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Antique and vintage-style lamps are ideal picks for a modern industrial touch and to create an atmosphere of old-world charm. Floor Lamps, particularly, play a very important role in any decor and are a great alternative to mix cozy lighting with setting the mood for the scenario you want in your living room.

Vintage-inspired lamps are usually crafted from metal or iron and with details that make us look at them and feel like traveling to the past. This is the right type of lamp for those who don’t only need a bolt of well-focused lightning and a cool vintage floor reading lamp but also want their living room to feel like a trip to the past.

Vintage Floor Lamp in Decor: The Moods

Although many people might relate industrial-style pieces to the aesthetic of man-cave – such as a place where Sherlock Holmes would sit on a brown couch or a glam fabric inspired place where a prosperous millennial man in the creative industry would live – it can also elevate the space in a feminine environment. After all, vintage creates a cozy, charming and nostalgic atmosphere on the brain that is always welcome, regardless of gender. The antique textures of iron and metal might trigger excitement and wonder in us, making this type of floor lamp an ideal accent piece for the living room of people with adventurous souls.

Below check some types of vintage and antique styles of floor lamps to consider for a cozy, vintage, mysterious, and adventurous ambiance that will make you feel like traveling back to provincial times while remaining modern.

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Antique floor lamp glass shades

When it comes to vintage floor lamps for the living room, the ones with glass shades are one of the most whished types. That’s because the glass adds an extra industrial vintage vibe to it, that will make you and your guests want to serve a cup of tea, sit on a comfortable industrial couch nearby and go mentally somewhere else with an adventure book set in old London while listening to some classic music in the background.

articulating vintage green glass floor lamp

Articulating Vintage Glass Floor Lamp

This Shade is made of glass with vintage green and gray hue. Perfect to create an authentic vintage mood

Made of iron with a hand-applied bronze finish

vintage glass shade antique brass lamp

Calyx Industrial Cognac Glass and Bronze

Cognac glass surrounds a nostalgic Edison bulb of this charming vintage floor lamp.

crafted from metal, rich bronze finish, brass accents

vintage floor lamp for living room

Menlo Lane Black-Bronze 3-Light Seedy Glass Floor Lamp

This old-fashioned, 19th century inspired black bronze beauty really stands outs.

includes three 60 watt vintage-style Edison bulbs

Articulating Vintage Glass Floor Lamp l Pottery Barn
Calyx Industrial Cognac Glass and Bronze l Lamps Plus

Glass shades and antique Brass

The perfect balance between feeling industrial old fabric vibes and being elegant and chic. The slightly golden finish of brass adds sophistication to the industrial vintage look of the glass shade.

vintage antique brass floor lamps

Possini Euro Kasmir Antique Brass and Black Chairside Arc Floor Lamp

This arc floor lamp offers the perfect combination of sophistication and industrial.

Matte antique brass and black powder-coated finishes

Camryn Glass Globe Floor Lamp

This floor lamp borrows inspiration from mid-century design and is a vintage-sophisticated piece.

Crafted from iron and steel. Bronze and burnished-brass finish

Claire 58.5″ LED Arched Floor Lamp

A typical modern glam accent to your living room with a retro metallic finish. The global glass shade and slim body make this one of the most feminine lamps.

made from metal in a brass finish

Possini Euro Kasmir Antique Brass Floor Lamp l Lamps Plus
brass finish glass globe antique floor lamp
Camryn Glass Globe Floor Lamp l Pottery Barn

Antique Brass Finish Floor Lamps

Antique floor lamps with a brass finish offer a combination of modern and elegant mid-century (around 1933 to 1965) vibes with a more feminine and classy hint to them. The most popular type of brass-finished floor lamps is the Pharmacy lamps, developed in the 1890s and very wanted for those who want to add a sleek, graceful accent to the bedroom or living room.

Parapluie Floor Lamp

This Glamorous lamp invokes a classic elegant mood in any room.

Aluminum, iron; brushed brass finish, linen shade

vintage floor reading lamp brass finish

Antique Brass Finish Pharmacy Floor Lamp

A classic pharmacy floor lamp that goes well either with more minimalist classy or industrial decor.

antique brass finish over metal, adjustable arm

floor lamp articulate brass finish industrial

Architect’s Task Floor Lamp

A stunning vintage pharmacy floor lamp with multiple adjustment points.

Made of iron, hand-applied antique brass

Antique Traditional

Another option for a feminine, classic, and glamorous touch yet with that antique vibes that will match either an industrial black and brown palette or wooden and metal accents. This type of floor lamp is inspired by 1940 lamps.

Twisted Tassel Floor Lamp

A perfect mix of modern and antique, for an extra glam touch in your industrial decor.

Twisted iron tassel design; black paper shade with gold interior creating warm light,

vlassic vintage table floor lamp

Staicey Brushed Brass Tray Table Floor Lamp

Perfect choice for traditional old souls who love glamour and elegance.

steal construction, gold finish, clear glass table

Uttermost Revolution High End Table Floor Lamp

A chic, classic yet rustic option for that book and tea moment.

tempered glass tray, rustic black finish

Industrial Vintage

The most famous type of vintage lamps among millennial hipsters, this mix of old factory with modern design gives a super cool, creative and adventurous vibes to the space.

vintage industrial floor lamps

Carlisle 70″ Reading Floor Lam

This industrial lamp is a perfect example of a luminary that double as decor

Crafted from metal, black bronze finish

Steampunk Floor Lamp

An unusual, handcrafted, and rustic floor lamp for an industrial-chic mood.

metal with a gunmetal finish, uses one 60-watt bulb

Griffith Floor Lamp

Super elegant mid-century modern floor lamp with swinging arm shade and 2 pivoting points.

Cast metal, iron frame in antiqued brass stained finish

Griffith Floor Lamp
Steampunk Floor Lamp
Steampunk Floor Lamp

Where to find Original Vintage Floor Lamps

If you are an old soul who appreciates original pieces from the Victorian era or midcentury, the shops below are the place-to-go for the 1940s 1950s, 1960s, and Victorian vintage floor lamps.


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