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When the first crispy winds of Fall hit us, it’s time to get in the mood for the new season. From nestling our home with cozy throws to updating our wardrobe with darker shades and comfy sweaters, embracing the spirit of Autumn is a way to follow nature’s rhythm. And of course, there are tons of different Fall nail designs to keep the party going. One of everyone’s favorites is dark brown nails. The dark chocolate shades are moody, sober, and always sophisticated, no matter how much fun you have with it. So, in this post, you’ll find some of the most popular dark brown nail designs from Instagram to inspire your seasonal manicure.

There’s another post with over 100 brown nail designs, including more dark browns that are not here!

Dark Brown Nails

Gold glitter on top of chocolate brown is the easiest way to get a lot of effect on your manicure.

French tips and chocolate rhinestones.

Glitter and French tips, but make it one of each for a fun effect.

Dark brown and pastel Frenchies to highlight the flowers.

Looks like we love chocolate and milk.

Dulce de leche, anyone?

The balance of this nail design can soothe certain levels of anxiety.

Why not bring the dark brown into Christmas?

The classic tortoise is *the* animal print design for dark brow nail polish.

From solid nude do dark brown ombré.


Do you love dark brown nails year-round or is it exclusive for Fall?

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