This is a post dedicated to the cute geeks out there who are obsessed with the all-cute and pretty anime and manga universes. These Kawaii wallpapers bring some extra sweetness to the phone screens of lovers of the cute aesthetic wallpapers and the Kawaii and pastel aesthetics.

When I was a child and teenager I always had a sort of kawaii vein. I loved everything Japanese and extra cute, and I was completely obsessed with some animes like Sailor Moon and Sakura Card Captors. Therefore, making this post with a few kawaii wallpapers for iPhone feels like a sweet and innocent trip to my youngest years.

So I am very delighted to write this post with the most cute and lovely kawaii wallpapers for iPhone

Kitty Kawaii Aesthetic Wallpapers

Cute Kittens are likely the most popular cute creatures when it comes to kawaii art. Therefore, below is a list of super cute kawaii kitten backgrounds and the credits for the amazing artists who created them.

cute pink kawaii wallpaper

No, I didn’t forget about her: Hello Kitty, the big star of the kawaii universe, who is also a kitten. By the way, I have already written an entire post about the Hello Kitty aesthetics and Hello Kitty aesthetic wallpapers.

pink hello kitty kawaii wallpaper iphone

Gamer aesthetic kawaii backgrounds

Unfortunately, the amazing pastel cute in the world of kawaii gamers wasn’t a thing when I was younger. The Kawaii gamer setup is so cool and amazing that I am listing a few wallpaper suggestions.

purple kawaii wallpaper
aesthetic wallpaper kawaii

And more ultra-cute kawaii wallpapers

And now just a bunch of cuteness overload with the kawaii aesthetic, from illustrations to photography.

cute pastel illustration kawaii wallpaper

All the sweetness of a soft pastel color palette is reflected in the kawaii wallpapers below.



Author: Lara Garcia

Hello! I am Lara Garcia, a graphic designer, and expert in everything about aesthetics and how shapes and colors tell stories that can influence our moods and guide us toward more authentic choices.

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