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I’m considering this an appreciation post, moved by my emotions more than by any SEO research. So, there is a long story before we get to the rugs. If you wanna go straight to the amazing African Rugs from Morroco, Egypt, Kenya, or are inspired by beautiful African and Savana prints click here.

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About Black Representation

This week we were surprised by a heartwarming Instagram post from the lovely and talented @megansoigne. We featured some of her pictures in our post about the Cottagecore picnic aesthetics and she felt honored, as a black woman, to be in our inspirational post. Turns out, she felt represented. Well, the honor was all ours, of course. And of all milestones we have accomplished so far, this compliment is the most meaningful to me.

My fiance, who is from the Congo, was also very emotional about it, thinking about how hard it is to see himself and African culture anywhere that is not his own apartment, which is full of beautiful African art he’s been collecting over the years.

Growing up, I never saw myself anywhere, just like @megansoigne mentioned in her thoughtful post. It was a no-brainer decision for me and my sister that The Mood Guide would be for every woman. And more often than not, it’s so hard to find the pictures we want of black, Asian, Latin, muslin, fat, non-white skinny women and babies. Don’t get me wrong, white skinny women are also included in every woman but they are always the first pictures we find. This search takes time from creating new content. But we have a solid purpose. And @megansoigne post proved that it’s all worth it.

About Business, Color, and Meritocracy

The Mood Guide is our full-time job and a big passion. For me, it’s the first time I work on something slightly meritocratic. You see, Google doesn’t care if I’m black, white, native, or Asian like my former bosses, customers, and colleagues did. As long as I create amazing content that resonates with people, we’ll be compensated.

So, I take it very seriously. And having a background in process improvement, project management, and team leadership I have an organized schedule (handwritten by pencil because things change all the time) with my pipeline. Today, according to my calendar, I should write about modern rugs to complete a series of posts on modern aesthetics living rooms. The research was ready, but the blank page would stare at me, and more than having a writer’s creative block, I was still thinking about the @megansoigne post, my conversation with my African fiance, and black representation.

All of that is just to explain why I’m making a post about African Rugs. This is me trying to be a responsible business owner and listening to my heart at the same time. Also, I wanted to make public how meaningful and motivating her post was. So, thank you @megansoigne. And Thank you

Modern Design African Rugs

Turns out Africa is a huge and rich continent (I’ll skip the politics here) with as many inestimable local cultural expressions as precious minerals under their soil. So I picked my favorites from different African countries and some inspired by African colors and beauty. I really hope you love it.

Valley Rug – 9’x12′ Black & Cream Modern African Rug in Egyptian Cotton

H109” x W146” | Egyptian Cotton | Handmade in Egypt

? 54Kibo



Egyptian cotton is known as the best, most durable, and softest cotton on Earth. The Valley rug combines modern design and high-quality materials. with old techniques. Experienced artisans from Fowwa, a village by the Nile river, handmake this thin kilim, which is flatwoven on a cotton loom. It’s an heirloom rug, made to last for many years.

It’s available in different sizes.

North African Moroccan Wool Rugs

Several Sizes | Wool | Handmade in Morocco

North African Moroccan Wool Rug
? Etsy

from $108


This Etsy store works with authentic Moroccan wool rugs and they have so many beautiful and different patterns. Seriously, browse through their shop. It’s impressive.

This bold mix of orange, pink, black, and beige is one of my favorites, and chances are that one day I’ll get one. Just looking at the picture it looks so soft. And according to the reviews, the rugs are far prettier than the pictures.

It’s available in different sizes.

Selous Zebra Print Rug For Indoor and Outdoor – Runner Sand 1’11” x 7’6″

1’11” x 7’6″ |  Wilton-woven polypropylene | Kid and pet friendly

Selous Zebra Print Rug For Indoor and Outdoor - Runner Sand 1'11" x 7'6"
? Touch of Class



This zebra runner rug is a modern take on safari-inspired animal prints. Also, it’s easy to clean, which makes it perfect for outdoor areas or inside areas with high human or animal traffic, like hallways and kitchens.

It’s available in different sizes.

Cypress Rug – 5’x8′ Mustard Modern Floral Design African Rug in Egyptian Wool

 H61” x W97” | Egyptian Wool on a Cotton Foundation | Handmade in Egypt

Cypress Rug - 5'x8' Mustard Modern Floral Design African Rug in Egyptian Wool
? 54Kibo



This flatweave wool rug is made using traditional techniques and its design pattern gives a modern twist to the warm fall colors, allowing you to use it year-round. It’s my favorite to go with mid-century modern decor.

It’s available in different sizes.

Round African Wicker Floor Mat

3 sizes | Wicker | Handmade in Ghana

? Etsy

from $99


This round wicker floor mat is such a single piece. The geometric design gives it a modern aesthetic that looks very unique aesthetic.

It’s available in natural color as well.

Malene B. Floral Dot Abstract Afircan Inspired Rug – 8′ X 10′

H96” x W120”  | Tibetan Wool & Bamboo Silk | Designeg by Malene Barnett

Malene B. Floral Dot Abstract Afircan Inspired Rug - 8' X 10'
? 54Kibo



Malene Barnett is a talented and successful black woman designing these high-profile and luxurious rugs. She takes inspiration from her Caribbean heritage and her love for African art.

It’s available in different sizes and patterns.

Off-White Moroccan Beni Ourain Runner

5 Different Sizes | Wool | Handwoven by Berber Women Artisans in Morocco

Off-White Moroccan Beni Ourain runner
? Etsy

from $329


This is one of a few magnificent Beni Ourain wool runners that you can find at this store. The medium pile off-white handwoven runner is a beautiful way to bring African tradition and modern design into your home.

It’s available in different colors.

And if you love Moroccan rugs, particularly Berber Boucherouite and Beni Ourani, visit this other store at Etsy. They are dedicated to colorful vintage and new rugs handwoven only by the north African women from Morocco.

MLANGO: Grey and White Woven Floor Mat

51in x 31in | Sisal Rug | Handmade in Kenya

MLANGO: Grey and White Woven Floor Mat
? Etsy



This beautiful African rug is inspired by Kenya’s stormy sky and crafted out of dip-dyed and tie-dyed sisal using a handloom.

The British shop The Basket Room collaborates with Bernard, a skillful Kenyan weaver who handmakes these beautiful sisal rugs. Bernard is a farmer so with increasing droughts in Kenya, the rug business helps bring steady income to this household.

It’s available in different colors.

So, what’s your perspective on representation and meritocracy as a black or colored woman or man? Because not every experience is the same just because of skin color or gender. There are so many factors and nuances impacting our life journey.

What about the African rugs? I was happily surprised by the number of rugs I found. I hope you found the perfect runner for your kitchen or bedroom and a mesmerizing area rug for your living room and dining room!


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