Green is such a meaningful and powerful color. After all, it is the color of nature and health. When we think about the great outdoors, clean and pure air, cozy teas, magical herbs, potent forests, slow living, and outdoorsy experiences, in general, green is the color that comes to mind.

If you are a chill person who loves nature or is just trying to live a more mindful & relaxing vibe, the aesthetic green wallpapers below are a lovely representation of all this on your iPhone wallpaper.

Minimalist Green Wallpapers for iPhone

Sage green is the most aesthetic shade of green when it comes to minimalist and simple green moods.

I have already made a whole post with sage green aesthetic wallpapers and all the meanings of sage greens and how it affects our mood in this How to Embrace the Sage Green Aesthetic for Living Well & Chic

minimal sage green aesthetic wallpaper

Sage green with daisies was a huge aesthetic trend in the slow/minimal/romantic aesthetic feeds in 2022, and it is still in 2023.

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aesthetic simple sage green bakground

Beige and green are also chic and minimalist alternatives.

beige and green wallpaper for iphone minimalist

Simple Light green is not as sophisticated and chic as sage green, it will instead evoke an additional chilling, natural, and soothing mood.

Dark Green wallpapers

If you like the mystery of darker shades of green, corresponding to the enigmatic vibes of the powerful forest aesthetics, or the darkish mysterious Slytherin aesthetics, these dark green backgrounds are for you.

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Plain dark green wallpaper for the ultra minimalists who like the enigmatic vibes of dark green.

Moody dark green forests are definitely some of my favorite aesthetics for dark green wallpapers.

Green Wallpapers of Plants

Of course, nature is not just made of dark green. That are infinite tones of greens in nature that deserve to be in this post too.


Mint Green Wallpapers for iPhone

Another popular shade of green, these cute mint green wallpapers suit the lovers of sweet candy colors moods. Mint green is also known as pastel green, and if you love pastel aesthetics & shades of green take a look at these pastel aesthetic wallpapers

Mystic Green Wallpapers

Fairies in the forest, adventures in the outdoors, witches in the woods, witchy herbs… Green is often associated with mysticism and magic stories, here are a few green wallpapers for magical people.

Green Art, Quotes & Illustrations Backgrounds

Artworks created by absolutely talented people out there, expressing comforting green moods are my favorites.

green purple wallpaper iphone

If you love aesthetic & wallpapers, check out our full list of aesthetic wallpapers for iPhone.

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