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Comfy can be chic, and modern can be cozy. It’s not usual, but with this challenge in mind, amazing furniture designers have created real pieces of jewelry that a few lucky, and very wise, people can seat on. For this post, I rounded up the few iconic sheepskin chairs and footstools from celebrated Scandinavian, Danish, and American (yeah babe) designers. They are high-end, heirloom pieces, made from the best materials, and perfect for people who appreciate beauty as much as function, and comfort.

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Design Sheepskin Chairs & Puffs

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Knitting Lounge Chair Sheepskin Upholstery, by Menu

Sheepskin Upholstery | Curved plywood in 3 different finishes wax-oiled solid oak, dark stained oak or walnut | Made in Lithuania | Designed by Ib Kofod-Larsen’s 
? 2Modern
from $4,394.95
Shop at

This sheepskin chair is modern, minimalist, and carefully designed by Ib Kofod-Larsen to offer maximum comfort with the most sculptural sleek design. And he was a master of doing it! The cutouts on the backrest, for example, are meant to accommodate the arms during reading (or knitting).

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Danish Design Small Sheepskin Chair & Pouf – Litte Petra, by &Tradition

Scandilock Moonlight Curly 17 mm: Australian sheepskin with curly character and high density upholstery | Solid walnut base | Made in Lithuania | Designed by Viggo Boesen
? Finnish Design
Shop at

This outstanding petit lounging set is an iconic Danish design from the 1930s. At that time, only a few pieces were produced, so for years, we could only find this chair in auctions!

Fortunately, &Tradition bought Little Petra’s rights and manufactures it in the most honorable high-end way possible. It takes 17mm of curly Australian sheepskin and solid walnut. It’s an heirloom piece, that will stay in the family for generations because obviously sense of style runs in your veins.

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White Sheepskin & Gold Brass Armchair + Ottoman, by Stephen Kenn

 Mongolian sheepskin upholstery, white webbing and leather belts, and a polished brass frame finish | ?? Made in USA
Shop at

We love furniture made in the USA and this chair is a modernist piece of seating art! It was made for the JF Chen gallery in Los Angeles, so I mean it when I say it’s artsy. Just look at those white leather belts! You may wanna hire an interior designer to figure out how to create a central nook cause this is not a corner chair!

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The Tired Man Oversized Lounge Chair with Footstool, by Lassen

Sheepskin | Oak Wood | Made in Lithuania | Designed by Flemming Lassen
? 2Modern
Average $10,549
Shop at

Here is the most relevat piece of information about this authentic Flemming Lassen chair. According to his own words, he designed a chair that should feel “as warm and safe as a polar bear cub in the arms of its mother in the middle of the ice cap”. Et voilá.

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Mongolian Sheepskin Chair, by cb2

Mongolian sheepskin | FSC ®-certified wood frame, Solid oak legs | Designed by Ross Cassidy
? CB2
Average $2,499
Shop at

Ross Cassidy designed this chair exclusively for CB2 and he didn’t fall short of the influences of his predecessors. According to the reviews, it is ridiculously soft and comfy, as sheepskin should be, of course.

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