The Most Iconic Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables, From Affordable To Authentic Designers

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I mentioned this a million times: my fiance and I have a complete opposite taste for decor. For clothes, we are almost twins. But when it comes to furniture and decor we are like water and wine. And coffee tables are our greatest contend. I can’t think of a living room without a good coffee table. He thinks coffee tables are old-fashioned. And why? Because growing up, his dad had coffee tables! So I wrote this post about mid-century modern coffee tables to prove to my fiance wrong that timeless design can never be outdated! I gathered a little bit of everything. Round, with storage, glass, nesting, wood, square, small, from Target to design pieces like the timeless Platner and Sareen coffee tables. But only pieces of good quality and satisfied (mostly, of course) customer reviews.

And hopefully, it will help you find the perfect mid-century modern coffee table for your living room. Major win-win!

Round & Oval Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables

Round Walnut Mid Century Modern Coffee Table In Solid Wood

Dimensions: 34” diam. x 17.25”h | Material: Solid Wood With Veneer | Legs: Walnut

Round Solid Wood Walnut Mid Century Modern Coffee Table, Interior Define
? Interior Define
Shop at

This coffee table has iconic mid-century legs and is made in solid wood and the crossbar has a black powder coat. It’s classic and neutral, but with a great personality!

It’s available in a whitewash oak top, golden brass crossbar, and walnut leg as well.

Original Platner Coffee Table, Knoll

Glass, Marble, or Wood Tops | 3 different lege finishes | 2 sizes

from $1,889
Shop at

The Platner collection is one of the most recognizable and coveted mid-century modern designs.

The Platner coffee table is as timeless as it is bold. The original Warren Platner design for Knoll is from 1966 and up to today they honor the brand’s legacy manufacturing furniture with top-notch materials. So, on top of having an exquisite authentic mid-century piece, you’ll have an heirloom coffee table, that will stay in the family for generations.

Finally, the Platner coffee table comes with combinations of materials and finishes that will look great by a minimal-chic sofa or a distressed leather couch! And if you’re going for a glam aesthetic, the special 50th anniversary Platner coffee table is made of 18 karat gold plating to the signature welded rods.

Round Mid Century Modern Coffee Table With Metal Legs, Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

Dimensions: 36”dia x 18”h | Material: MDF tabletop | Legs: Harpin like metal

Round Mid Century Modern Coffee Table With Metal Legs TARGET Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia
? Target
Shop at

Take a little bit of minimalism, a touch of industrial, a sprinkle of mid-century, and design a bestseller coffee table. The Gaines sure knows their audience and this coffee table has just the right balance between bold and delicate.

Wood And Metal Multi Level Coffee Table, World Market

Dimensions: 35.3″W x 28″D x 19.5″H | Material: Natural wood | Legs: Iron

mid century modern coffee table with rustic wood top
? World Market
Shop at

If your design taste, your living room, your travel plans, and your life are anything but boring and traditional here is your coffee table! This coffee table is crafted in India, with a richly grained wood top (s) and mid-century inspired iron legs. Exquisite, unique, bold, and adventurous furniture!

I love this coffee table! I could never have furniture with such opened legs because I already broke my toe bumping on my fiance’s dining chair, but the love is real!

Small Mid Century Modern Coffee Table With Round Glass Top, Ivy Bronx

Dimensions: 17” H x 32” L x 32” W | Material: Glass top | Legs: Manufactured wood

Small Mid Century Modern Coffee Table With Round Glass Top, Ivy Bronx
? Wayfair
Shop at

I like the balance between the clear glass top, the curves, and the nestled x-shaped wooden legs. Reminds me of wood cabins with large glass windows and a panoramic view of the forest.

Small Round Mid Century Modern Coffee Table In Mango Wood, Urban Outfitters

Dimensions: 32”dia x 14.5”h | Material: Mango wood, iron, brass | Legs: Tappered wood with slanting angle and golden tip

Estelle Coffee Table urban outfitters Round Mango Wood Mid Century Modern Coffee Table
? Urban Outfitters
Shop at

Not too much room but plenty of good taste? It could be just another round coffee table, but we are talking raised edges, slanting angle legs, and golden accents on mango wood. Classic, but bold and cute. Reminds you of someone?

Rectangle Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables

Rectangular Mid Century Coffee Table With Storage And White Top, West Elm

Dimensions: 48″x 24″and 60″x24″ | Material: Sustainably Sourced Wood

Rectangular Mid Century Coffee Table With Storage And White Top, West Elm
? West Elm
from $899
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This coffee table is a bestseller on the West Elm website. It features pop-up top storage and a side marble top. It’s bold and chic.

It’s available in 2 different sizes and 2 colors.

