Although any bedroom can be considered a sacred space, a witchy bedroom is the most literal picture you can actually make about a sacred bedroom. A place surrounded by a mysterious aura that often has its own sacred altar for spells and rituals.

So many can be done to make the look of a witchy bedroom feel like what we feel when we see the Sandersons Sister’s little hub or Harry Potter common room. So, come with me and learn some tips and tricks to make a witchy bedroom for yourself.

The aesthetic: poetic, wonderful, mysterious, natural, botanicals, vintage and rustic, animalistic details, cozy, moody, sacred.

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Witchy Bedroom Aesthetic – The Moods

A witchy bedroom have some central aesthetic elements, which I have already mentioned, but they can differ in style. Below are for who likes a moody, slighly dark, victorian and antique witch bedroom.

If you are more of a modern with, a cozy mood, filled with candles, moons and plants in the decoration plus earthy colors might be your thing

The option below is my favorite. A rustic yet antique modern aesthetic in the same plave, The purple and black creates the witch vibes

Make an altar

Almost every witch has an altar for putting spells or meditations.

Pair all the altar accessories with something the witches adore. A perfect artwork can be an exquisite moon wall art representing darkness and a whimsical aura.

Since an altar must be set in a very private and special space, quite often the bedroom is the place chosen for the witchcraft practice and rituals.

Create your own little apothecary

This is an uncommon tip, but any witch loves the original, extraordinary and uncommon, so I thought this was valid. a little corner with shelves to store and display valuable and magical items you own. Witch hat, witch books with beautiful covers, candles, and, of course, naturally made elixirs, such as perfumes, incenses, and diffusor oils.

Low lighting and shadows

To create mysterious vibes in your witchy bedroom, the mood set with the right light source is essential. Windows for natural light and fairy lights or this mood lamp can make magick in the ambiance. Candles and table lamps that resemble crystal balls are also an amazing way to add witchy vibes to the bedroom.

witch bedroom light decor

¨I like to imagine my own Stonehedgem stacked between my walls so that it perfectly points to the sunrise and sunset every time of year¨

witch bedroom lamp decor

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Harry Potter in the decoration

You don’t have to make a Harry Potter-themed bedroom if you think this is a bit overwhelming, but every witch knows there is magic in the details, so adding bits of Harry Potter-inspired objects in the bedroom will add value to your witchy vibes. I love how just this snitch or Slytherin scarves in this bedroom are enough to tell so much about the bedroom owner.

harry potter witch bedroom decor

Connect with nature

Greens, branches, flowers, herbs, crystals, animals. Everything you can do to bring the power of nature home in an ethical way is very important since witchcraft principles are all based on connection and respect to nature. A print with your favorite or toten animal illustrated, your crystals and plants

dark witch bedroom decor ideas

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