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There are so many dress types in the fashion industry these days. From the ones that historically developed to adapt to social and cultural norms or revolutions of a time in the past, to new modern cuts created by designers to evoke a mood. Although it is very cool to know what are the possible types of dresses out there, it is much more interesting to also discover which kind of dress is aligned with women’s true aesthetic style and how a dress cut can totally change the whole mood evoked in an outfit.

I have already created a post with the types of aesthetic clothing and outfits and now is time to discover the types of dresses and which one among so many different dress styles is the best to create the persona you want according to your mood and aesthetics. The list of dresses below is all with aesthetic pictures that will make you just look and feel the dress that will make your heart happy.

Many of these types of dresses are suitable for more than one aesthetic. For example, the slip dress became popular on minimal chic aesthetic fashion feeds on Instagram. But if you wear them in red with a slit they become a totally sexy, femme fatale, baddie dress.

The colors, fabric, neck, and other details such as frills, slits, and lengths may change the overall mood of a type of dress. But I chose the ones with the strongest historical and cultural identities here to fit within a mood with the goal to make a fun and original article and a start to guide you through a specific dress style that suits your true self.

1. Babydoll dresses:

Most of the time, this type of dress will make you feel like a forever romantic sweetheart. Mini and delicate, the babydoll-inspired silhouette usually comes with some girlie detail, such as a puff sleeve, lace, or frills that reinforce the childish girlie mood of a doll.

The mood of this type of dress: Relaxed, romantic, girly, princessy.

Aesthetic styles for this type of dress: Cottagecore, daisy aesthetic, Princesscore, Royalcore, kawaii, and soft girl aesthetic.

Here are some of my favorites. Click on the image to shop.

Royalcore Babydoll Dresses

A new modern reading of the opulence and extravagance of royal times. Royalty references such as big bows, extra frills, many layers, and laces mixed with the cuteness of a short and cute dress. Check out our ultimate Royalcore Aesthetic Guide.

Cottagecore babydoll dresses

Florals and gingham take place when you aim to wear a babydoll dress to look like a sweet girl with a simple yet ultra-romanticized life in the countryside. Print details like daisies and strawberries add a cottagecore charm to this dress. Check out How To Embrace The Cottagecore Aesthetic To Live a Brighter & Sweeter Life.

Vintage babydoll dresses

The name says it all. Feel like living in a Jane Austen scenario but with the modern time benefits of being allowed to show off your legs. A cute yet modest and romantically nostalgic type of babydoll dress.

2. Tulle Dresses

When we think of tulle dresses, 2 main cultural symbols come to mind: ballet and Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic tulle skirts in Sex and the City. Tulle dresses are glamorous, yet evoke a lot of fierce, bold, and delicate moods.

The mood of this type of dress: Delicate, romantic, girly, princessy.

Aesthetic styles for this type of dress: Balletcore, Cinderella Aesthetic.

Ballet aesthetic tulle dresses

Tule is a very delicate and lightweight material, therefore very popular in the making of ballet tutus and ballet-inspired outfits. If you like the extremely soft yet strong and disciplined values of ballet, you might want to wear a balletcore-inspired tulle dress in pink or pastel colors. Check out Balletcore: The Ballet Aesthetics That Will Channel Your Inner Swan.

3. Corset Dresses

Corset-inspired bodices are very vintage and we all can easily associate them with the fairytale princesses and old-time queens. Fortunately, the corsets these days are not so stiff and tight and won’t hurt tour ribs or suffocate you, and you can still have the positive, magical, and romantic aura that this type of dress evokes.

Princessore Corset dresses

Similar to royalcore dresses, but eliminate all the extravagance and frills. This is about feeling royal, but with the delicacy and softness of a fairytale princess.

3. Polo Dress

The polo shirt is an iconic piece when we think of rich, traditional, classy, vintage, and preppy. These traits are in the light and dark academia aesthetics, and we can also associate the polo model with old money or a modern preppy aesthetic. This applies to a super girly old money preppy mood, or to the vintage academia aesthetic.

The mood of this type of dress: Rich, upscale, sophisticated, vintage, classy, traditional.