Rectangular Mid Century Coffee Table With Storage And White Top, All Modern

Dimensions: 17” H x 48” L x 24” W | Material: MDF | Legs: Solid wood

burnes Rectangular Mid Century Coffee Table With Storage And White Top, All Modern
? Wayfair
Shop at

This storage coffee table combines the classic mid-century flared feet with Scandinavian design inspiration, smooth curves, and a white top.

This one is in the pecan finish and is also available in oak finish.

Wood & Glass Vintage Inspired Mid Century Coffee Table, by Uultis

Dimensions: 311.75″H, 63″W, 34″D | Material: Natural solid teak wood and natural straw caned coffee table with a glass top | Legs: Teak wood

Wood & Glass Vintage Inspired Mid Century Coffee Table, by Uultis
? Perigold
Shop at

If you’re into furniture with a story or wish you had pieces from all over the world, this coffee table is just that. The Plot coffee table is designed and made in Brazil and is not available in the stores, only on the website. Besides, it’s sleek and modern but with a retro vibe. The mix of the materials with different textures results in a special piece that really reminiscences of Brazilian houses from the mid-century.

Straw caning makes me think of my grandma because she had them in her dining chairs. So, I got this homey vibe from this coffee table as soon as I saw it. But what wasn’t my surprise, when I read that it’s inspired by vintage Brazilian furniture? And I’m not crying!

Glass Top Mid-Century Art Display Coffee Table, West Elm

Dimensions: 46″w x 26″d x 16.75″h | Material: Glass & engineered wood bottom shelf coated in walnut veneer | Legs: Metal frame in Antique Brass

Glass Mid-Century Art Display Coffee Table, West Elm
? West Elm
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I love this sleek storage that turns into an art display solution. Almost a frame for all those beautiful coffee table travel books you’ve been collecting!

It’s also available in 52″ and white bottom shelf.

Acacia Wood & Gold Hairpin Legs Rectangular Mid Century Modern Coffee Table, World Market

Dimensions: 40″L x 16″W x 18″H | Material: Natural Acacia wood top with live edges | Legs: Powder coated iron

Live Edge Acacia Wood And Gold Hairpin Madison rectangular mid century modern Coffee Table
? World Market
Shop at

Feeling a rustic vibe but can’t get rid of your glam side? Why divide when you can add?

Large Scandinavian Mid Century Modern Coffee Table, Kardiel

Dimensions: Width 43.3″ x Depth 28″ x Height 11.4″ | Material: American Oak plywood

Scan 43" Coffee Table
? Kardiel
Shop at

Not into the classic mid-century flared legs? Good thing the designers in the ’60s were very creative! This coffee table has a timeless design with that nostalgic retro vibe.

It’s available in American Walnut plywood too.

Unique Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables

Teak Wood Slice Coffee Table With Mid Century Modern Legs, World Market

Dimensions: 20″-34″W x 2″D x 17″H | Material: Kiln-dried teak root top | Legs: Steel with black finish

? World Market
Shop at

If your mid-century modern living room is in a rustic industrial mood, here is your coffee table! It’s made in Indonesia of natural teak, so the picture and dimensions are a close reference, but your table will be unique. I’m often suspicious of natural unique furniture but, in this case, the reviews are great!

Walnut & Oak Nesting Mid Century Modern Coffee Table, Kardiel

Dimensions: W 47.2″ x D 31.5″ x H 15″ & H 13.2″ | Material: American Walnut & Natural Oak wood veneers | Legs: Solid wood painted in black

smiley leaf 47" Walnut & Oak Nesting Mid Century Modern Coffee Table Kardiel
? Kardiel
Shop at

Inspired by the ’60 modernism, this leaf-shaped coffee table will rival any sofa to be the living room focal point. Or that’s exactly what a bold couch needs as a companion! The herringbone angle gives it an organic but modern aesthetic contrasting with the black mid-century legs.

You can also get them individually.

Original Noguchi Coffee Table, Herman Miller

Dimensions: 15.75″ H 50″ W 36″ D | Material: Solid wood & Glass

? Herman Miller
Shop at

What else can I say that wasn’t said about Isamu Noguchi’s iconic coffee table? According to him, “everything is sculpture”. Maybe everything he touched. This work of art turned into furniture was designed to look different from every angle. It’s an iconic and unique piece, recognizable all over the world. The original features Noguchi’s signature. It’s available in 4 types/colors of wood.

Kidney Shaped Mid Century Coffee Table Made in USA, Copeland Furniture

Dimensions: 54″ W x 30″ D x 16″ H | Material: Solid American black walnut or cherry hardwood with natural finish | Legs: brushed nickel finish or wood legs.

Kidney Shaped Mid Century Modern Coffee Table, Copeland Furniture
? 2Modern
Shop at

This kidney-shaped coffee table is handmade in the USA. You can choose from 2 different solid wood tops and metal or wood legs. The organic shapes give it a dwelling vibe and the natural wood adds cozy warmth.


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