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If you love the Japanese cutest Kitten ever created, aka Hello Kitty, you might love this post helping you embrace the Hello Kitty aesthetic. Hello Kitty was created in the 70s, but girls and even adults worldwide still love this adorable little cat. Maybe her cute appeal is due to her big head and absence of a mouth or just good marketing, anyway, I think everybody has at least sympathy towards Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty and her friends were created by the Japanese company Sanrio, and usually, her fans are also very fond of the other Sanrio creations, such as My Melody.

The Hello Kitty Aesthetic (pink & cute)

The red bow on the left year is one of Hello Kitty’s most remarkable elements. The high level of cuteness makes Hello Kitty one of the strongest icons of the super cute Kawaii aesthetic.

Pink, red, and white Hello Kitty aesthetics mixed with pastels are traditional, but there is a whole subgenre of ¨cutess on the dark side¨ with the goth/dark and grunge Hello Kitty aesthetic.

Hello Kitty aesthetic is also related to a tech gamer lifestyle.

Cute Hello Kitty Aesthetic Outfits

Cute Kawaii clothes with Hello Kitty and her friends. I love this white dress with a customized Hello Kitty that you can DIY. Cute and cozy sweaters with pleated skirts in pastel colors are classic. It is about looking like a very innocent and cute feminine teddy bear.

hello kitty my melody aesthetic outfit

Hello Kitty Aesthetic makeup

Hello Kitty Aesthetic Bedroom

All pink, girly, fluffy, and cozy are the aesthetics of a Hello Kitty bedroom. Below I show some examples of Hello Kitty and her cute-bunny friend, My Melody-inspired bedrooms.

Hot pink aesthetic bedrooms are also a nice choice for vibrant Hello Kitty lovers.

Hello Kitty Dream Vanity

Every Hello Kitty lover dreams of a Hello Kitty ultra girly vanity. The Hello Kitty mirrors are iconic and a girl’s dream, and you can shop them through the links below.

📸 Instagram / @sanriosdream
📸 Instagram / solelysanrio

Shop the aesthetic and create your own Hello Kitty dream world. ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Classy glamorous aesthetic hello kitty bedroom for a more chic and grown-up vibe.

Pottery Barn Teen Hello Kitty Bedroom collection rocked the glam-chic Hello Kitty aesthetics. Just check the link, because everything is just way too gorgeous.

Photo: Pottery Barn Teen
Photo: Pottery Barn Teen

Kawaii Gamer girl’s setup is also filled with Hellow Kitty stuff, and they are super crowded with fluffy things and neon details, like in the examples below,

📸 Instagram /@mewiechuu

Hello Kitty Tea Time & Cook aesthetic

There is something very enjoyable and appealing in the aesthetics of Hello Kitty and sweet tea time. Bellow, I recommend some cute Hello Kitty kitchen stuff to inspire you to cook delicious and dreamy treats with nonboring stuff.

📸 Instagram / @luvh.kitty
📸 Instagram / @mymejody

Shop the aesthetic and create your own Hello Kitty dream world. ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Hello Kitty & Friends Sanrio aesthetic gifts

Are you someone who loves the Kawaii aesthetic and needs to find a perfect gift to treat yourself? These kawaii boxes’ signatures with carefully selected cute items from Japan will certainly guarantee you some happiness every month.

Hello kitty wallpapers

I have written a post with a bunch of Hello Kitty wallpapers and also this one with cute wallpapers.

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