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Distressed Leather Sofas IN THIS POST

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Genuine leather is one of the noblest and most durable materials for sofas. If you prefer a rustic and worn-out aesthetic it’s even better. Because of its natural nature (I did it on purpose!), leather has different tones, marks, and signs that tell a story. Maybe that’s why it’s the #1 upholstery material for the Industrial style. It adds warmth and texture to any room and the final result is always unique. Go with the buttery full-grain and top-grain leather or distressed leather sofas to get this raw effect. And this is what you’ll find in this post. Black, grey, and brown leather sofas with exposed structure and manual stitches, bold Chesterfields, modern sectionals, comfy sleepers, and L-shaped. They will match your exposed brick or concrete wall, and rustic coffee tables, balance out exposed beams and pipes and reflect beautifully the warm yellow light from your bare Edison bulbs.

We selected only distressed leather sofas with great reviews. Also, it’s hard to get the authentic time-worn aesthetic with faux leather, and I couldn’t find a piece good enough to make the list. We understand that a genuine leather sofa is a big investment, so all sofas in this post are top-notch quality, comfortable, and made to last for many years.

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The Best Distressed Leather Sofas

Quick tips about types of leather.

  • The lighter the color of the leather, the more it shows marks and signs of wearing out.
  • Full-grain leather wears out better with time because it creates a protective film naturally.
  • Only follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and preserving your genuine or vegan leather sofa, because they know what they used to treat the leather and what it can endure.

Rustic Leather Sofas With Exposed Frame

Industrial Distressed Black Leather Sofa 94″, Zin Home

Dimensions:94″W x 37″D x 32.5″H | Upholstery Material: Top Grain Leather | Frame: Reclaimed Solid Oak Wood | Legs: Iron

Loft Retro Industrial Black Leather Sofa 94", Zin Home
Zin Home
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Where do I begin? There is so much going on with this sofa that gave me more feelings than words. But in a smooth and not overwhelming way, know what I mean?! So I’ll try to break it down! First impressions: gorgeous, atypical, very retro vibe. Second: it has a rustic exposed base made out of reclaimed oak wood with comfy slightly distressed tan upholstered cushions. Third: At the same time that it has this vintage vibe from the distressed black leather, the design is sleek and modern. Oh, iron legs. But I really like how comfortable it looks. With 94″ and wide seats, it’s a relaxation invitation all day! Perfect for those cozy home office afternoons. And if black is not your favorite, you might prefer the brown version!

Large Distressed Leather Industrial Sofa With Exposed Wood & Metal Frame, Wayfair

Dimensions: 31.5” H x 81” W x 30.5” D | Upholstery Material: Top Grain Leather | Frame: Solid Oak Wood |

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This leather sofa is in a 10/10 industrial mood! Top grain mocha brown distressed leather, hand-stitched external seams, exposed frame in solid oak wood, and iron legs in antique brass finish. It’s a modern option for a small area. The cushions are comfortable with high-density foam. And if you want a matching set, take a look at the amazing lounge chair.

Industrial Black Distressed Leather Modular Sectional Sofa, Zin Home

Dimensions: 112InL x 88InW x 33InD x 30InH | Upholstery Material: Top Grain Leather | Frame: Handbuilt kiln-dried hardwood frame

Industrial Black Distressed Leather Modular Sectional Sofa, Zin Home
Zin Home
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Make room for this bold and comfortable leather sectional. The modular armless chair, armless loveseat, corner, and half-back chaise have reverse seaming and reverse stitching detail and enough room to accommodate the whole family of humans or pets with comfort.

Leather Sofas With Large Square Arms

Sofas with large square arms take enough space to add warmth to an open-plan loft or house.

Large Black Distressed Leather Sofa With Square Arm, Kardiel

Dimensions: Width 96.5″ x Depth 40.2″ x Height 26.8″ | Upholstery Material: Full Grain Leather | Frame:  Solid kiln dried Ash hardwood

Soho 96" black distressed Leather Sofa
$4,397 $3,347
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If you have a big room to fill in, this black leather sofa will do the job with a 96.5″ width of pure buttery seating. The design is modern, but clearly comfortable, making it as pleasant on the eyes as on your back. The plush cushions are ethically a mix of ethically sourced feathers and foam mix (they provide the certificate if you ask for it) and the leather is finished with natural oils and waxes, so no paints and polymers in your home.

