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If the typical autumn hues of yellow, orange, red, and brown aren’t your style, you can still add a modern twist to your seasonal decor. You don’t have to sacrifice style to match your sleek sofa and marble coffee table, as there are plenty of unique Fall touches that can complement your contemporary taste. Therefore, this post has a sharp selection of modern fall wreaths that will match your chic minimalist house. You’ll find all combinations of white, blue, black, purple, and burgundy. And instead of burlaps and grapevines, these wreaths have black and metal and stainless steel hoops, geometric shapes, minimalist dry flowers, and unorthodox fall elements like white pumpkins and nuts. And why only from Etsy? Because we love Etsy, small businesses, and perfect craftsmanship.

I hope you find the perfect hoop to make your modern decor statement this year, impress your guests from the front door, and set the mood for chic sweater weather!

Modern Fall Wreaths

Modern Fall Wreath With Hi & Blue Leaves for Front Door | 21″

Modern Fall Wreath With Hi & Blue Leaves for Front Door | 21"
📸 Etsy


This sleek wreath has a thin metal hoop, faux greenery, and faux berries around handwritten “Hi”. A very cool way to welcome your guests for the Holidays. The store takes personalized requests.

Modern Minimalist Mimosa Spray Fall Hoop Wreaths | 20″

Modern Minimalist Mimosa Spray Fall Hoop Wreaths
📸 Etsy


OMG! Chic, minimalist, luxurious, earthy, yet modern. This sleek Fall wreath is handmade in the USA by request, so hurry to order yours sooner than later because it can’t get more perfect than this one.

Modern Farmhouse Fall Wreath With Olive Branch, White Pumpkin & Cotton | 18″

Autumn Wreath With White Pumpkin & Cotton |  18"
📸 Etsy


Have you seen a modern autumn decor on Instagram without white pumpkins? They tone down the earthy fall pallete but keep the fancy going on. The cotton balls add an organic vibe that also pairs well with modern farmhouse decor.

Brown and Gold Eucalyptus Wreath | 14″

Brown and Gold Eucalyptus Wreath  | 14"


During autumn, enhance the warmth of your home with this Fall wreath that boasts a contemporary, asymmetrical design in opulent gold and maroon hues.

Stainless Steel Black Geometric Himelli Wreath | 16″

Stainless Steel Black Geometric Himelli modern Wreath  | 16"


This geometric wreath is inspired by a typical Scandinavian decor known as Himelli. It’s a blank canvas that will accept any seasonal decor you wanna add. You can add a small white pumpkin, or purple cactus, or just leave it as it is for cool fall decor.

Small Modern Fall Wreath With Metal Hoop, Dried Eucalyptus & Nuts | 7″

Small Modern Fall Wreath With Metal Hoop, Dried Eucalyptus & Nuts 7"
📸 Etsy


Traditional fall wreaths have orange pumpkins, and modern fall wreaths have lush preserved hazelnuts, eucalyptus, Limonium, walnuts, and anise on a silver metal hoop. Just the cool fall decor your modern chic kitchen needs.

Velvet Pumpkin Modern Fall Wreath

Velvet Pumpkin Modern Fall Wreath
📸 Etsy


This Etsy store has some of the most whimsical modern wreaths for every season of the year. The Fall selection is as ethereal as you can see, yet minimalist and contemporary.

Modern Farmhouse Autumn Fall Wool Felt Leaves Wreath | 18″

📸 Etsy


Even if you live in a neutral house, you may feel the urge to add a touch of traditional fall colors. The felt wreath is a cool way of doing it without surrendering to traditional flower wreaths and keeping your modern signature.

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