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I like to call Fall and Winter the slow-down seasons because I believe our sensitive human bodies were built to thrive in connection with nature’s rhythm. Therefore, considering that we can’t stand a chance again the darkness and cold weather, my mood shifts completely and all I want to do is to be by the fire or curly up indoors under the softest blanket I can find to stay as cozy as possible. It’s one of the ways I regulate my nervous system when it’s cold and dark outside. On that note, and because I lived in a wood cabin in the wilderness when I started my healing journey, the cabincore aesthetic speaks to my heart profoundly. So, to feed my cabin fever, I feel like writing about plaid stuff this week and I’m starting with plaid throw blankets because they are perfect to set the cabin mood in the decor and to embrace our soul.

I can’t go to the Rocky Mountains right now, but why can’t I channel that energy into my work and spend my time daydreaming and researching the best plaid throw blankets that will bring some of that wintery wood cabin mood into my life, no matter where I am? If you are looking for plaid throw blankets, here are some of the most popular, soft, and high-quality picks in flannel, sherpa, wool, recycled, reversible, Tartan, buffalo, festive, and so on. On top of that, a good plaid throw blanket is the perfect Christmas gift for the outdoorsy and hipsters on your list.

Plaid Throw Blankets

Plaid Woven Christmas Throw Blanket – Heart & Hand With Magnolia

Dimension: 60″ x 50″

Plaid Woven Christmas Throw Blanket - Heart&Hand With Magnolia
Image from Target
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This adorable blanket is 10/10 Christmas Aesthetic and is the cheapest piece in this post. It made it to the list because not only it is stunning, but it has a Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certificate, fringes, and we all love Magnolia’s stuff.

Pure Wool Plaid Tartan Tweed Fluffy Throw

Dimensions: 72″ x 59″

Pure Wool Plaid Tartan Tweed Fluffy Throw
Image from Macys
Shop at

These authentic Scottish pure wool Tartan blankets by the Prince of Scots will elevate your room to a Royal Castle standard.

They are thick and fluffy and are available in more than 10 colors.

Pure Wool Plaid Throw Blankets Made in the USA

Dimensions: 50″x 63″

Image from Faribault Mill
Shop at

If you want to invest in a heirloom pure wool blanket, made in the USA, pick any merino blanket from Faribault Mill.

Pendleton’s Wool Plaid Throw Blanket Made in USA

Dimensions: 54″ x 60″

Pendleton's Wool Plaid Throw Blanket Made in USA
Image from Backcountry
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Pendleton is on the same quality standards as Faribault Mills wool throws made in the USA, but I feel like they invest more in marketing. In any case, it’s an outstanding heirloom quality piece to choose from.

Ultra Plush Reversible Eddie Bauer Plaid Throw Blankets

Dimensions: 60″ x 50″

Ultra Plush Reversible Eddie Bauer Plaid Throw Blankets
Image from Etsy
from $21.51
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Eddie Bauer and Cabin aesthetic are basically synonyms. No wonder these reversible plush blankies are bestsellers.

They will look beautiful, and last long and the renowned brand makes them a terrific gift for the outdoorsy and hipsters from your list.

Recycled Wool Plaid Tartan Throw Blankets

Dimensions: 78″ x 62″

Recycled Wool Plaid Tartan Throw Blankets
Image from Etsy
from $35.66
Shop at

These recycled wool plaid blankets are an affordable (compared to wool throws) and more sustainable option to choose from.

They are available in several colors and have very good reviews.

Plaid Flannel Sherpa Throw Blanket

Dimensions: 60″ x 50″

Plaid Flannel Sherpa Throw Blanket
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A classic never goes out of style. This ultra-soft Eddie Bauer throw blanket is comfy and cozy, yet neutral enough if you want to bring a little Christmas mood in while matching your decor.

Luxurious Burberry Plaid Wool Throw Blanket

Dimensions: 78.7″ x 53.1″

Shop at

We have a lot of loyal readers who love designer pieces, and we can’t talk about plaid anything without thinking about the iconic Burberry house.

These classic, chic, and soft wool throw blankets are 100% wool, have the Burberry label, of course, and are available in 3 colors.

Fun fact: I’m so obsessed with throw blankets that when I moved to the mountains with only a backpack (big one, of course), I packed my reversible plushy throw blanket. Absolutely illogical from the packing perspective but the way that blanket comforted me when I was scared and lonely was worth the minor hassle and all the other things I had to leave behind. The soul always knows, even if it looks logically insane.


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