In this post, I will list some aesthetic wallpapers for lovers of the color blue. Whether you are looking for a super delicate and soft pastel blue phone background that evokes a creamy peaceful sky or a dreamy Cinderella aesthetic as wallpaper, here you will find it.

About the blue aesthetic: I have already written a post about the light blue aesthetic aimed at daydreamers who wish to dive deeper into this color’s symbolic meanings and lifestyle.

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Blue Aesthetic Wallpapers for iPhone

All the wallpapers below are supposed to have a soothing effect on the mind, because, as the color of the light, mild sky, this color just reflects the comforting infinite sky vibes. On the other hand, when we mix blue with darker shades, such as black or purple, we get a mix of soothing with dark vibes. A kind of relaxing mystery.

Blue Butterfly Wallpapers

Butterfly aesthetics are for some unknown reason very, very popular. This rule also applies to the high search volume for butterfly aesthetic wallpapers, especially blue ones.

dark blue aesthetic butterfly wallpaper

Of course, a classic blue sky could not be out of this list.


Blue pastel Aesthetic Wallpapers

To evoke a sense of calmness, tranquility, and serenity on your iPhone screen, these light and soft blue wallpapers are perfect.

light blue anime aesthetic wallpaper for iphone

Butterflies have an aesthetic appeal on bright blue wallpapers, but also on soft blue ones.

light soft blue butterfly aesthetic wallpaper

Light blue is also a great color for super dreamy and cute anime-inspired backgrounds.

light blue anime aesthetic wallpaper for iphone
light blue anime aesthetic wallpaper for iphone
light blue anime aesthetic wallpaper for iphone
light blue anime aesthetic wallpaper for iphone

How playful and cute is this beautiful one?

light blue anime aesthetic wallpaper for iphone

Definitely, my favorite, aesthetic is light blue flowers are absolutely delicate and pretty.

soft blue flowers wallpaper iphone

A stunning vintage light blue floral wallpaper.


A baddie, Y2K aesthetic can also be evoked on a blue flower wallpaper.

And here are some cute light blue aesthetic backgrounds.

This a beautiful option for lovers of pastel blue and heart aesthetic wallpapers.

light blue heart aesthetic wallpaper

Dark Blue Aesthetic Wallpapers

Dark blue and white abstract florals are also slightly vintage and very chic background options.


Dark blue sky with stars for a more mystic and mysterious moody background


The dark blue ocean with shiny effects

Or the same dark blue powerful ocean matching the black sky and/or the moon.

The deep dark blue ocean is also very moody and intense.

If you want an even darker, slightly scary mood for your iPhone wallpaper, the ones below might be what you are looking for.


A dark and trippy mix of dark blue and black.


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For art lovers, these abstract artworks in shades of blue are just stunning for a modern and interesting phone background.


Arsty, cute, and beautiful.


Geometric beauty for minimalists.


Blue wallpapers With Aesthetic Quotes

Blue ocean and pool aesthetic wallpapers

Of course the king of this earth, the big blue ocean cant be out of this list


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For a more aesthetic option, go with these glittery blue ocean wallpapers.

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