Large Distressed Leather Sofa With Square Arm, Wayfair

Dimensions: 27.5” H x 101” W x 44.5” D | Upholstery Material: Top Grain Leather | Frame: Hardwood and plywood

Large Distressed Leather Sofa With Square Arm, Wayfair
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I look at this sofa and I can hear it calling me for a nap. I feel like it’s going to hug me and protect me from the cold! The steep seating area is 29″. So, if you are a tiny human like me, it’s super cozy! The seating area is also wide. It will accommodate four seated adults or a tall napper comfortably. It’s available in the lighter brown of the picture and in dark brown. Both stunning!

Large Power Motion Recliner Distressed Leather Sofa, Bernhardt

Dimensions: 94 in W x 45 in D x 29.5 in H | Upholstery Material: Leather | Frame: Wood

Cosmo Power Motion Sofa
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It takes great design skills to make a beautiful, modern, and timeless reclinable sofa. And that’s exactly what we got here.

Low-Slung Gray Leather Corner Sectional, Interior Define

Low-Slung Gray Leather Corner Sectional, Interior Define
Interior Define
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This leather sectional has a 16″ seat height. The low slung is perfect to create a balanced area without clashing with the exposed pipes, pendant lights, or large metal dome lamps. The bold wide arms, however, add volume. It’s great to fill the open space of an industrial loft, weighing on the eyesight. If you are going for a concrete wall rather than exposed brick, grey is great to keep things smooth. Also, this leather sectional has a low-maintenance firmer seat, with no need to fluff.

Available in 8 colors of pigment-dyed leather.

Modern Distressed Leather Sofas

Sleek and safe choices if you live in a small apartment or prefer sober furniture.

Modern Sleek Leather Sofa with Left Arm Chaise, Blu Dot

Dimensions: 105 in W x 64 in D x 32 in H | Upholstery Material: Top Grain Annilin-Dyed Leather | Frame: Sturdy kiln-dried American hardwood | Cushion: High-density foam cushions with feather down wrap | Legs: Black powder-coated steel

Modern Sleek Leather Sofa with Left Arm Chaise, Blu Dot
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Don’t be fulled by this picture because this sofa is ways bigger and comfier than it looks! Here is the description from the 2Modern website, because it’s on point: “The New Standard Leather Sofa with Left Arm Chaise by Blu Dot is a modern, chic sofa. Tailored with sleek, black metal legs, a sturdy American hardwood frame, and premium leather upholstery, this stylish piece is a beautiful contrast between modern shape and classic materials that offers warmth and texture. Sinuous steel springs add long-lasting resiliency.

This modern, comfortable, and sleek sofa with chaise is available in 3 different colors, dark brown, black, and tan, each one at a different price point. They also have it in the standard version without the chaise.

Top Grain Brown Distressed Leather Sofa, Gus

Dimensions: 83 in W x 35 in D x 30 in H | Upholstery Material: Top Grain Annilin-Dyed Leather | Frame: Kiln-dried hardwood | Cushion: Polyurethane foam cushions | Legs: Woodblock

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This sofa is a safe choice. Single cushion, firmer seat, sleek lines, and minimum details with French Seam on the seat and the back. It really is a modern take on a traditional design.

Brown Full Grain Leather Sofa Barret, Crate&Barrel

Dimensions: 80″W x 34″D x 33″H | Upholstery Material: Full grain Leather | Frame: Sustainable kiln-dried hardwood | Cushion: Soy-based polyfoam with fiber seat cushion encased in synthetic ticking | Legs: Hardwood with black walnut stains

Brown Full Grain Leather Sofa Barret, Crate&Barrel
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The Barret is one of the most beloved sofas from Crate&Barrel. This 3-seat mixes a modern clean design with vintage rustic full-grain leather and superior comfort. It has a hand-tied eight-way suspension system that lets you sink in. It’s available in different shapes and is worth every day of waiting, according to the reviews.

