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At first, most people associate hipsters with an impeccable beard, plaid flannels, beanies, controversial skinny jeans, and Mumford & Sons. Even though we can’t say it’s wrong, it’s a generalization. Originally, the hipster lifestyle goes way beyond the polished urban lumberjack look and started as a movement in search of authenticity and craftsmanship in opposition to mass production. Hence the craft bears, freshly brewed coffee (or do you think people used to ground their own coffee beans at home before 2010?), vinyl, and soft return to the wilderness. Of course in this capitalist world, every original movement becomes mainstream at some point (hippie, punk, grunge), but that shouldn’t dismiss the essence of core hipsters. So, in this post, you’ll find a thorough selection of authentic hipster gift ideas that speak to the hipster aesthetic and values.

And if you’re not sure whether you have a hipster in your life or not, I give you a brief description of what a hipster is and what’s the hipster style so you can feel safe shopping for the best hipster gifts for Christmas, Father’s Day, Valentine’s, Housewarming, and Birthdays!

The Definition Of What Is Hipster

The hipster lifestyle was groundbreaking in the 2010s with a mix of outdoorsy and urban lifestyles, seeking originality out of the mainstream, and hyping artisanal ways of doing things in opposition to mass production. It was the era of freshly grounded coffees, craft beers, man buns, beards, the Converse comeback, the rise of the skinny jeans for men (women had been wearing them for a while), that “polished lumberjack” aesthetic for men and women, vintage-inspired industrial decor, exposed bricks, and bulb light strings.

So, no matter what people say, if most of us know that a latte is and that we can have freshly ground coffee at home or are willing to pay a fortune for Starbucks (very few brands knew how to capitalize on the Hipster ideals of freedom and spirit of adventure like the mermaid from Seattle), is very much thanks to the hipster movement. Again, the Pacific Northwest was big on it. Just go to Portland and Seattle and you’ll be transported to the hipster mood.

What’s the hipster style?

If you’re not sure whether the person you gifting is a hipster or not, here are some tips on what hipster style looks like. Of, course it’s not a universal rule, but a generalization.

In fashion, the hallmark pieces (but not limited to them) are skinny jeans, Converse or booties, a plaid shirt, and of course, a slouchy beanie or stylish hat.

Hipster Gifts For Him and Her

classic hipster pork pie hat for men and women

A classic hipster pork pie hat for men and women
Image From Etsy
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If you’re after a gift for a fashionista hipster, you can’t go wrong with this custom handmade pork pie hat! This hipster gift follows the original pork pie design to the core: Wool felt hat body, telescope crown, raw-edged up-turned brim, grosgrain ribbon hatband, and genuine leather sweatband. It’s a hit!

Personalized Record Doormat – Cool Housewarming Hipster Gift

Image from Uncommon Goods
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If the hipster in your life is moving to their new industrial-inspired crib, this personalized vinyl doormat is such a fun gift. It will match the vinyl player they already own or are planning to own.

Victrola Journey portable suitcase turntable – Hipster Gift For Vinyl Lovers

Victrola Journey portable suitcase turntable - Hipster Gift For Vinyl Lovers
Image from Victrola
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Victrola has all sorts of record players and turntables that combine the best of vintage aesthetics with the best modern sound technology.

The Journey is a portable suitcase vinyl player with 3 speeds turntable and built-in Stereo speakers. It’s an affordable cool gift. Victrola also sells vinyl, so you can make an authentic gift set.

Vintage Style Hipster Sunglasses

Vintage Style Hipster Sunglasses
Image from eyebuydirect
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Good old vintage-inspired sunglasses are always a good idea.

Original Vintage Typewriter Erika Model 11 – 1956 – With new ink ribbon

Original Vintage Typewriter Erika Model 11 - 1956 - With new ink ribbon
Image from Etsy
from $448.37
Shop at

Yeah, an original vintage and functional typewriter is the ultimate object of desire for a lot of authentic hipsters out there. This Etsy store is from the Netherlands and they have a few original typewriters. Occasionally you can find original Adlers, but they fly out as soon as they hit the store.

Oversized Fleece Plaid Shirt Jacket – Comfy Hipster Gift For Outdoorsy Women

Oversized Fleece Plaid Shirt Jacket For Women
Image from Backcountry
$69.95 $42
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If your hipster is happier living the cabin life, they can never have enough plaid fleece jackets. Because they always end up burned at the wood stove and rigged from carrying wood logs and managing the axe.

Eureka! SPKR Single-Burner Camp Stove – Hipster Gift For The outdoorsy

SPKR Single Flame Camp Stove - Hipster Gift For The outdoorsy
Image from Backcountry
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A hardcore outdoorsy hipster who loves camping needs a good and reliable camp stove. This slim stove-on-the-go has an easy-to-clean porcelain pan and a powerful 10,000 BTUs flame. Perfect for the RV life.

West Coast-Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit – Hipster Gift Idea For Beer Lover

West Coast-Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit - Hipster Gift Idea For Beer Lover
Image from Uncommon Goods
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How often has your hipster invited you to try uniquely made beer that tastes like cinnamon and chocolate? If that’s the case, they will love trying to make their own craft beer at home. This brewing kit is one of the bestsellers at Uncommon Goods and it includes: 100% malt extract, specialty grains, high-quality yeast, and aromatic Summit and Cascade hops sourced from Washington state’s Yakima Valley.

Uncommon Goods has a huge section of really cool beer stuff, from affordable chill beer flannels and craft beer jelly spreads to this expensive Pressurized Craft Beer Growler.

Pair of 8oz Short Mugs Gift Box – Hipster Gift Made in USA

Pair of 8oz Short Mugs Gift Box - Hipster Gift Made in USA
Image From Haand
Shop at

Some people are against giving mugs as a gift. That depends on the mug. This is a set of lead-free porcelain mugs, handmade in North Carolina by humans using the best antique and modern pottery techniques.

The mugs are available in 8 different colors and you can combine them as you wish!

Dark Medium Roast Coffee Beans Gift Box – Conscious Hipster Gift Idea For Coffee Lovers

Dark Medium Roast Coffee Beans Gift Box
Image from La Colombe
Shop at

Chances are that your favorite hipster knows a thing or two about coffee. If that’s the case and you’re often meeting in cool coffee places and they like to brew their own cuppa, this coffee gift box will be cherished.

There are a lot of great coffee beans out there, but I picked La Colombe because they are also socially and environmentally responsible. Those are characteristics that an authentic hipster really appreciates.

Organic Beard Oil and Balm Gift Set

Organic Beard Oil and Balm Gift Set
Image from Etsy
Shop at

Of course, I wouldn’t miss the most iconic hipster staple: a beautiful and soft beard! And because we never know what people are allergic to, I picked this organic beard oil and balm made with natural organic oils and free of preservatives, artificial dyes, and parabens. And from a small Etsy store. Can’t get more hipster than this.

Hipsters value authenticity and their unique identity above all things, so what about adding a personalized keychain with a hipster aesthetic to your gift?

Photo: keychains.co
Photo: keychains.co

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