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It’s not easy to find a dining table with a really modern aesthetic. Particularly one that suits your lifestyle. So, in this post I selected a few really modern dining tables, to set the tone for a contemporary, minimalist, Scandinavian, chic, or cool dining area. If you love perfect geometry, balanced proportions, neutral colors, clean lines, and noble materials your modern dining table is here. Seriously. Even if you are looking for a gorgeous child-proof table or the coolest bachelor table, if you are allergic to hosting or if you are the official hostess of the family/neighborhood.

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Round Modern Dining Tables

Small Modern Round Dining Table W/ Glass Top, cb2

Seats: 4 people | Dimensions: 47 in Dia x 29.5 in H

Small Modern Round Dining Table W/ Glass Top, cb2
? cb2

Material: ½”Glass Top, 2-piece chrome-plated iron base with levelers

Small space or allergic to hosting? I hear you. This sleek round dining table seats up to four people, but it can be 1 person and 3 cats because only introverts know the joy of a silent meal.

Smalto Round Modern Dining Table, Knoll at 2Modern

Seats: 4 to 6 people | Dimensions: 54 in Dia x 28.75 in H

? 2Modern

Material: Enameled Steel

This simple dining table is the perfect example of less is more. Made in enameled steel, it’s built like a tank, so it will last for a long time. Also, if you have kids and you’re looking for a modern dining table that honors your style and is not a child one-way ticket to the E.R., this one is likely to be cheaper than the hospital bill!

The one from the picture is in black, but it’s available in white, aubergine, and green/gray.

Pedestal Round Dining Table, Wayfair

Seats: 4 people | Dimensions: 35.5” L x 35.5” W x 29” H

? Wayfair

Material: Manufactured Wood Top, Steel Base

A simple and modern solution for a small space. Can’t go wrong with a pedestal dining table. It’s available in black as well.

Danish Round Dining Table, Gubi at 2Modern

Seats: 6 to 8 people | Dimensions: 51.2 in Dia x 29.1 in H

Danish Round Dining Table, Gubi at 2Modern
? 2Modern

Material: Travertine Stone

The Epic dining table is a sculptural piece. The symmetrical geometrical base is a gift for lovers of perfectly balanced proportions. The design is Danish, but the table is made in Italy.

The one from the picture is in white, but it’s available in burnt red.

Modern Chic Round Dining Table, Jonathan Adler

Seats: 6 people | Dimensions: 54″ D, 29″ H

jonathan adler electrun dining table
? Jonathan Adler

Material: White Lacquer Top, Polished brass and polished nickel rod dining table base

The twisted rods remind me of a game I used to play when I was a child. The mix of silver, gold, and white adds enough glam and fun if you’re looking for something special in the dining area. If you wanna highlight the rods, go for modern clear dining chairs .

This dining table is also available with a marble top.

Rectangle Modern Dining Tables

Tower Extension Dining Table, Calligaris at 2Modern

Seats: 6, 8, or 10 people | Dimensions: 39.4″ W x 29.6″H W/ Extensions: 71″L, 91″L, and 111″L

Tower Extension Table
? 2Modern

Material: Metal Frame, GXT Transparent Extraclear Tempered Glass/P77

Consider this dining table the Space Rocket (pick your favorite billionaire) of the extendable dining tables. The architectural eating device has a practical (and impressive) automatic opening system for the end extensions. So, no more pushing and pulling and calling for help to open the table. Modern and perfect for the tech aficionado.

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Black Rectangular Football Dining Table, RS Barcelona at 2Modern

Seats: 6 people | Dimensions: 63″ W x 51″ D x 39″ H

? 2Modern

Material: Glass Top, Steel Structure, Plastic Field, Cast Aluminum Players, and Iroko Wood Handles

What can I say about the coolest and most fun dining table ever made? It can be your official dining table or the best splurge gift for a husband or wife ever.

This is the black version but it’s available in white, red, green, blue, and grey.

