This post is a list of unique mermaid gifts for adult women. Mermaids are now on the hype due to the beautiful live-action of the Little Mermaid Film, but these enchanting mysterious mystic creatures have been part of our imagination, dreams, and curiosity for centuries.

If you are reading this post, it is most likely that you want a very special gift for someone who loves mermaids, or even for yourself. So, here you will find a present with a mermaid aesthetic to make the person feel like a real mermaid, decoration gifs inspired by mermaids, and of course, gifs inspired by the most Iconic mermaid in pop culture, Ariel.

Mermaid statues & Figurines

Photo: Etsy

Mermaid Figurine

For that intelligent friend who loves antiquities and the mysteries of the heavens. These are little replicas of two 16th and 17th artifacts on display at the British Museum in London. These beauties offer an analog method of establishing the current time and will connect its user to the technology of the past and the spirit of the old explorers. 

$38.49 โ€“

The Little Mermaid Themed gifts

Photo: Etsy

Decorative Shadow Box

A gorgeous piece to set a whimsical mood.

$29.75+ โ€“


Ariel ”A Precious Pearl” Figure by Jim Shore

If you want to give a very special gift for someone who is truly obsessed with Arien from the animation then this gorgeous deluxe figure is perfect.

$200.00 โ€“ Disney


The Little Mermaid Stainless Steel Water Bottle

A feminine, functional, and cute gift inspired by the live-action film

$27.99 โ€“


”Little Mermaid Falling in Love” Framed Limited Edition

If expensive and luxury are what you are looking for as a gift for the Little mermaid obsessed in your life, then

$1000,00 โ€“ Disney

Photo: Toynk Toys

Ariel soup mug with spoon

Any cute mermaid kitchen will be more enchanting with this accent.

$22.99 โ€“ Toynk Toys

Mermaid Aesthetic Gifts

When it comes to mermaid gifts for the adult woman, the ones in this category are my favorites. Aesthetic things are things with a color or shape that comes with a strong look and feel the moment ha you look at them. Having all these gift ideas will make you feel and look as enchanting as a mystical and mysterious mermaid, but without actually having a mermaid image on it.

Photo: Free People

Pink Moon Anklet

It is impossible to wear a gorgeous, carefully crafted anklet like his and don associate it with the feminine enchantment of a mermaid.

$68.00 โ€“ Ariana Ost

Photo: Etsy

Shell Bag

This vintage bag is the perfect gift for her.

$20.41 โ€“

Photo: Anthropologie

Mermaid Stone Necklace

This turquoise color is gorgeous and a truly mermaid aesthetic jewel.

$88.00 โ€“ Ariana Ost

Photo: Etsy

Gold and Blue Mermaid Hair Claw

This one is absolutely gorgeous.

$15.73 โ€“

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Shella Hardcase Clutch Bag

This turquoise color is gorgeous and a truly mermaid aesthetic jewel.

$135.00 โ€“ Olga Berg

Mermaid Jewelry Gifts


Pearl Wrap Bracelet

An elegant and ultra-feminine gift for that girly and delicate mermaid in your life.

$54.99 โ€“ Disney


The Little Mermaid Earring Set

For that mermaid lover who loves cheerful adornments, this earring set features magic faux pearls, starfish, and mermaid tails. 

$29.99 โ€“


Ariel Necklace by Rebecca Hook

A tail encrusted with handset Swarovski blue crystal and clear cubic zirconia is enough to make this beauty absolutely special.

$125.00 โ€“ Disney

Photo: Etsy

Mermaid tail ring

Another affordable and beautiful option with a stunning moonstone.

$14.99 โ€“

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Carlotta Shell Post Earring

Nautical-inspired accessories, especially seashells have this significant mermaid statement effect. 

$20.00 โ€“ Urban Outfitters


Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Dangle Charm

Wonderfully detailed Little Mermaid charm for those who love high-quality stuff.

$75.00 โ€“ PANDORA

Mermaid Decorative Gifts


The Little Mermaid ”My Voice Is a Treasure”

This gorgeous mermaid mug inspired my The Little Mermaid live action is a wonderful and inspiring constant reminder of how important is to have your own voice! And, it is beautiful! 

$19.99 โ€“ Disney Store

Photo: Etsy

Mermaid Coffee Mug

This exquisite mermaid mug is likely the most unique decoration item in this post. 

$19.99 โ€“ Etsy

Photo: Etsy

Mermaid Folk Art Mug

A mug for cool and authentic mermaids.


Photo: Etsy

Bronze Finish Mermaid Seashell Box Jewelry Accessory Holder

An adorable and detailed trinket box. 

$25.99+ โ€“

Photo: Etsy

Mermaid Keychain

For a very symbolic and affordable mermaid gift idea. 

$9.00 โ€“ Etsy

Photo: Etsy

Violet Purple Mermaid Tail Blanket

A dreamy gift for the little mermaid that is also a sleepy beauty.  

$44.00 โ€“ Uncommon Goods

Photo: Etsy

Porcelain Shell Trinket Jewellery Box

Do you have a feminine and girly mermaid in your life who loves jewels? then this might be the thoughtful gift you are looking for.

$46.67 โ€“

Photo: Anthropologie

Selfie At The Mermaid Public Fountain Wall Art

I am obsessed with this wall art and I want it.  

$298.00 โ€“ Artfully Walls


Enchanted Crystal Candle

A gift to the senses. To make someone feel like living in a cozy ocean.

$42.00 โ€“ Uncommon Goods


Mermaid Atlas

This cool book is an affordable way to please kids and adults who love mermaids.

$20.00 โ€“ Uncommon Goods

Fashion Gifts

Photo: Anthropologie

Mermaid Short-Sleeve Sleep Set

Cute and original, this mermaid-themed pajama se featuring mermaids is a whimsical and dreamy way to enjoy sweet dreams under the sea blankets.

$148.00 โ€“ Printfresh

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