French Nails With Black Tips are the Holy Grail of manicures with moody aesthetics. The Frenchies are a classic by definition and black is the most neutral of dark colors. So, whether you’re into your Dark Academia, Wednesday, Baddie, or Minimalist era, here are the most popular nail designs with black French tips.

I carefully selected the most stunning ideas from Instagram and grouped them aesthetically. You’ll see Only BlackWith Glitter, Gold & Glam Black & White With Colors French nails with black tips.

As usual, make sure you follow the amazing nail artists featured in this post. They are real queens and the more women support each other’s work, the more money we all make and that’s true freedom my dears.

All Black French Tips Nails

Black Frenchies, black swirls, and black crystals.

Dark romance.

The Holy Grail of minimalist manicure.

Is it a Frenchie if it’s on the tip of the nail but has a unique design? I say your manicure, your rules.

Black French Nails With Glitter, Gold, and Glam

Glitter tips for a starry sky.

The perfect combination of black tips and sparkling crystals.

The black glitter is the best pick for minimalists who want to go festive but not too flashy.

Black glitter on the tips, a sparkling line of rhinestones.

A pop of gold crystals goes a long way to turn a simple black manicure into a glam party look.

Did I hear you want to nail your prom look?

A touch of gold for the elegant one.

The elegance of black, nude, and rhinestones.

A glitter line that separates the ordinary from the outstanding.

Black & White French Tips Nails

Geometric lines.

Black cats for good luck and cute nails for Halloween.

Moon phases in black and white.

Alternate tips and cuffs.

Black, white, and gold for a chic and modern New Year’s Eve manicure.

Cow print is for a funny manicure.

Black French tips + flowers.

Black Frenchies + white lines + white hearts for a modern yet romantic Valentine’s Day manicure.

Here is a bold combination with an elegant outcome. Black French tips with milky ombré. Stunning.

As simple as spiderwebs for black and white Halloween nails.

Half and half.

The contrast.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

Black French Tips Nails With Colors

Matte with speckles of color.

Black tips with pink glitter cuffs in case you’re feeling girly yet moody because we are cyclical and multi-dimensional.

Ready to party.

What’s your take on French nails with black tips. Is it your signature manicure or you save it for special occasions?

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