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Cuddling up on the corner of the couch under a cozy snuggly blankie, sheltered from the cold outside, sipping on a cup of freshly made ginger and mint tea (natural, not teabag) is one of my favorites things to do when the temperature starts to drop. This year I’m looking for the perfect organic throw blanket to replace the one that I have, which is falling apart. I bought it many years ago, in a grocery store, on a trip to Chicago. It’s not even organic, but I’m so crazy about it that I took it with me even when I was backpacking and living off the grid. It was the most unpractical thing ever, very bulky for a backpacker but it was a sort of a token. And I still carry it with me on every single trip!

Anyways, I consider myself a mild minimalist, in the sense that I don’t like to stock up on things that I only need a certain amount to feel comfortable. And I only need one throw blanket. In the past 5 years, since I bought my blankie, I learned a lot about sustainability and even about the importance of organic fabric, so now that I know, I’m trying to lower my shopping footprint as much as I can. So, I did good research on organic throw blankets, cause I want a soft one, that I can wash often, durable, and that’s warm, like a hug from someone who cares about you.

I didn’t buy it yet, but here is a list of the best organic throws I found after thorough research!

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Organic Throw Blankets

Of course, this entire post could feature only Coyuchi ‘s throws because I don’t know of any other bedding brand that cares so much about the environmental and human impact of the entire production chain as they do. And they’ve been doing it since 1991 when it was not good for marketing to do so. Therefore, for being the most sustainable and environmentally responsible organic bedding I know, and for having different fabrics, I chose some organic throw blankets from them. But you’ll also find throws from The Company Store and Etsy, to name a few. I hope you like them!

Washable Organic Cotton & Wool Throw Blanket, Coyuchi

50″x 70″| 70% organic cotton from Turkey / 30% organic wool from Argentina | Woven in Germany | 360 GSM | GOTS Certified

Photo: Coyuchi
$178 (each)


Of all the organic throws I’ve seen, this is the one that checks all the boxes for me. First, it’s washable organic wool and cotton blend. Being able to wash my throw is as much a priority as the softness. Second, I like wool’s warmth. Third, for everything the brand stands for, for the environmental and human impact, I’d be happy to give my dollars.

And if my $10 grocery store throw lasted for over 5 years being abused in laundry machines and driers from different Countries, I expect this one to last at least 15 years.

Mini-Geometric Weave Organic Cotton Throw, The Company Store

50″x 70″| 100% Organic Cotton | 360 GSM

Photo: The Company Store
$79 (each)


The price x quality x coziness from this throw is hard to beat. The pastel and neutral colors are very soothing and will complement so many decor styles. It’s my runner-up.

Mohave Organic Linen Throw Blanket, Coyuchi

50″x 70″| 100% Organic European Linen | GOTS Certified

Photo: Coyuchi
$248 (each)


This lightweight organic linen throw is neutral but not boring. The design takes inspiration from vintage Oaxacan blankets and the stripes are yarn-dyed, creating different textures along the warp. Perfect to be used year-round as a decorative layer on the bed or over the couch.

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Organic Cotton Cable Knit Throw, Etsy

50″x 70″| 100% Organic Cotton

Photo: Etsy
$145 (each)


The coziness and the winter vibe of a cable-knit throw plus the extra softness from organic cotton are hard to resist. And why should we?

Mustard Floral Jacquard Organic Cotton Throw, The Company Store

50″x 70″| 100% Organic Cotton | 360 GSM | Made in Portugal

Photo: The Company Store
$109 (each)


Golden/Yellow mustard bedding seems to be making a comeback straight from the ’70s. This very unique organic cotton throw is woven in Portugal and the beautiful floral jacquard adds an unexpected mid-century flair, warmth, and texture to any room.

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Chunky Ribbed Organic Cotton Throw Blanket, Coyuchi

50″x 70″| 100% Organic Cotton | GOTS Certified

Photo: Coyuchi
$148 (each)


These throws remind me of the old knit water I wore to go to school when I was a teen. It is chunky and cozy, but it’s not heavy. Perfect for a quiet rainy afternoon waiting for the cake to bake!

Organic Cotton Cable Knit Throw Blanket, Boll & Branch

50″x 70″| 100% Organic Cotton | GOTS Certified

Organic Cotton Cable Knit Throw Blanket, Boll & Branch
? Nordstrom


This cozy basketweave throw is a neutral, and soft, option to add texture and warmth to the room without interfering with the color scheme you have going on.

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Organic Waffle Blanket, West Elm

Queen and King Sizes | 100% Organic Cotton | GOTS Certified

Photo: West Elm
from $100


Technically this is not a throw, it’s a blanket, but its airy waffle weave is 100% decorative layer for me! It’s available in 3 colors and 2 sizes.

GOTS Certification, what is it?

What is the difference between GOTS-certified and non-GOTS certified organic cotton?
An organic label states that the cotton seeds used to produce that fabric are non-GMO and do not use pesticides!
The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is an independent body that certifies the entire production chain, not only if the seeds are organic. It takes into consideration human and environmental aspects like slave work and water pollution as well.

Turns out that the soft texture of the blanket gives me some sort of emotional comfort. Maybe it’s only a physical representation of my hard-conquered power of saying no to social events without feeling guilty. I consider it a privilege to have accomplished the ability to choose intentional pause. It’s not the same if it’s sunny and hot outside, cause then I wanna lay on the grass, feel all the life between the soil underneath my body and the sun. When the crescent darkness of fall and winter hits, I miss the bright days and the sunlight desperately (I’m from a tropical sunny country). Somehow, a cozy throw blanket feels nice, whether it’s only as a decorative piece or to keep me warm.

What about you? Found your favorite organic throw blanket or not yet?

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