Yellow is the brightest color, the color of happiness, joy, and of course, the daylight on a sunny summer day. I was waiting for summer to begin to make a list of beautiful and cheerful yellow wallpapers for iPhone, so you can honor this fantastic season with a bright and sunny background that will not only make your phone screen pretty but also boost moods of energy, vitality, and optimism.

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The yellow backgrounds below are gorgeous images that will add some poetry through color every time you look at your phone screen.

Aesthetic Yellow Wallpapers

Aesthetic images are those which communicate a unique vibe that, just by looking at it, you can feel a romanticized lifestyle and sense how it would feel like.

This mustard and yellow wallpaper, for example, has textures and shades that evoke a super cozy Hufflepuff-like mood.

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cozy cute mustard yellow wallpaper for iphone

Vintage euro summer is my favorite aesthetic that I relate with yellow.

vintage pattern yellow wallpaper

A retro aesthetic is also one of the most popular ways to associate wallpapers with yellow.

Pastel Yellow Backgrounds

Light and soft yellow is a warm and comfortable way to evoke this color on your phone wallpaper. Check this post for more pastel aesthetic wallpapers for iPhone.

light pastel yellow aesthetic wallpaper iphone
aesthetic pastel yellow wallpaper

Super cute pastel yellow wallpaper for lovers of cute wallpapers and pastel aesthetics.

cute pastel yellow wallpaper

Yellow wallpapers with flowers

Yellow backgrounds with flowers are one of the most popular since yellow is definitely the color that is most associated with spring and summer when flowers are blooming ad getting their vibrant colors even more highlighted by the beautiful sunlight.

yellow aesthetic flower wallpaper iphone

Golden yellow flowers or flowers in yellow and white tones such as wildflowers and daisies are super popular for a bright and beautiful yellow phone background.

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mustard sunflower yellow aesthetic wallpaper iphone

What do you think of a yellow Van Gogh as wallpaper?

yellow van ghogh  wallpaper

Minimal Aesthetic Wallpaper

These patterns made with amazing geometric shapes and yellow are great for a modern, Scandi minimal yellow iPhone wallpaper.

minimal geometric retro aesthetic yellow wallpaper iphone

Yellow Wallpapers With Quotes

yellow wallpaper with quote

Yellow and blue

This is a powerful and popular combination that merges the summer day sky colors, being the ultimate symbol of cheerfulness and brightness when it comes to color combination


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