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The outdoors is a lifestyle for many of us. Wild forests hide mysteries that attract adventurous explorers with camping gear and magical fairies for witch rituals. Spending time in nature enhances our senses, changes our energetic vibration, and connects us to something way more powerful than us, Mother Nature. So, in this post, you’ll find the most inspiring images, quotes, clothes, and Instagram accounts on the different forest aesthetics. Green forest aesthetic, enchanted forest, forestpunk, and so on. Feel free to create your forestcore wallpaper’s background but I hope it inspires you to channel your wild side and go outside. If you’re here looking for forest aesthetic inspiration, I believe that there is a call from your soul, urging you to connect with nature and yourself. Try to silence the noises around you, breathe deeply, and listen to this call. Nature is waiting for you.

Forest Aesthetic

? Why forest is important?

“Forests are vital to life on Earth. They purify the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, prevent erosion, and act as an important buffer against climate change. Forests offer a home to much of the world’s diverse array of plants and animals and provide essential natural resources from timber and food to medicinal plants. Forests also support the lives of local communities and help them to thrive.” Source: WWF

Forest Green Aesthetic

Foggy Forest Aesthetic

Enchanted, Fairy Forest Aesthetic

Forest Aesthetic Clothing

Camp Collar Nature T-Shirt, $198

Todd Snyder X John Derian

Mangrove T-Shirt, $40

Tentree X National Geographic

Forest Aesthetic Blouse, $55

Mod Cloth X Collectif Outdoor

Forest Witch Aesthetic

Forest Witch Aesthetic Clothes

Forest Witch Aesthetic Clothes

Witch Hat With Mushrooms, $98.80 – Etsy

Forest Witch Aesthetic Clothes

Pagan Wedding Shawl, from $183.74 – Etsy

Forest Witch Aesthetic Clothes

Handwoven Hood In Forest Green, $102.52 – Etsy

Moon Top Forest Aesthetic, $88.36 – Etsy

Forest Green Skirt, $67.15 – Etsy

Forestpunk Aesthetic

Rainy Forest Aesthetic

How forest types are defined?

“Forest types are distinguished from each other according to species composition (which develops in part according to the age of the forest), the density of tree cover, type of soils found there, and the geologic history of the forest region. Altitude and unique meteorological conditions can also shape forest development (see cloud forest and elfin woodland).” Source: Britannica

Winter, Snowy Forest Aesthetic

Best Forest Aesthetic Instagrams To Follow

@zachnicholz is a wedding and travel photographer with a magical eye for the outdoors. He’s located in the rainy and exuberant PNW, so be ready to flood your feed with unbelievable photos of the forest, wild animals, birds, flowers, and a lot of fog!

@marinas.journey is the only woman photographer on this list, simply because I couldn’t find more. So please, drop some names in the comments so I can update this list! Marina is a young super talented outdoorsy nature photographer based in Germany.

@garyatkins_photography is a woodland observer photographer based in Kent. His photos mix forestpunk, moody, and enchanted forest aesthetics.

@worldforests posts daily nature inspiration and is a great place to discover new forest photographers.

@ericfriese is an outdoor photographer and specialist in Saxon Switzerland.

@sara_wolvin delivers 100% fairy witch enchanted forest vibes. She is a cat lover from the UK and, as you can see from her Insta, a book character. Her aesthetic is flawless and her talent breathtaking. Pure magic.

I was lucky enough to live off-the-grid, surrounded by the wild forest in the Canadian Rocky Mountains for almost 6 months. It saved my life, helped me heal from severe panic attacks, and helped me regain physical control over my body. It’s a matter of survival. If you don’t learn how to quiet the voices inside your head, you can’t hear threatening animals. If your eyes and mind aren’t focused on the present, you can’t see the trail, the fallen branch on your path, the hidden rabbit, or the Linx by your window before you step out. More than that, it changed my perspective on what and how much I need to live. The forest nursed the life reset that I looked for. It’s where my mind goes when I need to meditate and reconnect because living in a city is very hard for me.

What about you, what’s your connection with forests and your favorite forest aesthetic mood? Are you ore into an adventurous camper vibe or enchanted forest magic?


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