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Some people have such an authentic way of living and seeing the World that is hard to think of a gift special enough for them. Something that will really express love and admiration, and make them be seen for their uniqueness. In this post, you’ll find the best unique Christmas gifts for women, men, moms, dads, kids, and everyone on your list. Of course, there are some cool personalized gifts (nothing more unique than custom-made), but there are also special gifts focusing on special skills and lifestyles like reading, being outdoors, baking, doing makeup, being vegan, artsy, and so on. It’s a concise list because unique means special, unusual, and extraordinary, and not many things fall into that description!

The Mood Guide family wishes you a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas Unique Gifts For Her, For Men, For Mom…

Adventure Bucket List Scratch-Off Wall Print Gift For Men and Women

Adventure Bucket List Scratch Off Print
Image from Etsy
from $33.30
Shop at

Bucket lists are basically an American religion! Jokes aside, you can get this cool scratch-off print with World or USA adventures list. It’s the perfect gift for the wanderer on your list.

Home Pottery Kit Unique Christmas Gift For Kids

Home Pottery Kit
Image from Maisonette
Shop at

Gifts that inspire creativity and time away from screens are always a favorite! This adorable pottery set will wake the little Michelangelos in your family.

The gift set includes 2 Packs of Premium Air-Dry Clay – Step-By-Step Beginners Pottery Guide – Waterproof Glossy Varnish – Pottery Carving, Shaping and Cutting Tools & Tool Bag – White Waterproof Paint – 2 Paintbrushes – Sponge for Smoothing.

Create Your Own Reel Viewer – Unique Christmas Gift For Nostalgic People

Create Your Own Reel Viewer - Unique Christmas Gift For Nostalgic People
Image from Uncommon Goods
Shop at

Here’s a nostalgic gift that only Millenials will cherish! This reel viewer is made in Oregon and each picture reel has a unique combination of priceless memories.

ECOCOOL Trailmate 70 Qt Wheeled Cooler

ECOCOOL Trailmate 70 Qt Wheeled Cooler
Image from Igloo Coolers
Shop at

This amazing wheeled cooler is made of post-consumer recycled plastic and can’t think of an outdoorsy person who wouldn’t love it!

Rose Inc Vegan makeup brushes and a custom travel case

Image from Rose Inc
$130 $84
Shop at

This luxurious and gorgeous kit of essential makeup brushes comes in a special travel case. It’s a wonderful gift for the vegan in your life!

Unique Christmas Gifts Under $25 Personalized Cookie Stamp

Image from Etsy
Shop at

The skillful baker on your list will love this acrylic cookie cutter with a personalized laser-engraved message. It’s a unique inexpensive gift under $25.

Lavender Relaxing Bathtime Regimen Gift Set

Image from Weleda
Shop at

Everyone showers and needs a great night of sleep, so you can’t go wrong with this lavender set from Weleda. I’m a sucker for the brand because they are natural and I’m allergic to artificial scents. So, if there is a sensitive person on your gift list and you are clueless about their gift, this set will hit the jackpot because it’s clean, natural, and broadly recognizable as high quality.

Harry Potter Books Collection Gryffindor Set – Unique Christmas Gifts For Potterheads

Harry Potter Books Gryffindor Set
Image from Maisonette
Shop at

These amazing sets have all 7 Harry Potter books in custom book jackets for each Hogwarts House. You can pick between Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. There’s a special gift for all the Potterheads on your list.

Custom Book Embosser From The Library Of

Image from Etsy
from $23
Shop at

Choose from 20 different designs that you can personalize with the name of the person you wanna gift. It’s a bestseller made in the USA.

Goody Box Holiday Dog Toys, Treats, & Accessories

Goody Box Holiday Dog Toys, Treats, & Accessories
Image from Chewy
Shop at

Your little pouch deserves a limited edition gift box with holiday-themed toys and treats. After all, they are part of the family!

CAROL AI-Powered Exercise Bike Unique Christmas Gift For Yourself

CAROL Bike Unique Christmas Gift For Yourself
Image from CAROL
Shop at

Getting gifts for everyone is wonderful. But make sure you keep the most special gift for yourself. It’s not about being selfish, it’s about taking good care of yourself and making sure you won’t throw that burden upon anyone else.

If you love working out or you need to start, the CAROL bike is the best gift you can give to yourself. It’s about moving your body and staying active. Sure, it’s great for the body, but even more for the mind.

The CAROL is so high-tech with such an extraordinary design that you won’t have the guts to turn it into a hanger. On top of that, CAROL has 18 scientifically-proven workouts and fitness tests to keep you going. The motivation is always yours, of course, but the right gear will add an extra pump.

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