It’s time to bring the expression green thumb to a real-life level with these lush greenery nail designs and ideas! I am obsessed with plants and nature, so this post has the most inspiring greenery nails. It’s a soothing trip to exciting forests, enchanting gardens, cute botanicals, and colorful plant nail art from Instagram. There’s a little bit of green joy for every occasion, from Christmas branches to Fall leaves, pinecones, and tropical monsteras. Besides the beautiful botanical art ideas, I gathered the bestselling waterslide decals, nail wraps, press-on nails, stickers, and nail tattoos to make your greenery nails dreams come true.

I wanna leave a very special thank you to @tessa.lyn.nails because she is the goddess of artsy greenery nails and the vast majority of the ideas you’ll find here are hers. So make sure you shower her (and the other amazing artists featured here) with love. I mean follow them, like their posts, and buy their products, ok? The Mood Guide is all about women supporting other women and I can’t stress enough how powerful we are when we are there for each other!

Greenery Nails

Monstera leaves for a lush summer greenery manicure. See full tutorial.

A garden of pink magnolias for the romantic plant moms. See full tutorial.

Tropical greenery nail tattoos. See full tutorial.

Dark botanicals.

Christmas branches in green e red for the most classic Navidad manicure.

What about these super cute and super easy waterslide green botanicals nail decals? Get them here.

Sage green French tips and minimalist leaves.

Green pinecones for an alternative Christmas manicure. See full tutorial.

I’m blown away by these Lily of the Valley press-on nails set. The most beautiful pick for a fairy-themed wedding. Get the set here.

Greenery nail wraps are the easiest way to DIY. You can get this set here.

The cutest greenery nail decal sets you can put your hands on. Get them here.

Do green flowers count as greenery?

Who said that greenery nails can’t be sophisticated? Mix a touch of gold with matte green and you’re good to go.

Christmas joy.

Green and gold.

White French tips plus green and gold botanicals are a combination for any time of the year. You can get this press-on nail set here.

Moody greenery for Fall manicure. See full tutorial.

Simply green leaves. Get the set here.

Autumn vibes with this olive and brown botanical art,

White French tips and Christmas greenery for a very chic manicure.

Minimalist dark botanicals and nude for a very chic greenery manicure. Get the press-on set here.

Pastels and abstract art to tone down the greens. See full tutorial.

Baby breathe greenery decals for a romantic garden bridal manicure. Get the full set here.

Classic four-leaf clover to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. See full tutorial.

Glossy leaves mean a happy plant. Buy this press-on nail set here.

Do teal botanicals count as greenery? I say it does. You can get this beautiful press-on nail set here.

☾ Affiliate Disclosure: The Mood Guide celebrates women’s moods and versatility. Even though we may earn a commission from some of your purchases, we encourage you to shop with the right intention. Focusing your energy on what you feel confident and comfortable in is empowering! ♥︎

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