Aesthetics are such a nice way to embrace your individuality through your style and lifestyle. We talk and read a lot about aesthetic outfits and types of aesthetics, but there are other ways to express an overall mood to your look and feel, and this is the aesthetic hairstyle.


What is Aesthetic? The Ultimate List of Aesthetics and their Meanings

Sometimes a simple way to style your hair can evoke everything you need without putting too much effort into the outfit. Every type of hair is gorgeous and we all can work wonders and express the vibes of a sweet innocent Jane Austen Character to a baddie Kardashian just with the form we style our hair. In these posts, you will find aesthetic hairstyle ideas for short hair, medium hair, and long hair.

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Cottagecore is the hairstyle aesthetic to go for if you want to achieve that Jane Austen or Little Women character mood. I have already made a whole post with Cute Cottagecore Hairstyles for Every Type of Hair

For long cottagecore hair, natural elements, romantic waves, bangs, and lace bows on half-up hair are some aesthetic, simple & romantic options.

aesthetic hair cottagecore

Curly hairstyles are also naturally supper cottageore.

Two-sided braids tied with natural or simple fabrics, such as linen or lace are great to evoke the childish, purity, and innocence of the cottagecore aesthetic.


Another way to reach that ¨I going on a slow picnic in the meadow¨ vibe just with your hair is with updo braided hair. Add some tine cute flowers for the ultimate cottage aesthetic hair.

updo braided aesthetic hairstyle

A vintage and simple bandana is an essential accessory of the cottagecore aesthetic.

cottagecore long hair bandana

The bandana on curly hair is lovely.

cottageore black girl curly hairstyle

And it also looks cool with two-sided braids

cottageore-updo-braids aestheti hair

Dark academia

For a formal, erudite, smart-looking, and serious vibe, these dark academia aesthetic hairstyles are perfect. Click here for more Dark Academia Hairstyles & Hair Cuts to Express your inner Enigmatic Preppy Soul

I love these boxer braids.

dark academia style

A messy, low bun is the classic aesthetic of the dark academia hairstyle.

dark academia messy bun hairstyle

Slightly messy short hair with curtain bangs is also a natural dark academia haircut.

dark academia aesthetic hairstyle

Minimal chic

If you love chic minimalism, then a chic minimalist hairdo is what you want. A simple, neat, tied, tamed low bun with hair split in the middle is definitely the most aesthetic hairstyle on minimal Instagram feeds, and it works for short, medium, or long hair.


Cute balletcore aesthetic hairstyles

Ballerinas are delicate, feminine yet strong, and these features are also reflected in the aesthetic of a ballet-inspired hairstyle.

Hairstyles with pink and white ribbons are what it takes to achieve this girly and cute aesthetic hairstyle.

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For a dolly coquette ballet hairstyle, the tiny little ribbons on the side are the latest thing on Instagram.

kirean balletcore aesthetic hair

Two-sided brided tied with cute ribbons is another super easy and cute way to get a balletore-coquette aesthetic hairstyle.

ballet aesthetic braids hairstyle
braided aestheti hairstyle
balletcore aestheti short hairstyle
ballete bun aesthetic hairstyle korean

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