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Light Academia outfits are the central visual expression of this aesthetic and are also one of the many aesthetic styles that we see on the internet every day, from fashion magazines competing who is the first to launch the latest trend, to aesthetic Pinterest boards organized by cool images that represent the same universe.

I make a note in each and every aesthetic post that I write that I am quite against the limitless use of fashion trends when it comes to aesthetics.

I believe fashion magazines, on an urge for clicks, turned aesthetics into something shallow that was made to put someone in a box for a 2-month period, and everyone who truly loves aesthetics knows that there is no such thing as following trends when it comes to the origins of aesthetics.

It is rather about respecting your inner moods or main identity using aesthetic images as a visual storytelling tool to achieve that purpose.

🕯️ So, that being said, I have already written an entire post about the Light academia aesthetic, breaking down the symbolism, the colors, and the ways to embrace it into your life if you are in the mood for it.

Since Clothing and fashion are a huge expression of any aesthetics, I created this post with ideas of how to style Light Academia outfits, but first of all, a quick intro on what makes this aesthetic style.

What moods will you evoke wearing light academia clothes?:

Light academia and dark academia have something in common: the scholarly-evoking academia aspect. Both styles are a rescue of the vintage English preppy school styles, working mostly as a visual expression of brightness and intelligence.

The main differences between the two academia aesthetic styles though are quite obvious: the dark is darker, mainly composed of darker colors, heavier fabrics, fall, and winter, with some horror-gothic-victorian traits, meanwhile, the light academia fashion style is about light, more suitable for spring and summer, with lighter fabrics a with more artistic a classic characteristics.

🕯️ Light academia style look and feel: Wear the outfits below when you sense that you feel good by looking more classic, intelligent, introverted, artistic, positive, romantic, a Jane Austen Character, or an antique delicate poetry writer.

Of course, the whole point of aesthetics is not just how you look for others, but actually recognizing yourself in these outfits and feeling good and motivated to work towards a change into the life you want and becoming closer to your true self.

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Light Academia Outfits Ideas

When it comes to choosing your light academia clothes, go always for lighter, softer fabrics in neutral tones. Linen is a top fabric from this aesthetic style that differentiates it from the dark academia style.

You can wear light academia clothes whenever you want, of course, but that are also some events and situations that are a nice match to the light academia aesthetic style.

Some examples are a trip to Greece during summer, a day visit to the classic session of a museum in spring, a ceramic class, and cycling to a garden to write some poetry.

Main clothing pieces of the light academia aesthetic: tweed jacket, tartan skirt, pullover zip sweater, plaid pants, white blouses that you can mix and match easily, and pleated skirts.

Suit Vests Outfits

light academia suit vest outfit
light academia clothes outfit spring suit vest


Suit Vests For Women And Inspiring Outfit Ideas For Dark Academia & 90s Workwear Aesthetics

Straight and wide trousers Outfits

Straight and wide trousers are more popular, but skinny jeans in neutral tones are also fine, like in the jeans with sweater vest example below.

light academia trousers spring outfit

Plaid & Pleated skirt outfits

The classic piece of the Light Academia aesthetic, is the plated skirt and/or the plaid or checked pattern.

light academia pleated skirt leafers outfit
light academia pleated skirt preppy outfit
light academia fall skirt boots outfit
light acaemia winter fall outfit skirt boots

Pencil & Classy Skirt


Vintage yet Timeless dresses and Outfits

A more romantic approach to the light academia style that is perfect for summer and spring is light vintage dresses. White is a favorite color, but other neutral shades also work well.


Light Shorts & Summer Shirts


Vintage Timeless Midi Skirt

Light Academia Style: Is all in the details

All clothing above is suitable for a light academia outfit, but like in everything in life, the details can make a lot of difference. When it comes to Light Academia, short socks with loafers, vintage socks, embroidered collared blouses, and turtlenecks paired with a jacket in the right palette are some aesthetic fashion details that make all the difference in the creation of this mood.

Light Academia Clothing Brands

Below is a list of aesthetic brands to shop for light academia clothes.

LL Academia l Etsy

LL Academia is a 100% Light Academia-focused fashion store on Etsy.

Bercini Fashion l Etsy

Bercini Fashion is another Etsy shop to buy light and dark academia clothing.

Lune and stars l Etsy

You will find many different cute aesthetic stuff in this little shop, from Wednesday aesthetics to Soft girl, and also, of course, some light academia clothing as well.


Sézane Paris is an absolute aesthetic dream brand for those who appreciate quality. They sell clothing that suits mostly the comfy, romantic, and minimal chic aesthetics, but they are also one of the favorite brands among the Light Academia style influencers, especially due to the high quality of their vintage-modern cream and neutral sweaters, trousers, blazers, blouses, and cardigans.

Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn is a wonderful mix of slow living with light academia and vintage cottagecore. I have also listed this brand on the best brands to shop cottagecore clothes post.

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