Cute Coffee Mugs Guaranteed To Sweeten Up Your Day, No Matter What’s In Them

? @Cin4020, Anthropologie Fotini Tikkou Mug
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Coffee drought? Sugar-free cocoa? Green tea? No matter what challenges life throws at you, this adorable selection of cute coffee mugs will boost your mood and bring joy to your heart any time of the day. Like marshmallows in your afternoon hot chocolate, like freshly brewed coffee in the morning, like lavender and chamomile tea with maple syrup before going to bed!

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I rounded up the most whimsical coffee mugs in glass, stainless steel, stoneware, porcelain. With lids to go, pick-me-up sentences, lovely patterns, and all things sweet to put a smile on your face even before you finish your cuppa!

I hope you enjoy it!

The Cutest & Sweetest Coffee Mugs

Fotini Tikkou x Anthropologie Visage Coffee Mug

10 oz capacity | Handpainted stoneware
? Anthropologie
$14 each

Every single coffee mug from Anthropologie is cute, but the Fotini Tikkou is pure joy, no matter which one you choose.

Dip Glazed Ombré Pink Coffee Mug

Dip Glazed Ombré Pink Coffee Mug
? Etsy
$10.64 each

Lovely pink ombré stoneware mug for the days when you’re feeling boho.

“You Are Nothing Short Of Amazing” Rainbow Heart Cute Coffee Mug

"You Are Nothing Short Of Amazing" Rainbow Heart Cute Coffee Mug
? Etsy

To remind yourself, a dear friend, or any loved one of what really matters. Even if all this amazingness only shows up after the coffee. The back also has the rainbow print and you can personalize it by adding a name.

Gala Mug

16 oz capacity | High-fired porcelain with sheer glossy glaze | Inspired by Gala, wife and muse of Salvador Dalí
? Jonathan Adler

Joy, happiness, and free smiles were the reactions reported in the reviews about this mug. And that’s what I expect from my pick-me-up beverages!

Lovely Female Form Cute Coffee Mugs

12 oz capacity | Speckled Ceramic | Hand wash only
? Urban Outfitters
$14 each

These cheeks are gonna put a smile on your face every time you look at them. Get one for each one of your girlfriends as a fun and cute gift!

Pink Donut With Sprinkles Ceramic Coffee Mug

14 oz capacity | Handmade
? Etsy

A pink donut mug with colorful sprinkles is the ultimate pick-me-up and cute decor for your shelf!

Handmade Candy Colors Drip Mug

8 oz capacity | Porcelain, Made in USA by Wilcoxson Brooklyn Ceramics
Handmade Candy Colors Drip Mug
? Food52
$34 each, $129 set of 4

These whimsical mugs are made in Brooklin, New York, using recycled porcelain clay, so each one is slightly unique but absolutely cute.

Cute “Fluffy” Saucer & Tea Cup

Ceramic | Available in mint, blue, pink and yellow
Cute "Fluffy" Saucer and Tea Cup
? Etsy
$35.51 each

Technically this is a teacup with a saucer, not a mug. But technically there is a limit to how much coffee you should drink during the day. So we are all for simple joys over technicalities here!

Cute Animal Glass Coffee Cups

14 oz capacity | Borosilicate Glass | Double Wall
? Etsy
$14.99 each

Sometimes, we must change the perspective to make sense of what’s going on. According to the reviews, the double glass really keeps the heat away from your hands.

Watercolor Stars Coffee Mug

Earthenware | by Ralph Lauren Home
? One Kings Lane

For your own starry night, no matter what the sky looks like.

Corkcicle x Rifle Paper Co. Triple-Insulated Coffee Mug With Lid

16 oz capacity | Stainless Steel | Available in blue, white and mint | Hand wash only
? Dillard’s

This Corkcile mug is mom’s cutest and best chance to have more than one sip of hot coffee per day and it’s BPA and lead-free.

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Berry & Thread White Wash Travel Mug (with Silicone lid)

16 oz capacity | Ceramic Stoneware | Made in Portugal
? Bloomingdale’s

If you’re into a shabby chic vibe or just need the perfect large cuppa to stop using disposables. This mug has a lovely design, but it’s high-quality and resistent Portuguese pottery. A wonderful gift for your romantic coffee lover friend.

Adorable “Fresh out of Fucks” Floral Mug

11 and 15 oz capacity | Handmade | White or Black Handle
? Etsy
from $15.99

Sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it! Can’t think of a better mug to go back to the office and remind everyone who they are dealing with!

Lovely Heart Shaped Glass Coffee Mug

3 Sizes | Eco friendly borosilicate glass
Lovely Heart Shaped Glass Coffee Mug
? Etsy
from $14.20

As if a cup of coffee in the morning or a warm tea in the evening wasn’t loving enough!

Found these coffee mugs cute? I’m a minimalist for most things, but I struggle with mugs. Recently I have one that I don’t like, and has been the case for years, due to my movings and life changes. My taste also changed and is still a work in progress, and I’m in love with the Gaia mug!

What about you? Have A favorite mug, that one that no one can touch, or you have a collection to choose from according to your mood?

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