148″ Huge 3-Piece Black Distressed Leather Sectional Sofa, Kardiel

Dimensions: width 148.1″ x Longest Depth 112.6″ x Height 31.5″ | Upholstery Material: Full-aniline leather finished with natural waxes and oils | Frame and Legs:  Solid kiln dried Ash hardwood

148" Huge 3-Piece Black Distressed Leather Sectional Sofa, Kardiel
$13,386 $9,997
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If you are looking for a huge black section, you can stop here. This is one of the biggest and best high-quality sectionals in distressed leather that you can find. It’s the perfect nesting and getting-together couch.

Leather 3-Seat Queen Sleeper Sofa with Air Mattress, Crate&Barrel

Dimensions: 90″Wx36″Dx30″H | Upholstery Material: Top-grain, full-aniline leather finished with waxes and oils | Frame: Sustainable kiln-dried engineered hardwood | Legs: Hardwood with black walnut stains

Leather 3-Seat Queen Sleeper Sofa with Air Mattress, Crate&Barrel
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This is one of the sleeper versions of the Barret sofa from Crate&Barrel. It is comfortable to seat and sleep in. The seating area is spacious with cushy cushions. The mattress core is allergy-free, odorless, and mildew-resistant.

Available in 10 moody colors, like cold grey and black to match your concrete walls and warm shades of brown to talk to your exposed brick walls.

Chesterfield & Tufted Distressed Leather Sofas

Bold Chesterfields if you don’t like sleek and simple furniture!

Large Genuine Leather Chesterfield Sofa With Rolled Arms, Etsy

Dimensions: 100” Wx 30″H x 42” D | Upholstery Material: Leather | Frame: Kilned dried lumber
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Rumor has it that the Chesterfield was invented in England a few centuries ago. The tale says it was demanded by some Earl, that wanted a sofa where men could sit comfortably without crumpling their clothes. What I do know is that the Chesterfield is an eye-catcher bold piece of furniture. This one has artisan’s hand-burnished leather, deep diamond tufting back, brass nailheads, and totally handcrafted in the USA, using a unique combination of the best traditional and modern craftsmanship methods. It’s a bold and outstanding sofa. The time-worn aspect

Black Distressed Leather Tufted Sofa

Dimensions: 95″W x 35″D x 26.5″H | Upholstery Material: Top Grain Leather | Frame: Parawood and Iron
Lulu And Georgia
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If a big chesterfield with rolling arms is not your cup of tea, this modern tufted sofa might be. The sleek and clean structure balances beautifully the deeply tufted seat, arms, and back in a very unique combination. Aged bronze nails add the final, but differential, touch to this classy time-worn sofa.

Distressed Leather Chesterfield Sofa Roll Arms

Dimensions: 109″w x 40″d x 34″h | Upholstery Material: Handfinished Aniline-dyed leather | Frame: Certified cross-directional hardwood, recycled steel

Distressed Leather Chesterfield Sofa Roll Arms
$9,499 $6,599
Shop at

This is the perfect sofa if you want a traditional dark-academia library vibe for your house. The sink-in cushions are an invitation for long reading, naps, or drinks with friends. It’s available in more than 10 different colors and if you can’t find your favorite, just give Arhaus a call and they will help you.

And if these leather sofas are not what you’re looking for, you can try the RH website! They have more distressed leather sofas than I’ve ever seen. It was impossible and unfair to choose only one! I hope you find the perfect, buttery, marked, distressed leather sofa to stay in your home for many years!

I typed #industrialliving on Instagram, where I found the stunning pictures for this post, and 90% of them were from European accounts and women’s houses. Usually, the industrial style is more associated with masculinity, so it was such a nice surprise. Every stereotypical rich-charming-bad boy from the movies lives in a cool Industrial loft, right? It caught my attention because I feel like it may be a trend amongst women. After all the industrial style calls for the free-spirited adventurous mindset that was denied to us women for so long! More and more we are being encouraged to embrace our multidimensional selves. Like we always say, women are not crazy, women are diverse! Besides, the balance between curves and textures, boldness, and warmth, iconic from the industrial aesthetic, sounds very familiar to many of us, right?!


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