Hello Witches, this site is all about embracing aesthetics and the magic of images and the stories they tell to help you live a more authentic life. After creating a few posts of aesthetic Christmas throughout the years, today it is time for a Witchy Christmas aesthetic post. I tried to embrace all types of witches in this post, from the ones aiming for a classic Yule celebration to the Spooky Goth Witch.

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Living a witchy Christmas Mood through aesthetics

To live the life you want, your personal choices must reflect your current mood or the mood you want to attract. The right colors, shapes, symbols, things and everything we feel and sense have an effect on our psyche that can help us in the process of transforming our thoughts into action, and, therefore, being more fulfilled.

When it comes to a witchy Christmas, it is about decorating with natural and magic elements that will bring you closer to the meanings of transformation and renewal of this date. This aesthetic reflects the Winter solstice meanings of renewal and light mixed with the spooky, magic, and sophisticated witch aesthetic and the winter and nature sense of coziness.

Below, I will list some different subgenres of witchy christmas aesthetic images and decorations, so you can give a better thought on which one suits the perfect witchy holiday mood for you.

Modern Witchy Christmas

Modern, elegant and enchanting. This aesthetic is for the magical witch who likes sophistication and clever, modern trends. The mysticism and power of constellations, stars, the moon and the sun are at the center of this aesthetic. Gold, black, and dark blue are the colors here, evoking the mysteries of the cosmos and also an effective high-end aesthetic.

โ˜พโœจ Celestial modern witchy Christmas aesthetic: Gold, black, stars, moon, sun, modern linens, dark blue.

Folk or Woodland Yule Aesthetic

This classic nature aesthetic revolves around natural elements and symbols of winter, witchcraft, and items that connect that witch to the natural world and evoke the Winter Solstice’s transformative meaning and bring the winter wonderland woodland magic inside the house. The Yule logs are part of the winter solstice yule celebration where decorative logs are made as table centerpiece and then burned after setting intentions. They are also represented by dishes and treats and perfect suitable to this aesthetic.

๐ŸŒฒ๐Ÿ„ Wood Witch Aesthetic: sacred red pine berries, red candles, vintage copper, woodland animals, the winter cardinal, woods and greens to evoke forest nature, woodland mushrooms, vintage lanterns, Yule lo, twig with red berries pentacle wreath or hair garland.

Victorian witchy aesthetic christmas decor

This dark witch wishes she lived in an exotic big mansion in the Victorian era with her collectibles and gothic decor. Even though this is 2023 and you are in your home, you can reproduce antique witchy, dark and sophisticated Christmas vibes

๐Ÿฆ‡๐Ÿ”ฎ Victorian witchy Christmas aesthetic: bats, spiders, crows, insects, victorian frames, black and glass ornaments, aged gold, purple, witchy ornaments like caldrons.

Black and White Spooky Witchy Aesthetic Xmas

This one is a more pop and Halloween-like type of decor. It does not reflect a lifestyle or mood of travel in time like the ones below, but is rather a spooky gathering of witchy elements with goth “Creepmas”.

โœฆ๐Ÿ‘ป Creepmas Aesthetic decor: white christmas tree, black and white everything, stripes, skulls, victorian goth details mixed with modern decor items and ornament.

Slow Vintage Witchy Christmas

A mix of neutral and natural with sophisticated vintage elements. I love how this aesthetics creates a beautiful connection with history and nature at the same time.

๐ŸŒฒ๐Ÿ•ฏ the aesthetic: Big antique vintage aged mirrors, a lot of greens and berries, antique brass candleholders, celestial witchy elements, wood, and linen make this vintage chic yet natural.

Natural Green Witch Christmas

If your main witchy mood is 100% natural, if you love everything about herbs and like the fierce simplicity of everything natural and slow. Forget the vintage mirrors or brass candle holders. This witch is all about raw nature: linen tablecloths, hanging herbs, wood, minimalist and natural pine trees, evergreen plants, and twigs.

๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŒฟ The green witch Christmas aesthetic: twig pentagrams, minimalism, hanging dried herbs such as sage and rosemary, linen, wood, iron, and natural materials like pine cones, natural and candlelight.

Boho Witch

That free-spired creative witch who enjoys handmade things, a beige and soft palette, and a beautiful witchy natural wreath made out of dried citrus. Faux cedar and natural brooms, besides, of course, any magical elements that make sense to you, like the classic boho trend of moon phases.

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