Grey Rectangular Modern Dining Table For Indoor & Outdoor, cb2

Seats: 10 people | Dimensions: W 84″ x D 48″ x H 30″

anywhere grey dining table Grey Rectangular Modern Dining Table For Indoor & Outdoor, CB2
? cb2

Material: Concrete Stone Composite

The “Anywhere Dining Table” was designed by Jennifer Fisher and, according to her own word, it’s “graphic and clean”. Also, it can stay indoors or outdoors.

White Marble Scandinavian Modern Dining Table, Horne

Seats: 6 people | Dimensions: 55.1″L X 33.5″W X 28.3″H

TATI dining table 140 White Marble Scandinavian Modern Dining Table, Horne
? Horne

Materials: Carrara Marble Top, Lacquered Metal Legs

This minimalist Scandinavian dining table was designed and made in Sweden by Broberg & Ridderstråle in 2012 for the iconic Asplund Studio. Having the Scandi lifestyle in mind, this dining table has edge-mounted legs, allowing maximum comfort for seated people and a soothing view from the organic shapes when it’s empty. It’s a neutral heirloom timeless piece that will last for decades and match different styles. And it’s available in different colors and materials.

Solid Wood & Glass Rectangle Dining Table Handmade In The USA, Saloom at 2Modern

Seats: 8 people | Dimensions: 72 in W x 44 in D x 29.5 in H

serpent dining table
? 2Modern

Material: Solid Maple Legs, Glass Top

Looking front the front and from the side, the wood legs are perfectly aligned, so you get a clean and sleek view. As you and your guests move around the table, the surprising multi-dimensional shapes reveal themselves. It’s an heirloom piece, with a cool and modern design, handcrafted with the best materials and top-notch techniques to stay in your house for as long as you want to.

This is the java-java version in intermediate size, but it’s available in different woods and sizes.

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Modern Rustic Wooden Dining Table, Crate & Barrel

Seats: 8 people | Dimensions: 92″Wx45″Dx30″H

Modern Rustic Wooden Dining Table, Crate & Barrel
? Crate & Barrel

Material: Mango wood, and veneer and engineered wood

This unique dining table was designed by Blake Tovin and executed to perfection by skilled wood artisans using traditional parquetry techniques. The result is a dining table with a modern design from the geometric mosaic and a rustic feel from the wood.

It’s available in dark charcoal as well.

Modern Dining Tables Square, Oval, and Sets

Unique Oval Marble Dining Table, cb2

Seats: 6 people | Dimensions: 72″Wx44″Dx30″H

Unique Oval Marble Dining Table, cb2 julius black and white
? cb2

Material: Spider Marble

If you love unique pieces made out of natural noble materials, this dining table is just that. The picture is just. a reference, but you’re going to have your own singular pattern designed by mother nature herself.

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Modern Dining Table Set , West Elm

Seats: 4 people

Modern Dining Table Set , West Elm
? West Elm

Material: Aluminum

You can get the dining set as it shows or you can choose a round table, different colors of the chair, and as many chairs as you’d like.

The price is for the 5-piece set as it shows in the picture (on the day I’m doing the research, of course).

Clear Square Dining Table, Kartell at 2Modern

Seats: 4 people | Dimensions: 72 in W x 44 in D x 29.5 in H

invisible dining table Clear Square Dining Table, Kartell at 2Modern
? 2Modern

Material: PMMA

The Invisible Dining Table is for the cool minimalist… or not! This versatile piece was designed by Tokujin Yoshioka and is made in Italy from a single piece of molded PMMA. Fancy! Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is lightweight enough for you to carry it around.

The listing is only for the table, but this was the only picture that actually shows how clear the acrylic is. If you also want these acrylic chairs, you can find them here.

For some people, the dining room is an outdated room. The contemporary open floor plans integrated the eating area with the kitchen but for many, the dining table is only used for special occasions. Our “modern” lifestyle, always in a hurry or connected to some device (odds are you’re reading my words from your phone, right?) pushed the mealtime to the kitchen island, to the couch, or (appalling) even walking. I love eating full meals at the table, so, for me, the dining table is a very special place.

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