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Do you have the autumn decor planned by mid-July and you go to pumpkin town every year or do you just hang a last-minute fall wreath anywhere and call it the day? Front door wreaths will get you in the sweater weather mood, no matter your level of seasonal decorations enthusiasm. So, in this post you’ll find artificial wreaths in different arrangements of red, orange, and yellow; with artificial pinecones, pumpkins, berries, and greenery like eucalyptus and lambs ears. They are perfect to create a cozy mood for the pumpkin spice season and will grant you some compliments on Halloween parties and Thanksgiving dinners.

Artificial wreaths are more appropriate for the front door and outdoor windows because they are more resistant than natural wreaths. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have them over your mantle or in any room, of course. Finally, most wreaths are from Etsy, because we love to support small businesses and they have the most amazing wreaths. But there are options from Target, Wayfair, and Michaels as well.

I hope you can find the perfect piece of round fall joy for your home to give yourself a crafting break and your guests a warm welcome!

Front Door & Indoors Windows Fall Wreaths

 Autumnal Berries Fall Wreath | 16″, 18″, 24″

 Autumnal Berries Fall Wreath | 16", 18",  24"
from $69.99

By the time I’m writing this sentence, this wreath is in over 20 shopping carts. And it’s August. I’ve been doing this for years and I’ve seen tons of wreaths (the most popular were carefully picked for this post, of course), and here is one of the most coveted of the season.

It’s easy to tell why, after all, this Autumn wreath combines a colorful mix of Fall berries and foliage. The orange bow is optional and you can pick from 3 different wreath sizes.

 Fall Harvest & Foliage Wreaths | 22″, 28″

Fall Harvest & Foliage Wreaths | 22", 28"
Balsam Hill
from $179

Pumpkins, autumn foliage, pinecones, berries, flowers, and fruits are luxury wrapped up in burlap bows. According to the reviews, this wreath looks rich and expensive, perfect to make a front door statement.

Green Lambs Ear Wreath With Berries For Fall | 20″

Green Lambs Ear Wreath With Berries For Fall  | 20"

Artificial lambs ear, rusty orange & neutral berries, faux wheat, and grapevine combined to perfection in this wreath. It’s the perfect touch of pumpkin spice if you don’t wanna overdo the decor with the fall palette.

This wreath is handmade in the USA.

Autumn Forest Preserved Wreath | 22″

Autumn Forest Preserved Wreath

Looking for a naturally preserved fall wreath? This work of art is carefully handmade by a woman-led team from Washington state using preserved flax, yellow salal, burgundy salal, and lemon mint.

This wreath is handmade in the USA.

Fall Artificial Peonies Wreath | 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, 26″, 30″

from $170

Why not bring romance and flowers into Autumn? This premium wreath is blooming in faux peonies in a warm Fall palette and the reviews are raving.

Large Classic Fall Wreath For Front Door | 24″

Large Classic Fall Wreath For Front Door  | 24"

This is a very traditional wreath with all typical fall elements. You get artificial cream and orange pumpkins, autumn leaves, yellow berries, pinecones, and faux eucalyptus.

Perfect for the porch but will impress in the kitchen!

Fall Wreath For Dark Front Door | 24″


Not all fall wreaths look good against dark doors. But this bold arrangement of artificial rusty peonies and pomegranate berries with autumn leaves and a natural grapevine wreath does.

This wreath is handmade in the USA and comes with a UV-resistant spray and a free hanger.

Fall Leaves, Berries & Pumpkins Artificial Thanksgiving Cornucopia Wreath | 18″

Fall Leaves, Berries & Pumpkins Artificial Thanksgiving Cornucopia Wreath | 18"

This wreath has all the fall elements, but with a minimalist modern twist on the design to impress your guests upon arrival.

 Fall Williamsburg-Style Wreath With Dried Fruits | 21″, 24″

from $142

Feeling those holiday memories kickin’ in? This Williamsburg-style wreath brings the best of the season in a burst of colors. If you live in a happy home or you want that vibe, the dried orange slices, mini apples, ear lambs, and colorful berries in this fun wreath will spruce up your Fall decor.

Harvest Pumpkins and Fall Leaves Large Wreath | 28″


Go big or go home, right? This is definitely a classic fall wreath for the ones excited about the autumn decor!

Fall Grapevine Wreath With Pip Berries & Large Berries | 14″

Fall Grapevine Wreath With Pip Berries & Large Berries  | 14"

I love the contrast between the rustic dried grapevine and the delicate pip berries of this autumnal wreath. It feels like having a piece of woodland decorating your home.

Fall Wreath For Front Door With Pinecones, Bow, and Lights | 26″

Fall Wreath For Front Door With Pinecones, Bow, and Lights | 26"

Everything you need for fall decor in one wreath! Artificial pinecones, fall leaves in orange and yellow, twigs, and berries. And the black and orange ribbon matches the Halloween decor, in case you don’t wanna change things.

This wreath is pre-lit with battery-operated warm white LEDs. The timer goes 6 hours on / 18 hours off. It can go on your front door, as long as it’s sheltered from the rain.

Fall Burlap Wreath With Plaid Bow | 18″

Fall Burlap Wreath With Plaid Bow | 18"

The burlap wreath is a classic if you want a more rustic decor. This one has all the fall elements, including fall picks, green and plaid bow, and autumn leaves.

Artificial Maple Wreath with Clear Lights | 24″

Artificial Maple Wreath with Clear Lights | 24"
Home Depot

Love the classic combination of faux tiny gourds, berries, and Fall maple foliage? Here’s another pick, but with clear lights to make it more festive and joyful.

Ribbon Fall Wreath For Front Door | 24″

Ribbon Fall Wreath For Front Door  | 24"

If you want a bold wreath, with ribbons, sunflower patterns, and a blessing message, grab this one! It’s a Thanksgiving extravaganza statement for your entrance!

Pumpkin Shaped Cheap Wood Fall Wreath | 11″

Pumpkin Shaped Cheap Wood Fall Wreath
Oriental Trading

Looking for an affordable non-traditional, yet fun wreath for Fall?

Fall Front Door Wood Sign Wreath | 15″, 18″, 20″

Fall Front Door Wood Sign Wreath  | 15", 18", 20"
from $55

A wood sign, a bunch of lambs ears, over 70 options of bows, and 11 stripe colors to choose from make this one of the most popular wreaths on Etsy, time after time.

May I Keep My Wreaths Outdoor?

Personally, I’d avoid exposing any wreath to the weather and rain because nature is relentless. So no matter how high-quality the wreath is, the materials will suffer from direct sunlight and rain. To minimize this effect, some manufacturers use materials that they claim to be more resistant to the rain and some even have UV protection, to help keep the color looking beautiful until you change it for your winter decor.

So, what’s your favorite Fall wreath?

What do you think?

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