Aesthetic styles for this type of dress: Light Academia, dark academia, preppy aesthetic, old money.

Light Academia Aesthetic Polo dresses

When it comes to dark or light academia, the polo dress will bring a wise and erudite vibe. This happens when the polo dress comes in browns, neutrals and black colors and collars that remind of old vintage Oxford scholars. Check out The Ultimate Guide for Light Academia Aesthetic (Outfits, Room Ideas, Architecture, Moods) & Light Academia Outfits Ideas (Plus the Best Fashion Brands)

Preppy Polo Dresses

If you want to associate this type of dress with a more modern and rich-classy-traditional aesthetic, just wear it in pink (girly-preppy) or in blue shades (coastal light blue or navy colors) for a classic, mature, sophisticated vibe.

4. Sheath Dress

This one is to look bossy, rich, and sophisticated yet feminine. Also very popular to wear for a formal work environment, since it strongly evokes that sober, mature, and stiff vibe but will subtle feminine details. Think of Jessica Pearson in the tv show Suits, and Wendy from Billions. These two women work in male-dominated big corporations but in positions of power, where they must be respected, and have a very strong and intimidating image without losing their powerful feminine energy.

5. Shift Dresses

Flattering, classic, and comfortable, stiff dresses were a revolution created by designers like Coco Chanel to transition from the discomfort of corsets and to make women’s dresses sophisticated yet comfortable. Bye bye corsets, now is the time for something straight and classy. This dress was also very popular in the 70s (a polar costume these days is one of those with white boots and round glasses).

The mood of this type of dress: classy, feminine, simple, timeless, conservative.

Aesthetic styles for this type of dress: classy aesthetic, 70s aesthetic, dark academia.

Classy aesthetic shift dress

6. Blazer Dress

Another type of dress that is mostly associated with an independent feminine and chic work girl.

7. Shirt dresses

Shirts are, in many contexts associated with formality. Therefore, Shirt dresses will almost always evoke a little bit of formal energy, that can range among many other moods, from super beachy and easygoing to super chic and deluxe.

Casual chic

Slow aesthetic shirt dresses

A simple vibe, to make you feel upscale with little effort.

minimal chic aesthetic shirt dress

9. Slip dresses

Probably one of the most popular dresses of the past years, slip dresses where a big hit on Instagram, from casual chic to extremeley sophisticated options.

Minimal Chic Aesthetic Slip dress

Light blue aesthetic slip dress

Femme fatale aesthetic slip dresses

10. Sleep Dresses

11. Tee Dresses

just a timeless and extremely simple and relaxed type of dress. It evokes a low profile, uncomplicated mood still keeping a comfortable and feminine aesthetic.

12. Backless Dress

There is something absolutely sexy and rich in a beautiful backless dress. This type of dress is to be worn when you truly want to intimidate and create a sexy yet mysterious vibe to the outfit.

13. Off-shoulder dress.

Glamorous aesthetic

14. Tunic Dress

This simple dress has an overall uncomplicated aesthetic to it. It looks and feels easy to wear, and it is like you are almost not wearing anything. It is about feeling loose, free and effortless. It will cover your body but not stop your freedom, allowing you to be the more integrated with the natural world as you can. Linen fabrics on tunic dresses are perfect for a slow-living style outfit

Aesthetics: Slow aesthetic, natural aesthetic, beach aesthetic

15. Sweater dress

Fall is coming and this is the dress type for this season. They can be sexy, chic, or easygoing, but they will never lack that ultra-comfy vibe and feel.

Cozy Comfy Chic aesthetic / fall aesthetic sweater dresses

Effortless comfy and warm

Beach and natural Aesthetic sweater dress

Ultra comfy and relaxed style to spend warm days by the beach.

Oversized dress

Caftan dress

A Caftan dress is very similar to a tunic dress. The sleeves and length are very specific here though.

Slow aesthetic kaftan Dress

Witchy aesthetic

Explorer Aestheti

Bold and colorful prints and embroidery make this style of kaftan dresses attractive for people who are interested in different cultures world wild.

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