Lately, I’ve been in love and obsessed with books and reading. It has helped me a lot to discover new parts of myself. I had been away from this incredible universe of books for a while, and now that I am back at it, I felt inspired to make a post about book aesthetic wallpapers to decorate the iPhone screens of book lovers like me.

The Mood Guide is a slightly different blog/magazine. Here I start from the premise that people are different, so I organize the posts by mood. This one, for example, is a post in the Sage Mood classification, for the little owls out there who like information, wisdom and intelligence.

Aesthetics of the sage mood and book aesthetic lovers:

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Book Aesthetics To Enlight Your Bookworm Self

Book aesthetic Wallpapers

Any book lover who uses Instagram knows that the number of beautiful book photographs available on the social network and created by super-talented people is huge, so it was hard to pick a few for this post. I decided to organize it by season and book genre, and of course, put the credit to the amazing people who create these photo settings and illustrations, which I truthfully encourage you to follow, especially if you decide to use one of their book aesthetic wallpapers. If you own one of these images and don’t want it promoted here, please get in touch.

Book pages aesthetic wallpapers

Open book pages displayed in different positions or with all types of decorations are in every aesthetic bookstagram. I selected a few that would give nice wallpapers.


Tiny bows over a page are an option for book lovers who love the Balletcore or the Coquette aesthetics.

Fall aesthetic book wallpapers

If you love that fall mood that evokes a cozy place for bookworms on Instagram, the book wallpapers with a fall and winter aesthetic below are for you. You may also like the Fall Aesthetic: The Ultimate Guide From Cute To Spooky And How To Make The Most Out Of Autumn and Comfy Aesthetic: The Ultimate Guide for a Cozy Lifestyle

fall aesthetic book wallpaper

Winter aesthetic book wallpapers

Winter is a cozy comfy season and there is also a magic wonderland aspect to it. ACOTAR series is very popular and very associated with winter in aesthetic Instagrams.


Little Women is another with a strong winter aesthetic that looks nice on a phone background.


Spring and summer aesthetic book wallpapers

Flowers and books for an aesthetic and romantic phone wallpaper.

once upon a broken heart book page aesthetic

Dark Academia

I have a post filled with gorgeous dark academia wallpapers, but for this one I selected few focused on books.

dark academia book art wallpaper

Light Academia

Just like with Dark Academia, I have already made a post filled with beautiful light academia wallpapers, and below are some images filtered with books only.


Jane Austen Classics and light academia are the perfect match.

light academia book aesthetic wallpaper

Library aesthetic wallpapers

We can’t think about books without considering stunning libraries around the world. Libraries that just by looking we feel like transporting to an antique era. You can have one of those as a phone wallpaper as a motivational reminder of a place you dream about visiting.


Cute book Illustrations

Beautiful digital artworks made by book lovers are a nice option for book aesthetic wallpapers.

book and cats illustration wallpaper iphone

And to finish, just this very aesthetic and cool book stair in Lebanon and some magical AI-generated art for book and Disney lovers.


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