire vibe. Here is some inspiration t for a costume or vamp photo section. I recommend checking out these ladies’ Instagram profiles for similar art.

So, if you like the beauty of darkness expressed through these talented ladies ant the vampire aesthetic, take a look at our Witchcore: Channeling your Inner Power With the Witch Aesthetic.

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