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We have tons of comprehensive posts on The Mood Guide with thoughtfully curated products. But the posts about cashmere stuff are the most loved by our readers. And I get it. Cashmere pieces are an investment worth every penny. Pure cashmere is naturally soft and made to last for decades. Also, cashmere robes are the easiest way to look dressed up and be comfortable. It’s a mood booster. I feel like curling up and crying in the fetal position through the dark and cold winter days. Since that’s not possible or healthy, I find cashmere robes the second best option to increase my comfort levels and give myself a good snuggle. So, in this post, you’ll find the softest, most comfy, and most beautiful cashmere robes to make hibernation season easier on your body and mind.

Cashmere Robes

Pure Cashmere Robe

S-L | 7 Colors | 660 grams of 100% pure cashmere in 5-gauge knit

Photo from Naked Cashmere
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I promise you I snoozed a couple of times while doing research for this post.

Just looking at this white cashmere robe my body feels like curling up with a cup of lavender tea, eucalyptus essential oil on my diffuser, and a romance book to put me to sleep into joyful dreams.

Long Cashmere Robe For Women

s/M – L/XL | 16 Colors | 100% Cashmere

Photo from Cashmere Boutique
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Chic. Extra long robes are the ultimate classy lady piece and sometimes it’s all we need to inspire a relaxing time.

This robe is also available for men.

Lightweight Cable-Knit Long Cashmere Robe

S – L | 3 Colors | 100% Pure Cashmere

Lightweight Cable-Knit Long Cashmere Robe
Photo from Schweitzer Linen
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I am obsessed with this long cable-knit robe. Unlike most “neutral” models of this post, this robe really looks like sleepwear and I love how it inspires relaxation, resting, and sleeping. A winner.

Black Cashmere Robe

S – L | 4 Colors | 100% Grade Mongolian cashmere

Black Cashmere Robe
Photo from Quince
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These are the cheapest cashmere robes on this list, but they don’t lack in quality. The kimono collar and detailed cuffs add an extra touch of dressed up to it.

Mongolian Cashmere Robe

S/M-l/XL | 3 colors | 100% Mongolian Cashmere

Mongolian Cashmere Robe
Photo from Naadam
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The minimalist design of this Naadam cashmere robe is perfect for anyone who believes that less is more.

Stripe Cashmere Robe, The Elder Statesman

S-L | 3 Colors | Italian Cashmere | Made in USA

Photo from Nordstrom
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If the winter palette is too dull for your taste, here is to bring sunny California vibes into your life.

This solar robe is made in the USA, in Los Angeles, out of Italian cashmere.

Monogramable Luxury Cashmere Robes

S/M – L-XL | 2 Colors | 200 gsm Pure Cashmere | Made in Lithuania

Monogramable Luxury Cashmere Robes
Photo from Sferra
$1,413 each
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These plush cashmere robes are the ultimate pampering wrap. These luxurious robes are unisex, so you can pair them with your loved one and make them even posher with a custom monogram.

Brushed Cashmere Robe

2XS-2X | 3 Colors | 100% Cashmere

Brushed Cashmere Robe
Photo from Eileen Fisher
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With relaxed lines, this cashmere robe is available in 3 neutral colors, after all, aesthetics matter!

Hand Embellished Crystal Stars Cashmere Cardigan, by Libertine

One Size | 100% Cashmere

Photo from Saks
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We all deserve to pamper ourselves. Pregnant women and mothers deserve even more and I wish we lived in a society that appreciates pregnant women more than overlooks women for not wanting to get pregnant. Anyways… just venting.

This maternity cashmere robe is the ultimate gift for a mom at any time point, but it will be a comforting hug during those sleepless post-birth months. The positive reviews are borderline emotional, after all, hormones are real.

Light Pink Cashmere Robe

XS-XL | 2 Colours | 100% Cashmere

Photo from Boden
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Pink is a joyful color and a great way to lift the mood, which we all need at some point.

Why Is Cashmere So Expensive?

Of course, all this greatness comes with a price tag. That’s because natural fibers are more limited than synthetic, therefore, more valuable. And also because the production chain is more complex, from raising the goats to yarning, storing, and transporting a cashmere piece. Nowadays, companies like Naadam are changing the game by removing the middleman and offering more affordable options. If it’s still very expensive for you, cashmere blends are a great option, particularly with other noble partners like silk and wool.

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