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Simple is not boring. Maybe you have a minimalist lifestyle, or maybe you don’t like or don’t wanna invest a lot of money on seasonal fall decor, but you definitely wanna get in the mood. By simple fall wreaths, I mean minimal visual information going on. So I selected some beautiful wreaths in fall colors, with dried flowers, grapevine, wheat, pampas grass, iron, woodchip, and so on. So you’ll find both natural (more expensive) and artificial (cheaper) materials. Most wreaths in this post are handmade in the USA by small sellers from Etsy. But there are options from stores like Wayfair and Home Depot, as well.

So, whether you’re looking for a natural wreath for fall to put in your dining room or at your front door to welcome your guests for Thanksgiving, I hope you find the perfect match for your home!

Simple Wreaths For Fall

Minimal Chic Fall Wreath With Artificial Red Greenery & Yellow Flowers | 18″


This elegant wreath is available in gold and silver hoops and is stunning in its simplicity. Perfect to add Fall colors to any neutral decor without going overboard.

Starburst Fall Wreath | 24″

Starburst Fall Wreath | 24"

This traditional starburst wreath with its gentle autumn tones is a timeless embellishment for your home decor, ideal for bringing in the warm colors of Fall.

Simple Fall Wreath With Burlap Bow and Dried Flowers | 18″

Simple Fall Wreath With Burlap Bow and Dried Flowers | 18"

Honestly, there are a gazillion burlap wreaths, but it’s hard to find a simple minimalist one. This one is a beautifully handcrafted work with dried flowers, a burlap bow, and pampa grass.

Felt Leaf Wreaths In Earthy Autumn Colors | 18″


The color combination of this fall wreath is a winner. The felt leaves are hand-cut and the whole piece is handmade and shipped to you from VA.

You can hang it on the front door outside, but it may become dusty. I’d hang it over the living room mantle or in the bedroom, put some drops of cinnamon, vanilla, or fall blend essential oil on it from time to time, and turn my house into a giant pumpkin latte.

Fall Cream Mum & Pumpkin Wreath by Bloom Room | 24″

Fall Cream Mum & Pumpkin Wreath by Bloom Room
Joann Stores

Are you going for a neutral Fall decor this year?

Natural Dried Wheat Wreath Made in USA | 18″


This wreath is handmade in California using dried wheat harvested in Arizona during spring.

Harvest Maple and Eucalyptus Wreath For Front Door | 30″

Harvest Maple and Eucalyptus Wreath For Front Door | 30"
Home Depot

Maple and eucalyptus leaves in yellow, orange, and red fall colors and nothing else. Simple and perfect.

Fall Berry Foliage Wreath | 26″

Balsam Hill

You can hang this berry wreath on the door, over your mantel or use it as table decor, around a beautiful tray.

Modern Simple Fall Asymmetrical Wreath | 14″


For a warm and stylish autumn ambiance, stick to shades of brown and cream like this asymmetrical wreath.

Preserved Baby Eucalyptus Wreath Made in USA | 18″

Preserved Baby Eucalyptus Wreath Made in USA | 18"
from $40

According to the reviews, this natural eucalyptus wreath smells amazing. It’s handmade in California, using old-school techniques to keep it preserved.

If you want only fall colors, the same wreath is available in orange. Or all green, if you want some greenery for the holidays.

Fall Leaf & Pod Wreath | 22″

Fall Leaf & Pod Wreath | 22"
Home Depot

This small wreath keeps things minimalist, but fun with the berries and pods mixed with fall leaves. The branches are bendable and it’s recommended for indoor use, so maybe your kitchen?

Preserved Fern Set of 3 Wreaths | 7″

Preserved Fern Set of 3 Wreaths | 7"

This adorable circlet wreaths are handmade in the USA using  preserved Adiantum fern fronds. Their daintiness is what makes them such an eyecatching piece of decor.

Mini Maple and Berries Simple Floral Fall Wreath | 15″


Just a bunch of mini faux maple leaves and berries!


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