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It is no secret that I am obsessed with robes, I would live in robes if I could, and I have one for each occasion (by occasion I mean: reading, after showering, beauty routine, day in, etc) and season of the year. My love for robes might be the most indulgent and petty habit I cultivate as a minimalist. I always share the story that when I moved to the mountains carrying a backpack, I took a robe and a blankie with me because emotional comfort is everything when you have no idea what to do with your life. Back in the city, and with plenty of options, a good plush robe is a must for an after-shower or bath, especially during winter. For spring and summer, I prefer linen or waffle robes because thermal comfort equals peace of mind, after all our skin is the largest organ in our body, it’s directly connected to our brain and emotions but that’s a different conversation.

Anyway… enough with my personal tales (I’ve been feeling extra chatty lately… I wonder why) and let’s dive into this comfy, tactile, and cozy world of plush robes. Of course, I am not the New York Times, therefore I didn’t try tons of robes, but I am a terrific researcher with outstanding interpretation skills, so here is a list of the internet’s and our reader’s favorite plush robes that you can wear year-round. As usual, there’s something for everyone, from teddy bear hug-level hooded UGG to luxurious Versace and extra soft organic cotton.

Plush Robes

Turkish Cotton Oeko-Tex Certified Plush Robe

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Two large pockets, comfortable and generous fitting, perfectly weighted (450 grams of Turkish long-staple cotton per square meter).

It’s available in 6 colors.

Oeko-Tex Certified Plush Robes

$99 each
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With 380 grams of Turkish long-staple cotton per square meter, Brooklinen’s plush robes are made in Turkish and they have a cult of fans.

It’s available in 10 colors and they have striped and fun colors like lavender and blue

Luxurious Versace Plush Robe

Luxurious Versace Plush Robe
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Why can’t you go completely overboard and pamper yourself with the ultimate luxurious Versace plush robe?

It’s available in 5 colors, including black and red.

UGG Hooded Plush Robe

Hooded Plush UGG Robe
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There is plush and there is the UGG teddy bear plush level, so you pick your favorite according to your comfy needs.

Just look at this robe. Doesn’t it feel like merging into a warm bear hug? Once you put on the hood, your head will be so warm and cozy that it might put your overthinking to rest. I dunno, just give it a try.

I can’t think of a better gift for a single person (man or woman). It’s available in 4 colors, including pink.

Organic Turkish Cotton Plush Robe

Organic Turkish Cotton Plush Robe
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Whenever the organic option is available and I can afford it, it’s my choice. I never regretted buying anything organic, because the softness, beauty, and longevity of the organic fabric are superior. Our readers absolutely love Couyuchi stuff and my heart skips a beat every time I see a purchase from them!

It’s available in 6 beautiful colors.

Plush Leopard Print Long Caftan Robe

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OMG, I am living for this plush zip caftan! It is so extra, so indulgent, so I am the queen of my jungle, I can’t fathom it. It is living in my mind rent-free.

Technically it’s not a robe but my post, my rules, your robe, your rules, right?

Egyptian Cotton Plush Robe Made in USA

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Last, but not least, the queen of silent luxury, a 525 GSM long-staple Egyptian cotton plush robe made in the USA. Not enough for your goddess skin? It is OEKO-TEX certified and you can add a custom monogram. What about that for the ultimate wrapping indulgence?

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