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I spent the week obsessing over plaid everything. I wrote about plaid duvet covers, robes, and throw blankets, besides older posts on plaid shirts and scarves. And because nail designs are another obsession of mine, of course, I would finish the week with this cherry on top: plaid nail designs. Are they super easy to do for beginners? It depends on your ability and patience to draw a straight line, but overall, I’d say they are medium hard. Plaid nails are perfect for Fall, Christmas, and Winter, so here are some of the most popular and aesthetic ideas for short, long, acrylic, natural, and all shapes and lengths of nails.

Happy Fall and Happy Holidays!

Plaid Nail Designs

I love @tessa.lyn.nails creations. Her mind goes beyond and everything that she creates is stunning. Here, she designed this blue thick checkered with a denim aesthetic and matched it with moody colors perfect for Fall, but not obvious.


Browns are likely the #1 Fall color, so the creativity must go beyond to create something different. Extra long acrylic nails make more than enough room to let creativity flow. And that’s exactly the case here. 3D flowers with stress, black & white plaid, solid brown with gold piercings.

When you want sweater nails aesthetic without the texture.

This combination of blue and silver glitter is wonderful to twist things up a little bit for Christmas.


I love minimalist options for nail designs because they include my low-profile girls in the fun.

These plaid French tips mix red, nude, white, and black, a classic Christmas combination, perfect for extra long acrylics.

Dark green and gold to keep Christmas traditions.

Cozy Fall combining brown and red. You can’t go wrong with plaid and falling leaves.

Sweater texture + plaid design.

Did you get a bit of Burberry vibes from this plaid French tip?

This reindeer nail set opens up so many possibilities and it’s so elaborate. You can copy it as it is or combine the designs as you prefer.

I love that extra-long acrylic nails are rarely basic. So a simple pumpkin design with plaid and French tips turns into something spectacular.

Dark purple and gold harvesting.

Why pick one reference if you can mix the Louis Vuitton logo, with plaid, spider webs, and solid black for Halloween?

This combination of bright purple and green is not very usual for Fall, but the black cat seem to be found of it.

From Scotland to your hands. A classic combination of black and red.

If you want to spice things up but stick to brown, try this fun cartoon design.

Mixing plaid with sweater texture and brown is a safe way to go, right?

Classic Fall colors for the win.

Pink Christmas plaid for our girly princesses.

The Christmas aesthetic of this dark green and glitter plaid nail design is beyond words. Just take it to your nail artist.

Glitter + plaid + French tip with 3d bow + sweater texture because extra long acrylic are not for the faint of heart.

Is it true that if we add white glitter it becomes festive automatically?

I wish I had found more plaid nail ideas, but most were checkered and I wanted to keep this post with strict plaid nails. I hope you have found some inspo for your manicure!


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