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Moon, sun, falling stars, constellations, goddesses, and planets crafted on magical and uniquely detailed jewels are the wonderful things you will see when you open the Wanderlust and Co website.

We hardly dedicate an entire post to just one brand at The Mood Guide, but some brands have such an accurate identity or are so above the average in their creations that they deserve a special space here. Wanderlust and Co, a jewelry brand that made me fall in love at first sight with their wonderful and dreamy exclusive celestial-inspired designs is one of them. 

The Mood Guide’s intention is to visually organize the nicest stuff online by aesthetic – or moods. After all, our personal aesthetic usually changes with our moods, and Wanderlust and Co is a jewel for the, as their name states, the wanderlust souls and also for the mysterious witches and followers of all the mystic and cosmic things. 

All pieces are carefully tough and then crafted after magical storytelling that gives the name of the collections, such as Book Club and Garden Party. For this post, I chose to feature the mystic ones, from the Tarot Series, and Celestial Series.

Below I will list my favorites

Earrings and ear cuffs



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