Depending on how old you are, you lived the vast majority of your life in a world where acrylic and gel long nails were only for props. In other words, we didn’t carry extra long nails on a daily basis, therefore we all had natural short nails. From an artistic perspective, I find the long nails amazing. Full of colors, life, and art. On a practical note, I can’t carry them. When I was planning my week’s posts, I figured I had nothing on short nails! And what better way to start than with neutral and classic white? So, here they are, the most beautiful short white nails ideas that you can try right now.

I picked the most popular short white nail designs from Instagram and grouped them by shape. You’ll see Round, Oval, Coffin Square, Squoval nails with white designs. And I’m covering all basis, from minimalist lines to hearts, Christmas, Halloween, Weddings, and ombres.

I can’t stress this enough, so make sure you follow your favorite nail artists and shower them with likes and comments. Let’s support each other, ladies! Money is power, so shall we help one another thrive in our careers and businesses.

Round, Oval, Coffin Short White Nails Designs

Tiny heart.

Classic French tips.

Golden abstract art.

Matte ombré.

French swirl.

Tiny crystal, white frame.

Fine lines.


Squid games.

With navy.

Soft clouds.

Stripes, heart, polka dots.

Louis Vuitton Frenchies.

Glazed marble.


Square, Squoval Short Nails With White Design

Timeless French tips.

All white animal print.


Thick tips and silver lines.

Haley Bieber white.

White and blue evil eye flowers for good luck.

Mermaid vibes.

White stars.

Solid white and mint.

Golden milk.

White flowers.

White birds.

Black squares.

Rhinestone frame.

Art strokes.

Matte & Pearl


Gold New Year’s Eve.


Unicorn magic.

French flames.

Vertical ombré.

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