Last night I watched the second season of Sex Life of College girls, and all those Preppy students inspired me to create a list of preppy aesthetic wallpaper ideas. While I watched all those girls with preppy outfits and attending frat parties I wondered which wallpapers they would use on their iPhones.

If you don’t know what show I am talking about, I can make it easier for you: What would Blair Wardolf, the queen of preppy aesthetics, have as a phone Background?

So, if you like Blair’s style and all the pretty, sophisticated, timeless, and mostly classic-chic vibes of the preppy aesthetics, These wallpapers are for you!

Cute Parisian Aesthetic Wallpapers

French, romantic vintage background with coquette Parisian vibes is a super preppy option of wallpaper for iPhone.


Although dark blue is a more traditional color in the preppy aesthetic color palette, light blue also suits well.

blue preppy aesthetic wallpaper

Red and blue are a classic color combination of the preppy style. The watercolor artwork is also a big element of this aesthetic when it comes to visual communication, Just think about Kate Spade’s (a classy-preppy brand) communication.

classic preppy aesthetic wallpaper red and navy blue

Green Wallpapers

green preppy aesthetic wallpaper

Pink Preppy

Pink preppy is to go full girly on your phone screen.

Hot pink is trending now, including in the art and design universe. I could picture Blair Waldorf with this bold and wild cheetah wallpaper.

Preppy smile wallpaper is the last aesthetic preppy trend.

The cute and pink preppy hearts in the stunning illustrations by @alexamackdesigns

pink hearts preppy background

And how chic are these hot pink flowers?

hot pink and yellow floral preppy wallpaper
hot pink and navy blue preppy wallpaper

Minimal Peppy

Minimal, black & white, browns, and neutrals are certainly the chicest combinations of colors, so of course, they make gorgeous and simple aesthetic preppy backgrounds

minimal brown preppy aesthetic wallpaper

Preppy quotes

Expression of the self-confident, smart, intelligent, classy, feminine, intellectual bad ass preppy lady you are. Hello Blair Waldorf, I can see you in all these characteristics!

preppy aesthetic quote wallpaper hot pink

Summer preppy

Vintage summer aesthetic for preppy-minimal chic wallpaper vibes

For coastal style, go for summer pastel colors.

summer beach preppy art iphone background

Christmas preppy

I have already an entire post with Christmas wallpaper ideas for iPhone. The ideas below though are with a specifically preppy chic style holiday style.

preppy christmas aesthetic wallpaper
preppy aesthetic christmas background for iphone

What do you think?

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