That are many features that create the aesthetic of a fairy in our imagination, whether is the whimsical wings, the ethereal vibes they evoke, the enchanting fairy hairstyle, or their intimidating pointy ears. Their images are so powerful that makes us really wish that they were real, maybe because we actually want to believe that magic is real and can be part of our life, or maybe because we would love to be able to fly around in an enchanting nordic forest during the night without being afraid and fall sleep inside the velvet hug of a rose.

Faeries are enchanting mystical creatures that are part of human myths and legends for hundreds of years. And, if you are reading this post probably is because these magical little ladies are somehow appealing to you as they are to me and you want to feel closer to what it is like to be a fairy, or just because you want a fairy hairstyle to match a fairy costume. Either way, in this post, I listed some stunning hairstyle ideas for any type of fairy hair that you can do yourself and be closer to creating your own fairytale-inspired lifestyle.

At The Mood Guide we advocate for authenticity above all things. We only live once – as far as we know-, therefore you should embrace and be whomever you want. So, if you want to be a fairy with a colorful hair you damn well should go for it; Fairies are magical and magic is not boring or predictable. It is creative, mysterious, powerful, and fun. Therefore, a colorful, fun, and bold hairstyle definitely suits an enchanting and sweet fairie.
fairycore hair makeup black gir
purple fairy aesthetic hair
fairy hairstyle pink

Did you know that elves are also a type of fairy? You probably know one from the Fellowship of the Ring, the Sidarin elf Legolas, with its long silver hair, heroic character and great respect and appreciation for nature. Curiosity: Elves are very popular in Iceland. According to the Icelands Tourist Board, 80 percent of the countrys people believe elves exist. Elvish hairstyle are simple, long, and usualy embelished with tiny braids or nature inspired headdress such as crystals and flowers.
elves fairy aesthetic hair
fairy elf aesthetic hair
fairy hairstyle elf aesthetic
purple elf hair aesthetic
elf aesthetic hair braided
fairy elves hairstyle butterfly

For an easy fairy hairstyle that works out for short and long hair, the flower, celestial or nature inspired crown makes a perfect and magic statement.
easy fairy hairstyle flower crown
fairy aesthetic makeup
flower fairy aesthetic
fairy hairstyle aesthetic

Braids are probably one of the haristyles with more mystical meanings associated to it. From The Wheel of Time to Game of Thrones, the female characters with braided hairstyles evokes a mix of power with strenght and sweetnes. Add some flowers to it and you will look and feel like a perfect strong and sweet fairy.
braided fairy hairstyle
long hair fairy hairstyle
fairy hairstyke

Sometimes I relate fairies to tiny ¨human¨ butterflies. The wings, the playful colors, the close relation with nature… so butterfly hair clips are a great and easy way to bring a fairy vibes to your look.
cute and easy fairy hairstyle
cute fairy hairstyle
fairy hairstyle

If you also believe that chasing the most authentic life you can, respecting your dreams, moods and the aesthetic images that speaks to your soul, you might love our aesthetic guides and our mood guides.

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